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_ Does the new blank window meet the standard ?, _ Blank new window

_ Does the new blank window meet the standard ?, _ Blank new window The common practice for opening a link in a new window is to add target = "_ blank" behind the link, and we use a transitional DOCTYPE (xh tml1-transitional. dtd), but when we use a

Interactive design: Please don't ignore the blank state

This article is reproduced from Desiringclicks, the original text titled "Blank State can also play a role." The author talks about the "blank state" that has been overlooked in many products. The Blank state (Blank Slate), which appears in the

Common causes and solutions for PHP blank pages

Compiling PHP will inevitably lead to errors. In fact, it is not difficult to solve the problem. The most difficult solution is to have a blank page. Let's think about it. if an error occurs when you write PHP, you can correct it according to the

How do designers spend the inspiration blank period?

Design comes from inspiration, but inspiration is not always there. What should you do when the heavy design work has almost vanished your inspiration? Designers, how do we get through the blank period of inspiration? The design fish below will

Learn Struts2 By example-Starting from Struts-blank (1) _struts2

Recently found a number of websites in Copy&paste my article, please respect my labor results, reproduced in the time marked the source, thank you. Objective has been using STRUTS1, now the new project to turn to STRUTS2, first study to learn, do

PHPCMS release and generate content page Blank Solution

PHPCMS release and generate content page Blank Solution2014/10/14 Technical Article Comment: No comments viewed:Want to change a CMS to use, so installed a few CMS system, finally selected Phpcms. Not because it's very good, but because the label

Webpage opens new window target = _ blank does not comply with standards _ experience exchange

The common practice for opening a link in a new window is to add target & quot; _ blank & quot; behind the link, so there is no problem when we adopt a transitional DOCTYPE (xhtml1-transitional.dtd, but when we use a strict DOCTYPE

The target = _ blank does not comply with the standard when the webpage opens a new window.

"There is no attribute target for this element (in this html Version )" Originally, in strictly doctype of html4.01, xhtml1.0, and xhtml1.1, target = "_ blank", target = "_ Self", and other syntaxes are invalid. We can only implement them using

C ++ in the modern world (why C ++ doesn't get aging)

C ++ in the modern world (why C ++ doesn't get aging) Thoughts about C ++ in the modern world. Some Thoughts on contemporary C ++. Debates about the present state of C ++ in the programming world divide the participant ants into two camps: some

Differences between HTTP protocol and post and get Operations & How to Use post and get in C #

Good articles... Inniu ~ (Partition _ tables)   Http://www.cnblogs.com/skynet/archive/2010/05/18/1738301.html   Introduction I think anyone who is familiar with the HTTP protocol can give a reason. But if I ask you what HTTP request methods are

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