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5 reasons to sign code with a Symantec code signing certificate

With Symantec code Signing, your code will be available to more customers on more platforms, and we've summed up 5 reasons to tell software developers to purchase a Symantec code signing

5 reasons to sign code with a Symantec code signing certificate

With Symantec code Signing, your code will be available to more customers on more platforms, and we've summed up 5 reasons to tell software developers to purchase a Symantec code signing

Adobe AIR Code Signing certificate Usage guide

The Symantec,thawte,globalsign issued code signing certificate can sign the air file. If you do not have a code signing certificate, please contact evtrust to purchase the Adobe AIR

Microsoft Specifies the recommended wosign wosign EV code Signing certificate

For the security of the Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft requires that all driver software must be signed with an EV code signing certificate to run the kernel. The wosign wosign EV code signing certificate becomes Microsoft

Java Code Signing certificate request and Usage guide

1th Step Download Signature tool step 1:download Signing ToolsIf you do not have a signature tool, please go to the Sun Company's website for free download:, recommended download for JDK1.4.2 or above, support for Solaris sparc/x86, Linux86 and Windows operating systems.If you had not already do so, download the Java 2 software development Kit (SDK). The latest version is available free of charge for the Solaris sparc/x86, Li

Code Signing Certificate Product description

A code Signing certificate is a digital certificate that is provided to a software developer to digitally sign the software code it develops to verify the authenticity of the developer's identity and to protect the integrity of the code

Wosign wosign launches "EV Code signing certificate

Wosign wosign EV Code Signing Certificate (Multipurpose Edition) launched today!EV Code Signing certificate has all the functions of a common kernel code

java-Information Security (13)-Digital signature, code Signing "Java Certificate system implementation"

OverviewBasic concepts of information securityFront-facingjava-Information Security (12)-Digital signature "Java Certificate system implementation"ProcessCode signing can be done through the tool Jarsigner.Here we signed the code for Tools.jar, with the following command:into the D-plate.Jarsigner-storetype Jks-keystore zlex.keystore-verbose Tools.jar www.zlex.or

Microsoft digital signature code signing using the SHA256 certificate is only available for/T. Finally, two signature instructions are placed in a batch file: set sign_folder=%~dp0% %sign_folder%\signtool.exesign/v/F%sign_folder%example.pfx/p Examplepassword /tr SHA1 Span style= " line-height:1.5;"> "%1" %sign_ Folder%\signtool.exe sign/v /as NBSP;/TR/HTTP/ TIMESTAMP.WOSIGN.COM/RFC3161/FD sha256 "%1" This article is from the "8403723" blog, please be sure to ke

Iwatch error: Fail to code Sign "* * *" No valid signing identities (i.e. certificate and private key pair

This error is a mismatch between the certificate and the developer account. This is usually the case when we run other people's projects. So you need to check the developer Account production certificate, with their own account to regenerate.For example, if someone else's project uses HealthKit. You will report this error directly when you run it, because you need to HealthKit the developer account to produ

Maintaining Your Signing identities and certificates maintain your signature identity and certificate

identity of the signature-stored in the keychain-and a certificate-saved in your developer account-to sign and launch your app. This information is used to uniquely identify you or your team, so it's important to keep it safe. This chapter covers common tasks that you can go to protect and hold your signature logo and certificates within the cycle of your project.About Signing identities and certificates o

WEB Server CA Certificate signing steps and self-signed tests, supporting multi-domain names

file without the write configuration fileOpenSSL req-new-key server.key-out server.csr-config./openssl.cnf3.2 Generate the CSR file need to fill in some information, Common name to fill in the main domain name, the domain name in dns.xxCountry name (2 letter code) [Au]:cnstate or province name (full name) [some-state]:fujianlocality name (eg, city) []:xiam Enorganization name (eg, company) [Internet widgits Pty ltd]:cnblogsorganizational Unit Name (e

J2ME software Signing certificate and obtaining

security electronic transactions and secure electronic trading activities. The format of the word certificate generally uses X.509 international standards. At present, the digital certificate authentication center mainly issues the security e-mail certificate, the personal and the Enterprise ID card, the server certificate

Let Android Studio support system signing (certificate)

Go from Summary: Automatically package system signatures using Android Studio Sometimes, the apk we developed needs to use system permissions, You need to add shared system process properties in Androidmanifest.xml: android:shareduserid= "Android.uid.system" android:shareduserid= " Android.uid.shared "android:shareduserid=" "This time the APK signature needs to be a system signature (platform, shared, or media) for normal use. Co

iOS Development Provisioning Profile "iOS team provisioning profile:xxx" doesn ' t include signing certificate

When connecting the real machine equipment burst red (because the blogger forgot the screenshot has been processed) The questions are as follows: Provisioning profile "IOS team provisioning" doesn ' t include signing certificate ' IPhone developer:x xx xxx (mqf8d9pk85) ". Code signing is require

CMD command to generate an Android signing certificate

province/city/ What is the name of the autonomous region? [Unknown]:guangzhou What is the two-letter country/region code for this unit? [Unknown]: CN cn=rob, Ou=abc, O=ABC, L =guangzhou, St=guangzhou, is c=cn correct? [no]: y Enter the key password for (If the KeyStore password is the same, press ENTER):If there is no error then go back to the D packing directory, more Test.keystoreSo for the first time, the key store password is enter

Use restful to request HTTPS identity does not pass, unable to find valid certification path to requested target, using Java to generate signing certificate

authentication failed with spring's restoperations (top-level Class), Resttemplate send restful request HTTPS (SSL)Because we are requesting the HTTPS format, the server side is required to have your signed certificate The first workaround, using file generation * * Copyright 2006 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All Rights Reserved. * Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without * modification, are permitted provided the

Get the sha1,md5,sha256 value of the Android app signing certificate (the file that the apk used to pack)

Reprinted from: (this URL page, the last side, Baidu Map also provides 2 ways to obtain)Today, see (Baidu maps Android SDK 2.1.3 and later versions) of the application key inThe security code needs to be used: the value of the signing certif

Tomcat OpenSSL custom Signing certificate generation and deployment

ReferenceHttp:// a CA-signed certificate KeyStore keytool-genkey-alias ca_server-keyalg rsa-keystore ca_server.jks-validity 3600-storepass 123456 What is your first and last name? [unknown]: What is your organizational unit name? [unknown]: itian What is your organization name? [unknown]: itian What is the name of your city or region? [unknown]: Beijing What is the name of your state/prov

Codesign error: code signing identity 'iphone developer' does not match any code-signing certific

@ For ever 2010-10-25 Environment: Mac OS 10.6.4 Xcode 3.2 Sdks 4.1 Compile iPhoneProgramThe following error is reported: Codesign error: code signing identity 'iphone developer' does not match any code-signing Certificate in your keychain. How can this probl

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