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Develop a Windows CE application with. NET 2003 to address problems with the Pocket PC

window| Solve | The problem When using. NET 2003 as a Windows CE application, you encounter a problem. Project compilation passed, but the following error occurred while deploying to the Pocket PC:------Started deployment: Project: PDA, configuration: Debug Pocket

Use. net 2003 to develop a Windows CE application to solve the problem of communication with the pocket pc.

When using. net 2003 for Windows CE applications, a problem occurs. After the project is compiled, the following error occurs when the project is deployed to the pocket pc:------ Started deployment: Project: PDA, configuration: Debug Pocket

Introduction to Pocket PC and smartphone development tools based on Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile-based device, all tools must use the platform software development kit (SDK) of the target device ). Embedded Visual tools 3.0 version 2002 includes sdks for all current Windows Mobile devices, including Pocket PC 2002 and smartphone 2002. Sdks for non-Windows

"Virtual PC/Windows CE emulator will cause Windows instability, and Windows will make these drivers unable to be loaded" is reported.

When evc4.0 and SP4 are installed, the system prompts "Virtual PC/Windows CE emulator will cause Windows instability. Program Unable to load ". The reason for going to Microsoft's website is: when hardware-based Dep (hardware-based Data Execution Protection) is enabled, the driver protection mechanism of

Installing Windows CE 6.0 tools on a windows7 64bit PC (updated)

Installing Windows CE 6.0 tools on a windows7 64bit PC (updated) I recently bought a new PC and I choosed a machine based on the 64bit version of Windows 7.Using a 64 bits OS will allow me to use more than 4 GB of Ram and this is quite important for me because it will allow

Design Web sites for IE for Pocket PC

generated when you install the latest service package. The following is the description of the Pocket Internet Explorer that you must add to the browscap. ini file: ; Pocket PC (aka rapier)[Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.02; Windows CE; 240x320)]Browser =

Windows Ten PC installs Docker CE

System RequirementsDocker CE supports the 64-bit version of Windows ten Pro, and Hyper-V must be turned on.InstallationClick on the link below to download the stable or edge version of Docker CE.After downloading, double-click Docker for Windows Installer.exe to start the installation.RunIn the Windows Search bar, ente

Using Web service to connect to a database in a Pocket PC

that invokes our Web service under the Pocket PC 2003 environment. If you are not familiar with how to create a smart device application under Visual Studio. NET 2003, you will want to refer to the following instructions. Open a new IDE environment, open the File menu, select New, and then project. In the New Project dialog box, Project types selects Visual C # Projects, select "Smart Device Applic

Create ActiveX Control for IE on Pocket PC

ActiveX control is a user interface component created using COM (Component Object Model) technology. ActiveX controls are small, fast, and powerful, and can simplify the process of integrating and reusing software components. This article discusses how to create ActiveX controls for Pocket Internet Explorer on the Pocket PC, and describes how to use ActiveX contr

Database migration from Pocket Access to SQL Server CE

Summary: This article discusses the issue of migrating a Pocket PC application that will be written with eMbedded Visual Basic to the. NET Compact Framework. Migrations include changing data from the Pocket Access database using ADO CE to accessing data in SQL Server CE usin

Using ezsetup for creating Pocket PC Installations

GNU public license. You can download last sources. Ezsetup is created by Scott Ludwig. last changes are done by SPB software house. next needed features are: uninstall and pictures support. now there is beta version of ezsetup 2.0. release version will be published on until limit l 2002.Conclusion If you are a Pocket PC author and are looking for an inexpensive way to create/obtain a setup program, look at

Set reminders on Smartphone/pocket PC 2003

When developing Smartphone/pocket PC applications with. NET CF, we often need to add reminders to our applications, such as alerting users to meetings at two o'clock in the afternoon, or alerting users to synchronizing an important data while the handheld device and PC are connected via ActiveSync. Currently, there are several ways to implement reminders:

How to transmit files between a Pocket PC simulator and a PC

additional work. This method uses the built-in network file sharing Function of the Pocket PC operating system, which is subsequently provided by the simulator included in Visual Studio. NET. This method is divided into two parts: Configure sharing on the development computer, and then access sharing through the file Explorer (File resource manager) of the simulator. Two configurations are required for

Pocket pc TV remote control (source code)

Sony equipment uses 12 bits of data, which is separated into 6 bits of address (the device type) and 6 bits of command. so the data looks like this: hxxxxxxyyyyyy where H is the header bit, xxxxxx is the 6 bits of the command (MSB first) and yyyyyy is the 6 bits of address. I won't go into any further details on this, as there are using sources on the Internet that describe the protocol and list the codes for the different devices. some newer Sony equipment use 19 bit codes, and I believe that

Windows Embedded ce 6.0 initial development experience (I) Windows CE Overview

This articleArticleThe purpose is not to introduce all aspects of Windows Embedded ce development, but to introduce the most common concepts and knowledge in Windows CE development from the perspective of software developers who are initially involved in the embedded field, solve some of the minor issues that people wi

Problems to be considered before using C # To develop Pocket PC applications

1)Some investigations should be conducted to confirm that. NET Compact frameworkAll classes that need to be used (Class) And method (Method); 2)If there is no required class, tryCompact frameworkFind a substitute Class; 3)Because mobile device resources (processing capabilities and operation and storage space) are limited, try to simplifyProgram; 4)Good at usageWin32 APIThis is important; 5)Books and materials:"Programming Windows

Summary of the EVC development environment and the use of Pocket PC

Chinese characters. The procedure is as follows:1) Open tools in the EVC environment-> Configure platform manager... and select ppc2003se in the Treeview (if you have correctly installed the SDK for Windows Mobile? 2003-based ppc2003se ),2) Click Add device and enter the device name, for example, "chs_smartphone 2003 emulator ".3 ). click properties... enter the device Properties dialog box, select TCP/IP transport for

Windows CE development FAQ

/display toolbar command in the menu to switch back and forth. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. How do I create an installer in a Pocket PC? An example of C:/Windows CE tools/wce300/MS Pocket

Windows CE Memory Management

). The dwtotalphys and dwavailphys parameters indicate how many pages of RAM are allocated to the program storage zone ram, and how many other pages are available (Note: In bytes ). These values do not include Ram allocated to the OSS.The dwtotalpagefile and dwavailpagefile parameters indicate the status of the current paging file in Windows XP and Windows ME. Because

Excerpt-multithreaded programming on the Pocket PC with Visual C ++

The modular drive design of learning is designed, haha. While there have been several resources written to cover creating threads using Microsoft Win32 C functions, there is a temporary age of information on how to handle threads in C ++. since C ++ programmers can use C functions in their programs, threading is typically done in C, at the cost of some functionality and the Object Modeling available to applications written in C ++. by threading with the methods described in this article, you ca

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