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Unity received 400 million U.S. dollars in financing value of 2.6 billion U.S. dollars, investors bullish vr/ar field

Silver Lake, a private investment company, has agreed to invest $400 million in unity, a new round of financing that will make unity valued at $2.6 billion trillion, according to today's news. Half of the financing will be used to repay employees and early investors, and the rest will be used to help the company grow further. Unity was founded in 2004, mainly

AR Primer Series -03-The debug Vuforia project in Unity to APK

First set build settings select Android after clicking on player settingsproduct name set install android program name bundle Identifier Set APK package minimum API level Configure APK support minimum Android system version first export requires configuration keystroeapk signature is useful for two main 1. Some different permissions can be obtained by using a special key signature. 2. apk If you use a key signature, a file signed by another key will not be installed or overwritten with the old v

Unity plugin TextFx and unity plugin TextFx

Unity plugin TextFx and unity plugin TextFx Sun Guangdong 2015.6.14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~TextFx Unity Plugin v3.0~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ Use

"VR" Leap Motion website Document Unity Plugin Overview

Preface:Leap Motion's official website document has been a lot of enthusiastic netizens involved in the translation, but did not cover all the official website documents.To cater to the Unity VR craze and the learning needs of our people, this blog will launch the official document translation series for unity.This article outlines the unity plug-in and coordinate system for leap motion.English Original web

Reproduced Chinese tutorial for t4m plugin in Unity

generated in the Lodobjects directory.I don't have a choice to build a new material here, and if you create a new material, you'll find the material you created under Lodobjects/material.Note that if you do not set the complete 3 material, you will be prompted to complete the calculation of the formula.Let's take a look at Mylod.Advertising BoardThe setting of the billboard is basically the same as the Lod object, please refer to the above explanation.BillBoard Rotation Axis: You can choose to

"Unity3d plugin" reads and writes file data in Unity: Litjson Quick Tutorial

------------------------------------------ Objectstart PropertyName name System.String String Bill System.String PropertyName Age System.String Int System.Int32 PropertyName Awake System.String Boolean True System.Boolean PropertyName N System.String Double 1994.0226 System.Double PropertyName Note System.String Arraystart String Life System.String String is System.String String but System.String String a System.String String Dream System.String Arrayend Ob

Create a WP8 plugin for unity

Objective:When you publish WP8 apps with unity, you often encounter situations where the API isn't working, such as popping the MessageBox, not using String.Compare (String,string,bool), and so on. So how do we solve these problems? One of the solutions is to make plugins. There is an article in Unity Manual: http://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/wp8-plugins-guide-csharp.html is about making Unity's WP8

Unity soon built-in skeleton animation plugin anima2d

Unity is always looking for new ways to help developers and provide them with the best tools. Here we announce that unity will be built with the popular skeleton animation plugin anima2d, free for all unity developers since January 2017! Also welcome the plugin author Sergi

"Unity" GLOW11 plugin Getting Started tutorial

"Unity" GLOW11 plugin Getting Started tutorialThe GLOW11 plugin is a very powerful self-illumination plugin in the Unity Asset store, and this article is used to GLOW11 quick start.A Installation Instructions~ Download Unity

Unity 3D Learning Prime31 Game Center plugin usage

http://momowing.diandian.com/post/2012-11-08/40041806328It ' s my life~: For those of you who are troubled by the app's Game center functionality, try Prime31 the game Center plugin. Simple, effective, fast!! 1. After importing the Prime31 Game Center plugin. There will be a gamecentertestscene inside there are 14 GUI button codes in Gamecenterguimanager. In this first not introduced. 2. Fi

About Unity Video Player plugin AVPro video playback on 3D objects

1. Download the plugin or the link I shared: Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1boGeJ8r password: MVBF2. Creating a new project to create the main control object 3. Create a material for video playback on 3D objects 4. Add the Apply to material component to the control object 5. Assign the material in the apply to material component to the material we created 6. Assign a control component to the media in the apply to material component 7. Create a 3D o

Plugin cross-language type conversions in unity

Unity supports Plugin, and there is some code that we can write in C + + to Plugin for C # calls, but the type conversion between different languages can be very tangled. For example, what is the string in C # to C + +? What is the string in C + + inside C #?Example from Unity officialC + + platform code is as follows:

Unity uses the Jsonfx plugin for serialization

system.collections.generic;using Pathfinding.Serialization.JsonFx ; using System.io;public class Jsontutorial:monobehaviour {public string fileName; Public sandwiches sandwiches = new sandwiches (); Public listSandwich.csUsing system.collections;using System.Collections.Generic; [System.serializable]public class sandwich{public string name; public string bread; public float price; Public listWhere to learn Jsonfx: http://www.raybarrera.com/2014/05/18/json-deserialization-u

Unity Plugin Development--menuitem

There is a menu bar in unity where we often use it, such as:MenuItem's role is to add a menu of his own.How to use:In the project assets directory under any editor directory (hereafter referred to as the editor directory, if not, please create a self-created script), such as I created called Menutest. cs, double-click into code editing, create a static function, (code from the official document HTTP ://docs.unity3d.com/documentation/scriptreference/me

"Learning" Unity plugin Ngui Complete Video tutorial

  29. Create the background of the chat system   30. Add scroll bars to the chat system, set anchor anchor points   31. Design the input box of the chat system   32. Use scripts to control the content display of the chat system, input event interaction   Sixth chapterCase development--backpack system 33. Add drag function and event monitoring to the game object   34. Design the

Unity Plugin Ngui Learning (7)--scrollview (Panel)

("Scroll View");Grid = Scrollview.getcomponentinchildren ADDBTN = Gameobject.find ("AddButton"). GetcomponentDELBTN = Gameobject.find ("Delbutton"). GetcomponentEventdelegate.add (Addbtn.onclick, AddItem);Eventdelegate.add (Delbtn.onclick, Delallitems);}Update is called once per framevoid Update () {}void AddItem () {int count = Grid.transform.childCount + 1;Clone presetsGameobject o = (gameobject) Instantiate (Resources.load ("Prefabs/listitem"));UILabel label = o.getcomponentinchildrenSet a u

Unity Igui Plugin Learning

Here, let's briefly introduce a powerful Unity UI plugin-iguiI believe a lot of children's shoes have heard of this plugin, but because the plug-in in Unity's asset store needs money, so this will not let some studious students can not get this powerful and useful UI plug-in, Today, it's not just a simple way to show you how to use Igui, but also to provide the p

Dotweenpath trajectory movement of the Dotween plugin in Unity

) Updatetype: This enumeration has three values, which refers to the update typeNormal: Regular update, update ()Late: Later than update, Lateupdate ()Fixed: Fix update, fixedupdate ()4. Path Tween Options(1) Path type: Track line typeLinear: line-typeCatmull Rom: Curve(2) Close Path: Closes the curve and connects the start and end points(3) Lock Rotation: lock rotation, XYZW5, Path editor Options: Track editing parameters, will not introduce6. Resetpath: Reset Track7. Events:(1) OnStart: At the

[Unity plugin] Lua Behavior Tree (iv): conditional nodes and Behavior nodes

Reference Behaviordesigner-conditional-isnullorempty3 --]]4Btisnullorempty =btconditional:new ();5 6 Localthis =Btisnullorempty;7 8 functionthis:new (text)9 Localo = {};Ten setmetatable(o, self); OneSelf.__index =Self ; AO.text =text; - returno; - End the - functionthis:onupdate () - if( notSelf.textorSelf.text = ="") Then - returnbttaskstatus.success; + Else - returnbttaskstatus.failure; + End A EndTestbehaviortree.lua1Testbehaviortree =btbehaviortree:n

[Unity plugin] AI Behavior Tree Usage Summary

Reference Links:7293770952587364785967320. NodeIn general, only need to extend the conditional and action of the two nodes, decorator and composite nodes only need to use the built-in is enough.For conditional nodes, the success or failure can be returned based on the judging criteria.For an action node, in addition to success or failure, there is a running state that indicates that the node has not finished executing and the next frame continues to execute the node.For composite nodes, here is

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