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The difference of layer four switch of three layer switch of two layer switch _ network communication

Two-layer switching technology is a mature development, two-layer switch is a data link layer device, can identify the Mac in the packet Address information, forwarding based on MAC addresses, and recording these MAC addresses with corresponding

Layer-4 Switch Technology and Application

With the increasing popularity of Mbit/s, Gbit/s, and even Mbit/s local area networks, broadband MAN networks and even broadband wide area networks are widely used. Whether it is Intranet, exclusive, or residential intelligent networks, it is

What is the difference between a layer-2 switch, a layer-3 switch, and a layer-4 switch?

1) layer-2 Exchange Technology The layer-2 switching technology is relatively mature. The layer-2 switch is a data link layer device that can identify MAC locations in data packets.Address information, which is forwarded based on the MAC address,

Switch: User exits (User exits) III for all SAP modules

Followed by two:Qaat0001 test type determination is different from variant 01Qaat0002 receiving Batch/receiving ControlQapp0001 exit qapp 1 (create a checkpoint)Qapp0002 exit qapp 2 (create a checkpoint and other data)Qapp0003 exit qapp 3 (IDI:

Linux Switch user identities, Su, sudo,/etc/sudoers

Linux system, sometimes the ordinary user some things can not be done, unless it is the root user can do. Then you need to useThe SU command temporarily switches to root to work.su:substitute[' s?bst?tju?t] instead of userThe syntax for SU is:SU

Shenzhou Digital Switch Command Note summary

Switch requirements 1. Switch to restore factory settings and its basic configuration. 1)//Enter privileged mode 2) del Config.text 2. Telnet mode to manage the switch. 1)//Enter the global configuration mode 2) enable password 0 [password] 3)

Operating system principle and practice 5--the process switching of kernel stack switch

process switching based on kernel stack switching Difficulty coefficient: ★★★★☆ Experiment objective to deeply understand the concept of process and process switching, synthesize application process, CPU management, PCB, LDT, kernel stack, kernel

Analyze layer-4 switch basic knowledge and important technologies

Layer-4 switches are quite common, So I studied the basic knowledge and important technologies of layer-4 switches. I would like to share them with you here, hoping they will be useful to you. With the increasing popularity of Mbit/s, Gbit/s, and

Linux User and User Group Management

Linux is a multi-user and multi-task time-sharing operating system. UserYou must first apply for an account from the system administrator and then enter the system as this account. The user's account helps the system administrator UserTracking and

Use Linux kernel linked list, hlist macro definition and operation in user space programming

Use the Linux kernel linked list, hlist macro definition, and operations in user space programming. List_head and hlist_head/hlist_node in Linux kernel are two important linked list construction tools that concatenate data structures into linked

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