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Install Sybase for Unixware

1. Install CDROM in Unixware 7.1.1) 1. boot from the CDROM Installation Boot Unixware CD-1CDROM must be a Slot1 or Slot2 Master)2. installation language. Select Proceed with installation in English and press enter to continue.3. Choose a zone for

SYBASE: sybase Basics

SYBASE: sybase Basics (1) Historical versions of sybase; Sybase server 1.0 2.0, Sybase openclient/openserver, Sybase system 10, sybase replication server, Sybase SQL server 11.0, Sybase ase 11.5, Sybase ase 11.9.2, ase 11.9.3, ase 12.0, ase 12.5,

SYBASE 12.5 Maintenance Manual 4. Improve the article

4. Improve the article If you forget the password for the SA, how to recover it.1, first stop Sybase ASE service.2, under the Sybase Security directory%%\sybase\ase-12_5\install\, modify the Run_sybase database server startup script, add-psa Save

Ms SQL Server Injection Technology in Sybase

West follow: the original article is from the exposure of database hackers-Database Server Protection Technology. If you really want to study database security, you can buy one to see if it supports genuine versions. This article is from Chapter

Sybase configuration, sp_configure

Sybase configuration Parameters sp_configure ' max online engines ', 4 Go --Configure the number of boot CPUs sp_configure ' number of engines at startup ', 4 Go --Configure Maximum memory count sp_configure ' max memory ', 2097151 Go --Allocating

SYBASE: BCP command reference

 Sybase Database BCP description BCP is a tool provided by Sybase for database table-level data backup. It is generally stored in the bin directory of the installed ASE or open client. For ASE earlier than version 12, the BCP storage directory is $

UNIX Sybase Installation Instructions

Sybase's installation of the approximate steps under UNIX is described below: 1, with Scoadmin to establish Sybase users 2, Sybase login, In the/usr/sybase directory. Profile file finally add the following statement: Sybase=/usr/sybase export

Look at Sybase's Official Handbook index working principle

A brief introduction to Sybase database Sybase Company was founded in 1984, the company name "Sybase" from "System" and "database" combined meaning. Sybase's first relational database product was the Sybase SQLServer1.0, which was launched in May 19

Sybase opens SQL Advantage 12.5.1 error: Internal failure while initializing

1 Open SQL Advantage error: Internal failure while initializing SQL AdvantageA few days ago in the Sybase win client (OC 12.5.1), encountered a problem. Each time you open the SQL Advantage 12.5.1, if the window is forced to close (for example,

Sybase data backup-BCP usage Overview

BCP is generally stored in the BIN directory of the installed ASE or Open Client. For ASE earlier than version 12, the bcp directory is $ SYBASE/bin, and for Versions later than Version 12 (including version 12), the directory is $

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