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What is a Lomo camera

Are you still playing a digital SLR camera? Do you always stare at the card DC style? If your answer is yes, then ... You're completely out of style! The new year, to play a new pattern, now popular lomo. Lomo Chinese also called "Le Demon", "Le touch" ... In a word transliteration come over to use what homophonic name

A tutorial on using Photoshop to make lomo effect in Europe and America

Always hear people say lomo effect, Lomo camera, so exactly what is Lomo? Lomo is the abbreviation of the English Let we lives be Magic and

Implement Instagram filter effect using PHP

. ImageMagick is also available in iOS. Maybe this is the magic source of Instagram? The following is a reference to Instagram CEO and co-founder Kevin Rom. "It is indeed a combination of many different methods. In some cases, we draw images; in other cases, we perform pixel operations. It really depends on

With a good lomo camera you have to know the skills

Film Selection Most entry-level Lomo camera shutter with only one shutter and aperture, in this case, the task of controlling the exposure of photos falls on film selection. But what about the entry level Lomo players to choose film? Generally speaking, the spring and autumn sunshine, in cloudy weather, you can use 200 film; strong sunlight summer or reflective

PS Add lomography effects tutorial for photos

First, introduce what is lomography: Lomography is the trademark of Austrian Lomographische AG, which offers products and services related to photography. The name of Lomography originates from optical manufacturer Lomo Corporation. In the 1980 's Lomo company produced 35 c

Tips for quickly turning photos into Lomo photos

Four Figure Five In order to be able to unify the final processing effect of the photos, we should first set the size of the original photos, the "Image > Image size" command, the width and height are set to 2000 pixels, so that the picture's aspect ratio is the same, the square photos more convenient to the final LOMO The picture

Android Camera Real-Time Filter (5), androidcamera

static filters in two aspects.1. Upgrade the basic filter effect-> implement the pseudo lomo Filter Created with Rapha rjl 2.1.2 Original Image ColorMatrix Processing Overwrite a color lomo image on the processed image Overwrite color

Image Filter art --- LOMO Filter, --- lomofilter

) * (float) basePixel-(float) basePixel * (float) basePixel/255.0f)/255.0f); return Math. min (255, Math. max (0, res);} 2, B mixed with a style color set by yourself (such as blue: R-200, G-37, B-11, set the 40% transparency to Figure C. The formula is as follows: private int ModeExclude (int basePixel, int mixPixel) {int res = 0; res = (mixPixel + basePixel) -mixPixel * basePixel/128; return Math. min (255, Math. max (0, res);} 3, select a dark corn

IOS Filter Implementation: LOMO (Classic LOMO of meitu xiuxiu) and ioslomo

light to generate a new Pixel texel. rgb = vec3 (texture2D (inputImageTexture2, red ). r, texture2D (inputImageTexture2, green ). g, texture2D (inputImageTexture2, blue ). B ); // a new Pixel is generated before and then mixed with the pixel of the second input image // use the third image as the hidden corner template and the preceding pixel mix vec2 tc = (2.0 * textureCoordinate) -1.0; float d = dot (tc, tc); vec2 lookup = vec2 (d, texel. r); texel

PS, "heavy taste" small fresh

We all like the special visual effects of the Lomo camera, the obvious distortion and the perverse color. Yes, the Lomo camera itself is inexpensive, and even many cameras have built-in Lomo mode, but Photoshop is still a better solution. The key to using Photoshop to reprod

Beauty Mito Let ordinary picture change body fashion Lomo Wind Tour

To the U.S. Mito software users to detailed analysis to share a common picture to change the fashion lomo wind tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Figure 1 Let's take a look at the effect comparison: Figure 2 Compared with the original image of Ash Dodo, Lomo style is

Every day, Bootstrap must learn the folding _ javascript skills

and pandl-body, and then the panel-header can contain the title and link. Connect to the panel-body through the link.Step 3: you can find that there is an id = "accordion" in the panel-group, and there is a data-parent = "# accordion" in each of the links below ".If this is removed, the effect

F200, photography and posting

, and what is their relationship? The PP diagram varies from person to person, but you also need to know what is a diagonal line diagram, a curve diagram, a diagonal line diagram, a triangle diagram, a horizontal diagram, and a vertical diagram?Let's talk about some of my personal methods:1. take the night view, use is

Photoshop lomo tone with reverse negative effect

When I used a digital camera to take a photo, I wanted to touch the lomo that took pictures, but the toy camera, which is a few thousand pieces, plus the cost of washing the negatives, is actually a bit of a waste. Good risk now the digital phase machine is very lomo, all ha

Flash image processing effect filter pixelbender blender Mode

Function Mergergb (RED: uint, Green: uint, Blue: uint): uint { Return Red } Private Static Function Getred (color: uint): uint { Return (Color> 16) 0xff; } Private Static Function Getgreen (color: uint): uint { Return (Color> 8) 0xff; } Private Static Function Getblue (color: uint): uint { Return Color 0xff; } So what

Surface Picture Processing software recommendation

brightness, sharpness, contrast and saturation respectively, so as to lay the tone of the whole picture. Beauty Mito Support Jigsaw Puzzle Filter tool is a major feature of the United States Mito, LOMO, Portrait, fashion, art of the four types of filter effect can make the picture more beautiful, we just need to simply click on the selection, see t

The Beauty Mito special effects Word special effects picture Production tutorial

computer is 1366 times 768, so it looks a bit wide. Making Tutorials (sample) The effect after the production: Image Initial background Personally think is still very beautiful, there are wood. Detailed steps 1, the selection of landscaping in a few

[Translate] Ios-image-filters

is clutch in pretty much all the "best Image Filters" can name right now (Lomo, Polaroid). For example, if you want-manipulate levels, here's your method, built straight onto the UIImage class:Just a menu that simulates the color balance of Photoshop is a great effort. It took a lot of time to adjust to the desired effect

You can get a good picture with a filter handy.

Speaking of photo style, we will think of Japanese, LOMO, and so on. The use of Photoshop filter function, and the same channel, layer and other joint use, in order to achieve the best artistic effect. Now there are a lot of software filter functions, so that the photo style is no longer as complex as PS. Instagram is

OpenCV a bunch of algorithms, image processing, etc.

, the network fun computer Vision Small application, the image processing small application ~ ...2014-01-09 16:04 Reading (949) Comments (2) OPENCV Watermark EffectAlgorithm Description: Define the area of interest and then copy the desired watermark to the area of interest our place is specially added to the BGR three channels of G-Channel, making the whole effect more obvious environment: vs2012+opencv2.

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