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How to watch movies learn English

understood as a perfect match. In general, it is quite limited to Improve English by watching movies. After all, movies and TV series rely more on screen-based storytelling. Most movies have more actions than dialogs. This is especially true for those who like to watch action movi

Use mplayer in linux to watch HD movies

In centos, mplayer was used to watch HD movies. Find a good solution on the Internet and attach it to the bottom. Here we first record our actual solution:Solution 1: Use the mplayer-framedrop parameter to play the video. The effect is also good.SolutionMethod 2: Follow the 2nd methods described below to use multi-threaded mplayer for playback. The link below is unavailable, and the GIT proxy configuration

A few good places to watch movies (not original)

duplicated, basically mastering one or two is enough.If you have any of the following needs: 1, love to see the classic old movies, 2, love to see the HD quality of the film, 3, want to get new resources as soon as possible. It's best to learn to use these sites:Hobby Gradeed2000:http://www.ed2000.com/(the website provides all the electric donkey link, the movie resource is very powerful, the game/music/software

Why does YouTube know what you want to see? The recommendation system based on the inverse of the algorithm paper

good thumbnail and a good title. This gives many up owners the view that click-through is crucial to the ranking of the video in the algorithm. But YouTube knows that click-through can be artificially brushed, so they also give the answer. They admit it in the paper: Through the number of clicks will often be disguised to encourage the content of the video, users even if the point is rarely read the video, so the length of the

What Will Google do next after the acquisition of YouTube?

Google's $1.65 billion stake in video-sharing website YouTube is a big proof of social computing power. Google already has the third largest video website, but now it has its own network platform, and the video content will be more viscous and more suitable for advertisers. To make its huge acquisitions worthwhile, Google must quickly complete three tasks: first, solving the problem of uploading copyright content to users; and second, encourage

What can Google's glasses do to Apple Watch?

Now, it's hard to hear the news from Apple Watch. When the smart watch was released in early March, its news coverage was overwhelming. Reporters reported on their blogs about each stage of the launch, and Apple fans discussed the smart watch through blogs, tweets and YouTube videos.Apple WatchTo prevent anyone in the

Drive Elf 2015 What about the computer when you listen to a song and watch a movie?

Problem Description: Computer users who like to listen to music or watch movies may experience the following similar situations: When using WINDOWS7 system to run listening, Storm audio or video playback software, CPU occupancy rate reached more than 80%, this is because of the operation of the Audiodg.exe process, resulting in the computer sometimes appear "Suspended animation", the following introduction

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