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What is a Lomo camera

small camera produced by the production of a military optical lens factory, Lomo from the name of the factory leningradskoje Opitiko mechanitscheskoje objedinenie abbreviation. The Lomography was born in 1991 when two Viennese art students stumbled upon the unique effect of the camera's photograph and made it the new popular element of the underground art circle

Beauty Mito How to make Lomo effect Lomo effect Production tutorial sharing

To the U.S. Mito software users to detailed analysis to share the lomo effect of the production of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: 1. Open a picture in the software to be processed, click the right mouse button on the picture, choose to insert a picture of the raindrop effect. 2. According to the size of the original, appropriate adjustment

With a good lomo camera you have to know the skills

Film Selection Most entry-level Lomo camera shutter with only one shutter and aperture, in this case, the task of controlling the exposure of photos falls on film selection. But what about the entry level Lomo players to choose film? Generally speaking, the spring and autumn sunshine, in cloudy weather, you can use 200 film; strong sunlight summer or reflective

A tutorial on using Photoshop to make lomo effect in Europe and America

Always hear people say lomo effect, Lomo camera, so exactly what is Lomo? Lomo is the abbreviation of the English Let we lives be Magic and Open. What it means is that our lives are open and full of magic. Dust images feel that

Photoshop lomo tone with reverse negative effect

When I used a digital camera to take a photo, I wanted to touch the lomo that took pictures, but the toy camera, which is a few thousand pieces, plus the cost of washing the negatives, is actually a bit of a waste. Good risk now the digital phase machine is very lomo, all have the filter

Using PS to make classic lomo style of Non-mainstream picture effect (1/3)

Lomo is the classic effect of Non-mainstream. There are many ways to deal with it, but you need to grasp the main points of Lomo. The picture does not need to be clear, the picture has a kind of hazy feeling, and has the obvious dark angle and so on.Original Final effect

Learning ImageMagick 1: LoMo Effect

ImageMagick is a powerful image processing command line tool. Complex Image operations can be completed with only a few instructions. The ImageMagick command design allows almost any less complex image operations to be completed using a single line of command. In theory, a LoMo effect can be done using commands within two lines, but I do not have enough understanding of ImageMagick, and I have done it usin

Using Photoshop to make a beautiful lomo picture palette action Effect

Photoshop homemade Beautiful Lomo picture palette action, color matching method is relatively simple, just add some monochrome high light in one area of the picture. Local can adjust some light and shade appropriately Final effect , first, open your picture. In the Menu window option, click Action (Alt + F9) to open the action panel. 2, click the New button to create a

Photoshop Lomo The beauty of the grass. Dark Corner Effect

The effect of my practice drawing: Original: Click on the image can be traced to the big picture. Practice steps: 1. Open the original image, perform the adjustment layer "hue/saturation" adjustment images. Edit green, with the eyedropper with a plus number of times to draw the screen green, saturation-98, lightness +100. This step is to process the grassland. 2. Perform an adjustment layer "optional" to adjust the imag

Photoshop to pull out the lomo effect of the exterior portrait aestheticism

give the picture a sense of excess. The advantage of doing this step is that you can put some noise and affect the color of the screen to reduce unnecessary clutter, so that the color of the picture more harmonious. The third step: adjust the body color with the curve of the late experience (with the curve of color will make the color of the picture more delicate, soft, and easy to use Fourth step: Optional color Adjustment details color, this step is the auxiliary cu

Using Photoshop to make a beautiful lomo picture palette action Effect

Final effect , first, open your picture. In the Menu window option, click Action (Alt + F9) to open the action panel. 2, click the New button to create a new action, name yourself. Then start the operation. 3, for the first effect, we add curve adjustment layer, the RGB adjustment, param

Create different camera modes in the 3D world-create a camera fly-in effect

2.7 create a question about the camera's flying Effect You want to smoothly move the camera from one position to another, and also make the camera's observation target move smoothly. Specifically, you want a feature that allows the camera to start and end along a smooth curve. This movement process should be smooth. After the process ends, you want the

IOS Filter Implementation: LOMO (Classic LOMO of meitu xiuxiu) and ioslomo

light to generate a new Pixel texel. rgb = vec3 (texture2D (inputImageTexture2, red ). r, texture2D (inputImageTexture2, green ). g, texture2D (inputImageTexture2, blue ). B ); // a new Pixel is generated before and then mixed with the pixel of the second input image // use the third image as the hidden corner template and the preceding pixel mix vec2 tc = (2.0 * textureCoordinate) -1.0; float d = dot (tc, tc); vec2 lookup = vec2 (d, texel. r); texel. r = texture2D (inputImageTexture3, lookup )

Tips for quickly turning photos into Lomo photos

Using the "Action" feature in Photoshop, you can batch operations on photos, reduce the confusion over multiple photos, and record specific processes, and then click the recorded action to complete a series of processing steps. Figure I In this example, we take the Black-and-white LOMO effect as an example, for the shadow friends to explain Photoshop "action" function. Black and

Image Filter art --- LOMO Filter, --- lomofilter

Image Filter art --- LOMO Filter, --- lomofilter LOMO FilterLOMO is a concept that emphasizes feelings, opportunities, and weakens photography techniques. Uncertainty and randomness are the biggest characteristics of LOMO. LOMO originated from Lomography, the LOMO

Android Camera 3D effect

the code. First, the initialize () method is reloaded to initialize the intermediate coordinates mCenterX, mCenterY, And the instantiated Camera object. initialize () is a callback function that tells Animation the size parameter of the target View, some related parameters can be initialized here, such as setting the animation duration, setting the Interpolator, and setting the animation reference point. The applyTransformation (float interpolatedTim

[Basic knowledge of Android] view animation article 2, camera 3D effect

In the previous article, I introduced how to customize view animation in Android, which uses a matrix transformation method for animation processing. For details, refer to my previous article:[Basic Android knowledge] creating your own animation EffectsThrough the transformation matrix introduced in this article, we can achieve most of the animation effects. However, most of this method implements a 2D effect, what are the methods to achieve the

Using the render texture to realize the game's small radar effect (camera split screen)

Recently the game bull is holding an activity, is to make this effect:Title: Realize the game split screen effectRequirements:1, split the screen, and the split line irregular (that is, non-horizontal or vertical);2, each screen can be operated alone (move, zoom), operation refers to the overall operation of the screen;3, left (or upper) cube clockwise rotation, right (or down) cube counterclockwise rotation;At first I thought that I had to use the most unfamiliar shader, a little afraid, then c

Android uses camera to realize the rollover effect of the central axis 3D card _android

In the Android system API, there are two camera classes: Android.graphics.Camera Android.hardware.Camera The second application in the mobile phone hardware related to the operation of the camera, this article is about using the first camera class to achieve the central axis 3D conversion card rollover effect

Android achieves camera copy Effect

This article introduces how to achieve the camera copy Effect Based on my own development examples, that is, to project the picture taken by the camera as a copy object to the painting paper. You can continue painting on the painting paper. effect 1.You can add a license to the cam

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