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WAP, touch screen version of the website and app differences

1, the computer version of the website:A computer version of a website is a website that is opened by a user through a desktop or laptop browser, which is the website that we visit on the Internet. Its support and compatibility with IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Chrome and other mainstream browser, the site usually contains a number of Web applications and systems (such as CMS website content management system, etc.), and contains a separate database and a complete back-office management sy

Touch screen website development series (1)-Ios web app (IOS Meta)

(the top bar of the screen) in the web app; The default value is default (white), which can be set to Black (black) and black-translucent (gray translucent ). Note: If the value is "black-translucent", it will occupy the page PX position and float above the page (it will overwrite the page 20px height-iphone4 and itouc4'sThe Retina screen is 40p

Self-developed Perfect touch screen Web copy app pop-up scroll list selector/date Selector

11.10+*/}#cover_bottom_EasyScrollBox{background: -ms-linear-gradient(top,#ccc, #000000); /* IE 10 */background:-moz-linear-gradient(top,#ccc,#0000ff);/*火狐*/background:-webkit-gradient(linear, 0% 0%, 0% 100%,from(#ccc), to(#000000));/*谷歌*/background: -webkit-gradient(linear, 0% 0%, 0% 100%, from(#ccc), to(#000000)); /* Safari 4-5, Chrome 1-9*/background: -webkit-linear-gradient(top,#ccc, #000000); /*Safari5.1 Chrome 10+*/background: -o-linear-gradient(top,#ccc, #000000); /*Opera 11.10+*/}

Apple-touch-startup-image make iphone web App splash screen

When you create a Web application for the ipad launch screen when you find a problem, can only display the vertical screen diagram, the horizontal screen picture does not come, as follows:First of all the page in the head to join (this is the app splash screen picture, if no

Ubuntu14.04 using touch screen and notebook extended touch screen setting method

display normally, when the main screen grievance perfection, reduce the main screen resolution, and the expansion screen content consistent. (Touch-screen touch events are adjusted with the home

Touch-screen bull-eye to create friendly touch-control experience

minimalist style.  Design Thumb Size Click object for Game Application The question we cannot speculate is whether the user uses your index finger to manipulate more or more with your thumb. So, for this, we have to do a very careful research, and then set a reasonable target size. However, if your application is a game, most users will use the thumb. That's why in many game applications, the size of some controls is usually as big as the thumb, so that users can hold their hands more securel

(a) understanding of the intelligent touch screen ecosystem

, capacitive touch screen, resistive touchscreen)-the screen you actually touch when you start interacting with your phone. As you can see in the, this touch panel firmware sends data to the host Touch driver . Next, the device dr

JS development of multi-touch screen browser

about the view area settings.Prevent scrollingSome mobile devices have default Touchmove behavior, such as the classic iOS Overscroll effect, which causes a view bounce when scrolling beyond the bounds of the content. This can be confusing in many multitouch applications, but it's easy to disable it.Document.body.addEventListener (' Touchmove ', function (event) {Event.preventdefault ();}, False);Careful renderingIf you're writing a multi-touch

3D Touch: Electronic scale app and quick action

electronic scale. Although the app was rejected by Apple, it's a great idea. So, to show the workflow of 3D touch, let's make a simple app. Go ahead and download the initial case. There is only one empty single View in the initial case. I created the necessary UI elements ( UILabel and UIImage ViewController.swift ) in the

Online app-Wind know notepad open source code

Online app-Wind know notepad open source codethe application is composed of four interfaces, namely the welcome interface, the main interface, the new interface and the viewing interface. The following feature modules are included: Welcome, new, view, modify, delete, refresh, mode, sort, search, and menu. Welcome: The Welcome screen displays the application name

Touch screen mobile phone operation of "dead End" and "control size"

Part 1 Research Background Background and challenge of interface design of 1.1 touch screen mobile phone Challenge 1: Short development time, research at home and abroad are still in the exploratory stage, full of unknown and uncertain. Touch screen technology was first applied to the mobile phone to date back to 19

Android game development (2) touch screen event processing

the screen of the mobile phone, we feel that our fingers are still motionless. In fact, our fingers are shaking and shaking. So the action_move event will be triggered all the time.What is the impact of this situation on our program?For example, when the app thread uses 10 ms for drawing every time, when the finger touches the screen, about 10 motionevents will

Design of touch screen mobile devices

It is impressive that the spring of the past few years has always brought about a really awkward climate experience. rain and cold winds are like catalysts, which make people and things in life and work messy, it seems that a group of betel nuts are chewed to completely lose taste. The piano melody in November Rain's Prelude can make your mind feel safe. Once you have your earphones removed, it is a world that you want to screw your head down and eat it. But once the head is screwed down, nothin

Multi-touch gesture interpretation and ToolKit.dll and Microsoft.Phone.dll conflict issues in Window Phone app

above section you can have basic touch, the remaining 10 touch and the above two (Tap,hold) touch usage is basically consistent, I will explain the main points below. Tap and holdAll gesture events are accompanied by event arguments of type Gestureeventargs or derived from Gestureeventargs. The OriginalSource property indicates the topmost element that touches

ATMEL mxt224 capacitive touch screen debugging notes

, Atmel provides an 8-byte user data. In this way, the driver can write some signs in it, thus improving the adaptive capability of the driver. It depends on whether the driver designer can think of how to use it and how to use it! When you adjust the touch screen, it is best to enable the device to automatically run the relevant touch

Getting started with android4.0 multi-point touch screen

Document directory 3.1 Kernel 1 Preface First, let's talk nonsense. Csdn has been registered for a while, but has never published a blog on it. previous articles published on other blogs cannot be retrieved because the password has been forgotten. OK. Start to enter the topic.I am also a beginner, and soon after the entry. Therefore, it should be more suitable for beginners to learn. 2. Overall View We divide Android into three parts: kernel, framework, and

Survey for HTML5 touch screen version

What is the HTML5 touch screen version?with the latest HTML5 technology, you can access the adaptive screen-size access interface and scan access without downloading the installation, downloading upgrades, and using the mobile browser.Why is there a PC Web version and a mobile app version that also requires HTML5

Touch Screen Mobile 3G website design

With the boom of smartphones iphone and Android, the touch screen mobile Website is derived from the touchscreen phone site based on safari and Chrome.Touch screen mobile phone site in China is still in the initial stage, from the status of the industry, the experience is uneven, the author will be from the device, system, browser, network, four dimensions to dis

Qt touch screen calibration Program

Qt touch screen driverThe signal related to user input events in QT/Embedded is built on the Interface call to the underlying input device. It is generally implemented through I/O read/write to the device file. Most of these drivers have been encapsulated in the QT library to form the corresponding device driver interfaces, such as the display card driver, mouse, keyboard, serial port and parallel port. The

Discussion on web design of touch-screen mobile phone from four dimensions

Article Description: Touch screen mobile phone website design. With the boom in smartphones and Android, a touchscreen mobile Web site based on safari and Chrome is Website.Touch Screen mobile Web site in China is still the beginning stage, from the industry's current situation, its experience is uneven, the author will be from the equipment, systems

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