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Batch script for batch installation of Windows Patches

Script For batch installation of Windows Patches 1. Create the install. BAT file2. edit the file and enter the script. CopyCodeThe Code is as follows: @ echo off For % I in (*. EXE) do % I/Passive/norestart/nobackup 3. Run the script in the same directory as the patch.

Windows server uses the batch processing script to determine the port, start tomcat, and batch process tomcat

Windows server uses the batch processing script to determine the port, start tomcat, and batch process tomcat The tomcat on the Windows server always hangs out from time to time. Therefore, the scheduled operation script is used t

Batch script for batch installation of Windows patches _dos/bat

Script to bulk install Windows patches 1. Create Install.bat files 2. Edit the file and enter the script Copy Code code as follows: @echo off For%%i in (*.exe) do%%i/passive/norestart/nobackup 3. Put the script in the same directory as the patch can be executed. In fact, the bulk installation is

Windows Script-Explanation of local ARP static binding batch files [binding IP-Mac script details]

the phyaddr.txt file, jump from the first line to the next line, that is, start from the third line, and set the value to the Mac variable, for example, physical address .........: 00-e0-fc-0c-a8-4f. Each continuous value is a symbol.Symbol 1: physicalSymbol 2: address.Symbol 3 :.Symbol 4 :.Symbol 5 :.Symbol 6 :.Symbol 7 :.Symbol 8 :.Symbol 9 :.Symbol 10 :.Symbol 11 ::Symbol-E0-FC-0C-A8-4FTokens = 12. Now you should understand it, but it is worth noting that the variables in the for command are

Using the FTP batch script under Windows

disk, and then press my táng sash godless?6.Call commandAnother batch program is called from one batch program, and the parent batch program is not terminated. The call command accepts the label that is used as the calling target. If you use call outside of a script or batch

Batch script for automatic backup of MySQL under Windows

In a UNIX system environment, you can use a variety of Unix shells combined with cron tasks to achieve automatic backup of MySQL, that under Windows How to implement it, It's very simple. Just write a custom batch script in conjunction with Taskschd.msc (Task Scheduler), you can implement, recently need to modify the tuning W

Windows batch processing script writing

. When the Goto batch processing file runs here, it will jump to the label specified by Goto (label, which is defined by the standard string). The GOTO statement is generally used with the if statement, execute different command groups according to different conditions. For example: Goto end : End Echo this is the end The label is defined by ": string". The row where the label is located is not executed. 3. Choice uses this command to allow the user t

Windows under BAT batch script use Telnet to bulk detect remote ports Small kee _dos/bat

After years of not writing batch processing, the first case of the new company is to write a bat script, batch update collection agent configuration file, which involves remote IP port detection.This thought would be as simple as Linux to judge: Copy Code code as follows: echo q|telnet-e ' q ' $ip $port echo "$ip:p ort Tong" | | echo "$ip:p ort.

[Windows] Quick Download batch script for latest software package from FTP

some tedious things, but in Windows often dumbfounded. There are many advantages to visualizing things, but there are some drawbacks. The batch script is not available, although it is not working well. A lot of times can also bring great convenience. Of course, Python, Ruby, these scripting languages are actually perfectly satisfying. After all, the current

Windows periodically deletes a batch script for a file a day ago

file to be deleted (for example: F:\Logfiles)/M *.log-d -7/c "cmd/c del/f @path"Explain the relevant parameters and commands@PATH: Represents the full path of the file.@File: Represents the file name.========== Case Action ============ 1. Delete all empty directories (to remove the D:\test directory as an example)dir/ad/b/s d:\test\ |sort/r >d:\kill.txtfor/f "tokens=*"%%i in (d:\kill.txt) do rd "%%i"del d:\kill.txt2. Automatically delete files and directories 7 days ago{The shortcut for buildin

[Windows] How to check whether python and pip are installed in the batch script?

[Windows] How to check whether python and pip are installed in the batch script? A project at hand needs to configure the python environment for your windows machine and install python and pip (the python package management tool). Of course, you do not need to reinstall it if you have already installed python, so the

Execute MySQL script file under Windows batch processing

Reprint to offSetlocal enabledelayedexpansion:: Coder by Mark_li Powerd by IBAT 1.6CD "C:\Program files\mysql\mysql Server 5.5\bin":: Database name@set db=hrms:: User Name@set Username=root:: Password@set password=:: SQL Script to execute@set sqlpath= "C:\Program files\mysql\mysql Server 5.5\test_hrms.sql":: Connection to MySQL database and execute SQL script

Windows Script-system variables that can be used in Batch Processing

In fact, the system variables that can be used in batch processing are the environment variables in my computer.The following is the original text. You can take a rough look at it and have an impression when using it. As we all know, there are many system variables in batch processing, but we have never heard of them unless we often use them. Let's talk about all the system variables below.% Allusersprofil

Batch script for automatic backup MongoDB under Windows _dos/bat

This batch code is used to automatically back up the MongoDB database on a Windows server, and a backup folder is automatically created for each backup 1. To prepare a bat file, which reads as follows: Copy Code code as follows: @ECHO off MD d:\deployment\mongodb\data\backup\%date:~0,4%-%date:~5,2%-%date:~8,2%\%time:~0,2%-%time:~3,2% Mongodump-h rssapp-o D:\deployment\mongodb\d

Implementing a batch script for automatic configuration of VPN connections under Windows XP

After completing the TMG_VPN configuration a few days ago, I was wondering if I could simplify the user's operation? It's best to use scripting to get users to do no configuration, just click to complete the configuration of all VPN, after a period of writing and modification, this evening finally completed the Windows XP VPN automatic configuration of the script, not before how to write, the first time, en

Batch script for Windows monitoring HTTP connections

@echo off: CountEcho|set/p= "Num of HTTP Connections:" Netstat-na | FIND/C ": 80"Timeout 3 > nulGOTO Count650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" QQ picture 20160628054510.png "alt=" Wkiom1dxnktysluhaabby51q5m8163.png "/>This article is from the "lake and Laughter" blog, please make sure to keep this source script for

Windows Batch Bat script query PM2.5 real-time Air quality index (AQI)

@echo offset "mycity=beijing" set "Fileutf8=%temp%\aqi. UTF8 "set" Filetmp=%temp%\aqi. TMP "set" Fileansi=%temp%\aqi. ANSI "wget-q" "-O"%fileutf8% "sed-r"/ Rt-title/!d;s#.*Wget.exe Sed.exe:Http:// Query PM2.5 real-time Air quality index (AQI)Http:// article is from the "Batcher" blog, make sure to keep this source

Windows system Tomcat restart batch processing script

Tomcat restart script, send to the required JSP environment transport peers ~ Operating environment: Xp/windows 2003 test passed, other environment due to the limitations of the conditions at hand did not test; Script function: In the regular call to the Tomcat from the shutdown/restart script to add suspended animat

Automatic Backup batch processing script for Oracle databases in Windows

@ Echo off Rem ####################################### ####################Rem # Windows Server 2003 Oracle Database automatic backup batch processing scriptRem ####################################### #################### Rem obtains the current system time. The value may vary depending on the operating system.Set curdate = % Date :~ 0, 4% % Date :~ 5, 2% % Date :~ 8, 2%Set curtime = % time :~ 0, 2% If the

Simple logon, batch command execution, batch copy file shell script [Linux O & M script case]

Name: satool PS: it can be called a "Silly Rabbit" by a colleague ") Function: This script can run commands in batches, copy files, and perform simple logon. You can quickly log on without remembering the specific IP address of the application server. Note: batch management can be performed by group, with a single thread. It is not applicable to the problem that hundreds of devices in each group can be used

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