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MS office VBA (including Excel VBA, Word VBA, access VBA, etc.) data download Summary

VBA (Visual Basic for Application ): O 'Reilly VB VBA concise tutorial OfficeVBAProgrammingCollection of manuals (CHM) Microsoft Office VBA Language Reference Microsoft Office 2007 system VBA programming Office VBA programming skills

20160122: Start learning VBA: (i), Macro and vba/(ii), VBA statement object method Properties

Start today with "Blue Fantasy" video learning VBAThe macro is actually the operation stepRecorded macros are automatically generated by VBAIn VB, you can write your ownYou can specify a macro by using the form button1. VBA Objects' 1, workbooks' Workbooks represents the workbook collection, all workbooks, Workbooks (n), which represents the nth workbook that has been opened' Workbooks ("Workbook name")' ActiveWorkbook the workbook that is being manip

Excel VBA: delete module after running VBA code. Deleting modules via VBA code

The code below can be used to delete the module which houses the Code. In other words, it deletes itself after running once. You will have to goTools>Macro>Security-Trusted publishersAnd check trust accessVisual Basic EditorBefore running the code. Change"Module1"To suit. Sub deletethismodule () Dim vbcom as object Msgbox "hi, I will delete myself" Set vbcom = application. VBE. activevbproject. vbcomponents Vbcom. Remove vbcomponent: = _ Vbcom. Item ("module1 ")

A VBA encryption method using COM interactive mechanism, suitable for most VBA code encryption

Original source: http://www.cnblogs.com/Charltsing/p/EncryptVBACode.htmlVBA code encryption is a commonplace issue, and since my VBA dumper was released, any encryption at the office level has lost its meaning. So, many people began to move to the VB package or upgrade to Vsto,delphi and other languages. However, for the vast majority of Vbaer, the problem of re-learning a language is far more than the benefits of developing

VBA Learning Ideas of VBA learning notes

Advanced Knowledge points1. SQL query Statements and ADO2. Regular expressions and net catch3. Forms and Controls4. API class module and so onSorosayLinks: https://www.zhihu.com/question/26078625/answer/132542043Source: KnowCopyright belongs to the author. Commercial reprint please contact the author for authorization, non-commercial reprint please specify the source.1 hoursFamiliarity with data types, variables, constants, and operators1. Understand what data types

Record a VBA-based data conversion tool for planning and writing, and plan vba

Record a VBA-based data conversion tool for planning and writing, and plan vba Because the table structure planned for calculation is not necessarily the same as the data table structure actually used by the program, sometimes data conversion is often required. Convert the table to the format required by the program, and then import the table to the database. This is also the planning of a table with multip

How to DUMP the VBA code protected by Unviewable+ VBA?

Original source: http://www.cnblogs.com/Charltsing/p/unviewable.htmlqq:564955427Email: [Email protected]I was asked to unviewable+ VBA to protect the VBA code can be cracked, so I went to the author's website to see a bit (URL).This tool protects the VBA code fairly well, but there are still fatal problems that can be easily exported.Part of the code in the expor

[Go] "VBA study" date and time-related calculations in VBA

Iamlaosonghttp://blog.csdn.net/iamlaosong/article/details/18458253The function that takes the current date in VBA is date, the function of the current time is now, and the current date and time are now. the functions for converting dates to years and days are: year, Month, day, values that can be taken with date or now. The functions of time conversion to minutes and seconds are: Hour, Minute, Second, the value that the parameter can be taken out

Ferocious Outlook VBA script:outlook VBA Script that gets info on currently selected email using various property

Option Explicit ' VBA Script that gets info on the currently selected email using propertyaccessor and various syntaxes ' (s EE other scripts at http://www. Gregthatcher.com-Ways to get mail properties) ' property Tag Syntax looks like this http://schemas.microsoft.com /mapi/proptag/0x0005000b ' property Tag Syntax are used for Outlook ' Properties ' (defined by Outlook Object Model) ' Propert Y ID Syntax looks like this http://schemas.microsoft.com/m

VBA takes number of rows, runs cmd, arrays, VBA writes file related

Memo by:1, VBA to take the number of columns:For example, how many columns are used for the second row: Cells (2, Columns.count). End (xlToLeft). Column: Explanation: Mainly the end method, which is illustrated in VBA: Returns a Range object that represents the cell that contains the end of the area of the source range. is equivalent to pressing the end+ up ARROW, end+ down ARROW, end+ left arrow, or end+ r

[Excel & VBA] VBA parses the local file directory to read text data

Sometimes Excel VBA is used to deal with some things. After all, I am a lazy person, and I always like to try to hand over repetitive work to the computer for processing, so that I can prove that my brain is still running, summarize some methods for reading and parsing local file directories in VBA. 1' this function is used to obtain the names of all folders in the specified directory. 2 sub readfile () 3

VBA: Introduction and examples of dictionaries, and examples of vba dictionaries

VBA: Introduction and examples of dictionaries, and examples of vba dictionariesBasic statement Sub dictest () 'Other detailed explanations for reference: http://club.excelhome.net/thread-868892-1-1.html' dictionary introduction' dictionary object is equivalent to a Union array, which is composed of a unique Key) combined with its Items, 'vba dictionary has six m

Dgvhelper,xmlhelper,inputbox (VBA-like), Evaluate (VBA in functions applied to C #)

. StartPosition=formstartposition.centerparent; InputBox. Text=Sheadtext; if(shistorytext!="") {Inputbox.tbData.Text=Shistorytext; } InputBox. ShowDialog (); returnInputbox.tbData.Text; } }4. Evaluate calculation by the formula in Excel VBA /// ///computes a string using the Evaluate method of VBA in Excel/// /// /// Public Static DoubleCal ( This stringstr) { varApp =

VBA in 32 bit no problem, to 64 bit exception error

backward compatibility in VBA7 and earlier versions, use the following constructs:#If Vba7 ThenDeclare Ptrsafe Sub ...#ElseDeclare Sub ...#EndIfConsider the following example of a Declare statement. Running an unmodified Declare statement in a 64-bit version of Office results in an error that states that the Declare statement does not include the Ptrsafe qualifier. The modified VBA example contains the Ptrsafe qualifier, but note that the return valu

[VBA Research] VBA produces non-repeated random numbers

Iamlasong VBA programming achieves random output without repeating. The random function in VBA is RND, and the random function in worksheet is Rand. The difference between the word and can be remembered. The RND value range is [0, 1). It indicates a random number between 0 and 1, which contains 0, but does not contain 1. 1. Usage Syntax: RND [(number)]If the value of number is generated by randomizeIf the v

[Getting started with VBA] commonly used and interpreted VBA

[Getting started with VBA] commonly used and interpreted VBA [A65536]. End (xlup). Row 'a column last row to the first row with a value [A1]. End (xldown). Row 'a column first row down first row with a value [Iv1]. End (xltoleft). column' the last column of the first row has a number column to the first column on the left. [A1]. End (xltoright). Column 'specifies the number of columns in the first column of

Excel VBA inserts VBA module code from this workbook in the worksheet that generated the copy

That is, add a worksheet to the workbook, and then move out of the workbook to a new workbook, and copy the code of one module of the workbook to the new workbook before moving out. Here is the key code: '====================================================================== 'Each class list is saved as a single XLS fileActivesheet.moveChDirMyPath'Ignore dialog box, overwrite saveApplication.DisplayAlerts =False 'class name increase "examinee number Processing"

"VBA Research" application.calculation state affects VBA running speed

IamlaosongDiscover a phenomenon that When the application.calculation is automatically calculated, the 2003 version does not seem to reduce the speed of VBA, but the 2007 version has a significant impact and is particularly noticeable when the data is large, especially when the volume is high, and the speed reduction is unbearable. To do this, you must change the application.calculation state to Manual mode, and then restore it at the end of the run.

VBA brush up 06: repeating actions in VBA

Technorati labels: VBA, loop, for, while, do From: julitta korol, "access.2003.programming. By. example. With. VBA. xml. And. asp", by wordware Publishing, Inc. 2005, p91-p101 (1) using the do... While Loop Do While Condition Statement1 Statement2 Statementn Loop (2) continuously display an input box until the user enters the correct password Do While pword Pword = inputbox ("what is the report p

[VBA study] how to assign cell data to arrays and vba cell arrays

[VBA study] how to assign cell data to arrays and vba cell arrays Author: iamlaosong You can assign the data in a worksheet to an array or assign the data in an array to a worksheet. There are two types of data: one is a loop method, one by one, this method is generally used when special processing is required for each data. The other method is to use a value assignment statement at a time. In terms of spee

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