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Create a portal project in MyEclipse with WebSphere Portal Server (top)

With MyEclipse for WebSphere support, you can develop a JSR portlets and deploy it to WebSphere Portal 6.1, 7.x, or 8.x. In this tutorial, you will use the New Portlet Wizard to develop a default portlet. Using WebSphere Portal server requires a myeclipse blue or bling subsc

Create a portal project in MyEclipse with WebSphere Portal Server (bottom)

In the article Create a portal project with WebSphere Portal Server (above), the small section describes the required WebSphere Portal Server installation information, configures the WebSphere

IBM/Lotus Domino and WebSphere Portal: Single Sign-on)

SummaryIBM WebSphere Portal brings great value to IT companies, enabling them to create powerful web applications that allow users to access in a centralized manner and provide personalized information. Companies can benefit from portals, such as simplifying infrastructure, accelerating development, and improving employee productivity. Similarly, e-workplaces can change the contact information between emp

Implementing a context portal using the WebSphere Portal

Using dynamic portal capabilities to adapt the user interface to specific situations and contexts Introduction It can be a very complex issue to associate content and applications with the users who need them most. On the one hand, you want to provide sufficient information and applications to the users who perform their tasks. On the other hand, you don't want to provide too much information to take on the risk of excess information, because an ove

IBM WebSphere Portal Portal Solution

A. Who needs IBM Portal. If your customer wants to use the same interface as a car dashboard to get the key information for a variety of business applications in the background, if your customers want to be able to reconcile the various applications, proactively push useful information to the right people, and if it wants to simplify the management of the foreground application terminal, IBM The

Hello World -- WebSphere Portal V5 simplest Portlet: Part 1, presented in JSP

This article will show you how to develop and deploy a simple Portlet-based JSP in IBM WebSphere Portal version 5. IntroductionIn the first article of the "Hello World" sequence, you have learned how to create a Portlet in Java that can output "Hello, world ". This is exemplary and not a practical method for developing a Portlet. So what is the problem with it? This article (the second article) will solve

New features of WebSphere Portal 8.0: Embracing OpenID

of big web sites, such as Google, Facebook,myopenid and Yahoo, who are all OpenID identity providers. There are two types of OpenID currently in the mainstream, one is OpenID 2.0, one is OAuth 1.0. Google,myopenid and Yahoo are using the OpenID 2.0 specification, and Facebook is using the OAuth 1.0 specification. The OpenID specification defines only the basic authentication mechanism, and in the application, it often requires the exchange of user attributes with the OpenID identity provider,

WebSphere Portal website Modification

WebSphere Portal provides a pre-defined portal page that is available immediately after the product is installed and started. You can use the web-based user interface of the portal to change the appearance and feelings to switch to other predefined visual elements and la s provided by

New features of WebSphere Portal 8.0: New Configuration Wizard Assistant

Background introduction to the WebSphere Portal Configuration Wizard The Configuration Wizard in the WebSphere Portal has always been a favorite tool for users to help simplify the configuration process by manually modifying a large number of configuration parameters in the configuration file, and now just follow the

Close-range experience next-generation installation of WebSphere Portal V8.0

Introduction to WebSphere Portal V8.0 installation WebSphere Portal 8.0 provides two primary installations to meet different user needs: A wizard-style installation (also known as a graphical interface installation) and a silent installation, both of which use IBM Installation Manager as the installation management to

Hello World -- WebSphere Portal V5 simplest Portlet: Part 1 creation and deployment

This article will show you how to create and deploy a simple Portlet in WebSphere Portal version 5. IntroductionSomeone often asked me this question: "What is the simplest Portlet that people can create through WebSphere Portal version 5 from the beginning ?". The fixed answer is "Hello World ". This article will take

Building Ajax portlets for the WebSphere Portal

XMLHttpRequest (XHR) and processing XML document objects. Sends an AJAX request to the server and operations the results returned. Retrieves and operates the servlet context in the Portlet configuration to dynamically access the Ajax Servlet included in the Portlet. War file. Enables JavaScript events to handle operations and to display or update data on a JSP page. Deploy the Portlet application to websphere®

Achieve tighter integration between the WebSphere Portal and Lotus Web Content management

Portals and Web content management systems should be well coordinated If you have used Ibm®lotus®web content Management and tried to render content using IBM websphere®portal, it may be difficult to decide where to define your site structure. So far, you have basically only two choices: Define the site structure in the WebSphere

IBM WebSphere Portal Web Content Manager and DB2 Tuning guide

Introduction: Looking for a resource center to tune Websphere®portal Web Content Management and Ibm®db2®for linux®, UNIX®, and Windows® environments? This article describes the unique parts of the environment that require special consideration. You will learn how to tune application Server and WebSphere Portal. As a go

IBM Rational application Developer V7.5 Portal Toolkit, part 2nd

Features that support Web 2.0 portal development in IBM WebSphere Portal V6.1 Ibm®websphere®portal V6.1 introduces new features such as aggregation of clients, friendly URLs, and static page aggregation. The WebSphere

Monitoring performance in the WebSphere Portal environment

Guidelines to help you understand some of the basics of monitoring and measuring performance issues in the WebSphere Portal environment To optimize the WebSphere Portal environment for optimal performance, you need to know what needs to be optimized. The monitoring methods discussed in this article cover several impor

Integrated Adobe Flex and IBM WebSphere Portal

Introduction: With the idea of Rich Internet application (RIA), Adobe®flex takes you to a higher level of WEB application development, while Ibm®websphere®portal provides a composite tool to build flexible solutions based on SOA Decision plan. But how do you combine the two? One approach is to integrate Flex directly into the WebSphere

Develop JACL management scripts for the WebSphere Portal

The WebSphere Portal Server is an important platform for IBM for consolidation and collaboration. WebSphere Portal Server provides three ways for users to manage the Portlet, XML Configuration Interface, and Portal scripting Interface through a web-based approach. Web-based

How to implement WebSphere Portal 6.0 and Cognos 8 set application development

Objective The domestic use of Cognos customer base has reached a large scale, at the same time, WebSphere Portal has become more and more mature application integration and personalized customization products by the vast number of relevant needs of enterprises to accept. In this way, how to integrate Cognos into the portal, has become more and more customers con

Use Ajax and WebSphere Portal in combination

of what you see or read about Ajax is not real Ajax; it's Dynamic HTML or DHTML. The correct meaning of Ajax consists of a single JavaScript object called XMLHttpRequest. This class provides a background communication channel for the server and the resulting response. It is DHTML that assumes all other tasks, including drag-and-drop, DOM update, create style, and all other things that everyone likes to do. Why should Ajax and WebSphere

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