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Mock and stub

As a basic concept of testing, mock and stub are often encountered in development and testing. I think I have understood these two concepts before, but it seems very difficult to write them down and write them clearly so that people who do not

What is stub?

Small knowledge point, I Google a bit, find some think more satisfied with the answer posted. For your reference. Actually, if you know it's a substitute abbreviation, you can. A stub is a small program routine this substitutes for a longer

Principles of nssa and stub in OSPF

As we all know, OSPF is the most widely used IGP on the Internet, while NSSA is a new attribute generated during the development of this Protocol, her full name is "not-so-stubby" area, a humorous name. To understand the characteristics of this

COM proxy and stub

What are proxies and stubs? For example, you go to the ATM to withdraw money. You areCustomerThe ATM is yours.ProxyYou don't care You just want to see enough or more money from the exit (this is the transparency of com ). The operations between

Stub class---stub in essay ⑧java

Stub class---Stub in JavaThe ① stub class is a class that implements an interface, but every method that is implemented is empty.Its role is: If an interface has many methods, if you want to implement this interface, it is necessary to implement all

Regional configuration of Huawei stub and nssa

This article describes how to configure the STUB and NSSA regions of OSPF, and provides detailed steps for the configuration process. I believe this article can help you solve some configuration problems. 1. Configure the STUB area of OSPF Perform

Mock entry, analyzing the differences between stub. Mock

Rhion. mocks released the latest version 3.0.1 today. This is a mocking framework and the developer is ayende. Difficulties in testing interface programming Mock framework is used to simulate the behavior of a specific object without implementing a

NSSA and STUB in OSPF settings of Huawei Routers

1. NSSA1. Connect to the Huawei router and perform the following configuration: (1) Enter system view (2) Start the ospf process [process-id] and enter the OSPF view. (3) area-id: Enter the OSPF area view. (4) Run nssa

[Reprinted] Use eclipse + axis2 to build a web service application (the client does not need to generate stub)

Transferred fromHttp:// Http:// 1. Create the Web service to be released (1) Add a user library named axis2 in eclispse and add all the packages under

Principles of OSPF stub and NSSA regions

Principles of the OSPF stub and NSSA regions: the ospf stub is a peripheral region. When an OSPF region is at the boundary of the autonomous system, it does not include other routing protocols, in this case, you can configure the OSPF Stub area.

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