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The transition from content production to video: What does Facebook's takeover of Quickfire intended? "Thoughts

quality, immediate, bandwidth-friendly video experience to Co Nsumers.Second, Facebook daily video playback over 1 billionwhile announcing the acquisition of Quickfire, Facebook revealed that the daily video on the platform had been viewed more than 1 billion times. It can be seen that acquiring quickfire is a logical thing for Facebook. The company's key employees will join Facebook after Facebook acquires Quickfire. CEO Cregg Li Hu Craig Lee has he

The transition from content production to video: What does Facebook's takeover of Quickfire intended? "Thoughts

, immediate, bandwidth-friendly video experience to Consum ERs.Second, Facebook daily video playback over 1 billionWhile announcing the acquisition of Quickfire, Facebook revealed that the daily video on the platform had been viewed more than 1 billion times.It can be seen that acquiring quickfire is a logical thing for Facebook.The company's key employees will join Facebook after Facebook acquires Quickfire.CEO Cregg Li Hu Craig Lee has held senior p

Lockwindowupdate Series 2: How is lockwindowupdate intended to be used?

call lockwindowupdate (null ). In the next article, we will see more content about the word "drag", so that it is closely bound with the entire lockwindowupdate concept. Although we have just started to discuss lockwindowupdate, you should be enough to handle this issue. (Note: the purpose of writing this series is to describe the intention usage of lockwindowupdate, not to discuss whether this

Network knowledge popularization: What is the knowledge under dual NICs, what is the knowledge about route tables and gateways?

Important: As a developer, it is beneficial to deal with the Internet all day and learn some basic network knowledge.UpgradePersonal professional skills. In addition, this article only introduces the network knowledge, and has nothing to do with fan wall. Please refer to the above for details. The following is the body content. May 1 is coming soon: It was origi

What is a data warehouse, and what is the difference between a database

What is a data warehouse, and what is the difference between a databaseDataWarehouseis a subject-oriented (Subject oriented), integrated (integrate), A relatively stable (non-volatile), data collection that reflects historical changes (timeVariant) to support management decisions. (1) topic-oriented: Index data in the

Basic knowledge Review, What Is i18n and what is internationalization ......?

Documentation License (GNU free document license. They are universal copyright verification protocols for Free Software and are developed and released by the Free Software Foundation (FSF. GPL-based software can be commercially sold, but Source Code cannot be closed.If you make any changes and/or re-develop and release the software that complies with GPL, your product must inherit the GPL protocol and do not allow closed source code.Lgpl-based software can also be commercially sold, but Source

What is refactoring and what is not refactoring

this time, Branch by using action is a practical method that can help you manage changes in code over a long period of time. In addition, you need to maintain the old code while developing new code, which makes code version control very troublesome and inconvenient to change, making the code very fragile, easy to make mistakes-this is contrary to the intended pu

What refactoring is, and what it isn' t

the code. Perform regression tests on your refactoring actions. Then make corrections or changes. Test again. Later, you may need to refactor more code to make your code change intent clearer. Perform another comprehensive test. Rebuild and change. Or change, and then refactor.You are not Refactoring for reconstruction, because you want to do other things, And Refactoring can help you complete these things. The scope of refactoring should be determined by the Code changes or code corrections yo

What is embedded development? Is there a future?

Software development is quite popular, but what is embedded development? Embedded Development Is there a future? These questions are all questions from students who want to learn embedded development. Now we will introduce what is

What is the handle in c ++ ?, Handle is

What is the handle in c ++ ?, Handle is This handle is only translated from the English handle. It is difficult to explain only what it means. This is the information I collect from ot

Web Design Core Issue 1: What is Web design (4)

completely eliminate other media. Radios, magazines, television and so on continue to exist, and will not disappear because of new technologies and media. The web, of course, is not a new medium that lets us discard all of our previous value systems, but it does have its own rules. We should try to understand the design concepts of other media and revise them to fit the web. 1. 11 What you see

What is the cgi,fastcgi,fpm,cli,mod of PHP?

architecture.In this case, PHP and Apache is a dependency, Apache boot need to load the PHP module, read the php.ini file, one of the most obvious feature is: in the CGI mode after modifying php.ini do not need to restart the Web server, and Php_ Changing the php.ini in mod mode will require you to restart Apache.How does PHP combine with Nginx?fast-cgiReferring to nginx how to run PHP, you have to mention

What is screenshot (lianda. li)

life is made up of energy and wisdom. Life ends up in a way we know, But it begins to keep flowing. Just like the shining stars, when it troughs to the earth, the stars that shine may no longer exist. I believe that the immortal light from the energy and wisdom of life will shine on us and inspire us to move forward bravely. The secret and secret made by Xiao Chen and Guo Hao and his sons for Wu Yu are reserved for the powerful martial arts industry,

What are the Chinese characters deleted when SWFUpload is uploaded and saved?

required. 2. if you use a Chinese file, there is a conflict with the default character set of the operating system. 3. if you do not rename a long-pass object, what if you encounter a file with the same name? $ Fn = 'Chinese file name .txt '; echo basename ($ fn );. Txt This is an old php problem: the Chinese path (file name) cannot be identified) Howe

What is the difference between an attribute ID and a property name in HTML?

Today, when I was working on a job interview, David asked me to add a title: The difference between ID and name in HTML. A listen to Ah, the HTML ID and name what is the difference, but usually in use, not how to think, just so use it, oh, in fact, when doing the Web page there is a lot of things are just so used, and did not consider why so used ...One of the ot

What is "Question?

. Let's take a look at Wikipedia's definition: A problem is an obstacle which makes it difficult to achieve a desired goal, objective or purpose. it refers to a situation, condition, or issue that is yet unresolved. in a broad sense, a problem exists when an individual becomes aware of a significant difference between what actually

What is the true idea of object-oriented programming?

('20140901 ')} "> Sofa posted on:{Window. Location = ('read. php? Tid = 101809 uid = 62700 '); Return false;} "Href =" javascript:; "> only the authorBytes{Fontsize ('small', '123 ')} "> Small {Fontsize ('ddle', '20140901 ')} "> Medium {Fontsize ('Big ', '000000 ')} "> LargeIf the above is not complete, continue to renewI think it's not intended to use object-oriented programming.What

What is Linux?

include Debian, RedHat, and Slackware, it features free, secure, reliable, stable, and multiple platforms. The Linux operating system has two basic ideas. One is to regard everything as a file, including commands, hardware, software, and processes, which are regarded as different types of files; the second is that the Linux system holds that each software has its inten

What is Linux?

intended use. These two basic ideas andUnixThe system has great similarity and can be completed in Linux.UnixTherefore, Linux is Unix-based. Ii. What is Linux?-A Brief History Linux was born from a computer enthusiast named Linus Torvalds, who was a student at the University of Helsinki, Finland, he initially

If someone asks you what the Java memory model is, send him the article.

implementation has been implemented.In the development of multithreaded code, we can directly use synchronized and other keywords to control concurrency, never need to care about the underlying compiler optimization, cache consistency and other issues. Therefore, the Java memory model, in addition to defining a set of specifications, also provides a series of primitives, encapsulated the underlying implementation, for developers to use directly.This article

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