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EXE file structure and read method

table by copying the image directly from the file to the memory loading EXE program. A positional table is an array of reposition pointers.Each one points to the relocatable segment address in the program image. To predict the specific principle and structure, please click on the EXE file structure and principlewatermark/2/text/ahr0cdovl2jsb2cuy3nkbi5uzxqveglhb2

Windows Program startup performance optimization (loaded EXE, loaded DLL, only limited code loaded into memory, the CPU IP point to the entry point of the program)

First, re-positioningLink-time Relocation:The target file is typically made up of multiple sections, and the compiler typically generates code from 0 addresses when compiling each target file. When multiple code sections are composited into a piece of code, adjustments need to be made based on their position in the final code snippet. At the same time, the linker needs to assign a run-time address to the parsed symbol. This process is re-positioning.Load-time Relocation:DLL may be called in the

Windows Memory Error solution 0x ????????" The "0 × 00000000" memory referenced by the command. The memory cannot be "read" or "written"

If you are using a Windows operating system, you may encounter the following error message: 「 "0x ????????" The memory of the instruction reference "0x00000000". The memory cannot be "read" or "written" and the application is closed. If you ask some experts, the answer is often "Windows is so unstable" and so on. In fact, this error is not necessarily caused by W

Computer prompts memory not for read how to solve? Memory cannot be read solution

program, on the program icon right mouse, select Properties--compatibility) to really is the software itself bugs, it is recommended to update the latest version of the software or find similar software replacement. 3. System failure. Workaround: Run the register all DLLs at once. Open the Run window, enter: "CMD", enter the instruction interface, and then enter "for%1 in (%windir%system32*.dll) do regsvr32.exe/s%1". (This process may be slightly s

Solve the problem that the memory cannot be read and solve the memory read error.

Solve the problem that the memory cannot be read and solve the memory read error.Solution 1. command solution: Start Menu, run, Enter cmd, press enter, and enter (copy) at the command prompt: for % 1 in (% windir % \ system32 \*. ocx) do regsvr32/s % 1 paste, press enter, and then enter: for % 1 in (% windir % \ syste

"0x00000001" Memory referenced by the "0x00a1bdb3" directive. The memory cannot be "read".

Tags: 0x00a1bdb3 instruction reference 0x00000001 memory read cannotAfter replacing the notebook with XP, click on My Computer or other time, sometimes prompt, the following error prompt:---------------------------IExplore.exe-Application Error---------------------------"0x00000001" memory referenced by the "0x00a1bdb3" directive. The

0 × 00000090-the memory cannot read written

patches. after a short period of security, there was a situation where "the memory cannot be read. Later, I was inspired by the above article and uninstalled Microsoft's net. framework1.0 and 1.1. The world was too peaceful. In addition, if the above problem occurs when you open "my computer" or "My documents", another possibility is that your right-click menu is too bloated, in this case, you only need

Program exception "attempts to read or write protected memory, which usually indicates that other memory is damaged"

extremely high,The call interval is shorter than the object reclaim speed..This is usually the case only when the organizations that write their own programs are unreasonable.Forcibly release com Resources in the program. Call the Al. releasecomobject () method to release unused objects.And catch where exceptions may occur, and leave logs to transfer this exception. 2. indicates that the test is executable.FileProtection against Windows DataFunctionCompatible.Call the DLLProgramWhen running, "

Solution: "0x000000 the memory cannot be read"

Solution: "0x000000 the memory cannot be read"Many people are using the computer company ghostversion developed by Donghai. The "0x000000 this memory cannot be read" dialog box appears frequently. The author has released the latest version 5. This problem has been perfectly solved as mentioned in version 1, but in fact

Computer appears memory cannot be read

a legitimate PIF file, will be PIF icon [pifmgr.dll,0] display, will have programs, fonts, memory, screens, etc. in the attribute. And only if a PIF file has a size of 369 bytes to view the properties of the "program" page, there is no program error, even 370 bytes. When the "programs" page of a property is viewed against an illegal PIF file larger than 369 bytes, the Explorer will make an error, prompting: ' * * * ' instruction references ' * * * '

A simple workaround for read or written memory

Home in the common use of computers often encounter some system problems, memory can not be read or memory can not be written and other prompts window is not uncommon. So how do we deal with these problems? There are a lot of things about memory that can't be read or

Comprehensively solves memory writen or read Problems

writen or read errors are caused by incorrect DLL file location and association. Method 1: Click Start, Run, And Enter cmdClick OK. Enter for % 1 in (% WINDIR %/system32/*. ocx) Do regsvr32/S % 1 and press Enter,Enter for % 1 in (% WINDIR %/system32/*. dll) Do regsvr32.exe/S % 1Press enter, Do not perform any operations until the screen is completely static, because at this time, each dll must return

Read physical memory and others

NT has a mechanic that lets an application view (and even modify, with the proper security configuration) a system's physical memory. its a section (memory mapping) object that is named/Device/physicalmemoryIn NT's namspace (you can verify its existance by using our winobj tool ). an application with sufficient access rights can open the section and map portions of it into its own address space. the result

Apache error 0X6EEC38DC Instruction reference 0x00000000 memory cannot be read

installation of the official release of the patch, if necessary, reload the system. Virus problem: Antivirus. Antivirus software conflicts with other software: uninstalling the problematic software.Third, the browser appears memory can not read, write tips: 1, run →regedit→ into the registry, in →Hkey_local_machine/software/microsoft/windows/currentversion/explorer/shellexecutehooksThis position has a norm

How to resolve Win7 memory cannot be read failure

Reason Analysis: 1, may be accidentally installed browsing software or IE rogue plug-ins; 2, the computer virus; 3, play the game when the memory can not read the words is because the graphics driver does not match; 4, in the summer when the hardware, heat dissipation is not good, will cause the memory failure can not be

Solve the error that the memory cannot be read or written

In many cases, when we are using a computer, a dialog box pops up, prompting that the *** memory cannot be read or written, etc, the solution here is to re-register all DLL files in the system and eliminate errors such as "memory cannot be read or written ". Windows systems may suffer frequent damages, mainly because

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