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[New portal] windows azure Virtual Machine (4) Configure Virtual Machine SQL Server database and firewall rules windows azure PLA

have observed that data, log, and backup are stored in "C: \ Program Files \ Microsoft SQL Server" by default. Modify the path to the path of the created disk as follows: 8. Create the following folders on the VM Disk: F: \ data, G: \ logs and G: \ Backups 9. Restart the SQL Server service. 10. In SSMs, expand security --> logins --> Find the SA account, right-click, and select Properties 11. In login properties, modify the SA password. Rem

16 rules for deploying Windows ISA Firewall Policy

can configure the system policy to implement, there is no need to establish a custom rule.10. Each access rule for ISA is independent and is not affected by other access rules when each access rule is executed.11. Never allow any network access to all of the ISA native protocols. The internal network is also untrustworthy.12. Snat Customer cannot submit authentication information. So, when you use authentication, configure the customer as a Web proxy

Advanced Security firewall Features for Windows 2008

In the process of managing and maintaining the LAN, network administrators may often encounter such a phenomenon, that is, some of the Internet users will often secretly use peer-to-peer tools in the local area network to download large volumes of movies or other multimedia data, this malicious download operation consumes the local area network limited valuable bandwidth resources, And it is easy to cause the entire LAN network can not run stably. In fact, we can take advantage of the new advan

Aliyun Windows Server security settings (Firewall policy) _win server

srcaddr=me dstaddr=any dstport=3306 protocol=tcp mirrored=no netsh ipsec static add filter Filterli St=drop_port srcaddr=me dstaddr=any dstport=3433 protocol=tcp mirrored=no netsh ipsec static add filter filterlist=drop_p ORT Srcaddr=me Dstaddr=any dstport=3389 protocol=tcp mirrored=no netsh ipsec static add filter Filterlist=drop_port Srcaddr=me dstaddr=any 899 protocol=tcp mirrored=no netsh ipsec static add filter filterlist=drop_port srcaddr=me dstaddr=any dstport=8080 Protoc Ol=tcp mirrored

Deploying Windows 2008 Firewall policy to promote domain security

A Windows Server 2008-based DC has a very large upgrade in terms of both functionality and security. At the same time, we know that Windows Server 2008 firewalls are also incredibly powerful. There is no doubt that deploying a firewall policy on a Windows Server 2008 DC can

How Windows Firewall protects client Security

Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 all belong to the workstation operating system, which is the computer operating system installed in the user's work or entertainment. For ordinary users, it is best to enable Windows Firewall if you want to secure your computer from the network level.

Windows built-in firewall filter port security graphic tutorial

Windows built-in firewall filter port security, Can helpVps host,Server HostingThe customer makes some basic security settings for the server. The procedure is as follows:Step 1: Network neighbors-> (right-click) properties-> Local connection-> (right-click) properties-> Adv

To set Windows 2008 firewall to control VPN connection permissions

Internet network can access the data content through the "1723" port in the VPN server. Obviously, if we can do something about it, we can effectively control the "1723" port in the VPN server to enable the specified employee to have access to the important files in the VPN server. The Windows Server 2008 system provides us with the Advanced Security Firewall fe

Windows Firewall configurations for Win8 advanced security

WIN8 Advanced Security Windows FirewallThis figure is the same as Win7 after the advanced secure Windows Firewall opens.Windows 8 provides users with three practical ways to connect to the network for each program:-Allow connections: programs or ports can be connected to the network in any case.-Only secure connections

Advanced Security for Group Policy Windows Firewall

Role: Use this policy to uniformly configure firewalls for computers within a domain.For example: Open, close a port, block, allow program Access and other functions.650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http:// -wmp_4-s_3167541125.png "title=" 1.png "alt=" Wkiom1gbijiaj00eaaeuycs-qio020.png-wh_50 "/>Create the rules on the inside as needed, and the operation method is equivalent to s

Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) service cannot start the final version

This evening, I was busy with a problem. Even my machine could not use its own firewall. the pop-up is as follows: Since anotherProgramOr the running service may be using the Network Address Translation component (ipnat. sys) Restart the service-Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), which appears as fol

Open Oracle Service port connection on Windows Server 2003 System firewall 1521 TNS timeout

unpredictable and will be blocked by the firewall. A new feature of the Windows Socket2 specification is a shared socket, which is a socket for a process that shares another process (see the MSDN Reference for details). If you let network listener share sockets with the database service process, the connection port will not change. How do I set a Shared Socket

Network connection ports and firewall settings for DCS [deploy Windows Server 2008 Series for Enterprise] 10]

In the previous 9 articles to share with you the construction of the 2008 DC and the core mode of some applications, when we have to deploy infrastructure services for the enterprise to be safe to start Windows Server 2008 with Windows Firewall, and many enterprises will also Deploy some security-resolution products (s

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