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Modify SSH (Remote Desktop) ports on Linux and Windows servers and VPS

Wake up and think it is very important to modify the VPS server port in Linux and Windows Server, because SSH in Linux is Port 22 by default and Windows Remote Desktop is port 3389 by default, researchers with ulterior motives often scan these ports.

VULTR VPS Installation Windows system tutorial

In Europe and the United States VPS Installation Windows system, the main purpose is: Foreign trade business personnel, remote operation to obtain a foreign IP for the brush, usually Amazon Amazon business in the United States; Install

Vultr VPS installation of Windows 7 and ISO Upload and deployment settings

For general users like the old one, you can choose to install a website in the Web environment or use it to accelerate Internet access when you purchase a Linux VPS host. However, for more users of real projects, there are many uses available, such

Where does the VPS log in?

From the beginning of contact with the network to now I have built a lot of websites, but the site's space has been used is a virtual host, VPS has never been used, also do not know how to use, until yesterday a friend rented a VPS server, but he

Ramnode KVM VPS Host installed with Windows 2008R2 System

Old left at the beginning of the month Ramnode New Year's promotional campaign to purchase the one-month Ramnode KVM 512MB program and then also wrote a KVM program evaluation article (here), personally think Ramnode VPS host stability is still

Complete-vultr VPS Custom Installation Windows ISO (2003/2012/2008/win7)

There are several projects in the company that need to be debugged in a Windows VPS server, but the cost of the company is limited, so it can only be considered in a Linux VPS, after all, Linux servers are much cheaper than Windows systems. Our OPS

What is real VPs! -The inside story of VPs is unveiled !!

I personally feel that this platform has poor autonomy, whether it is for customers or carriers. For customers, this platform is a virtual operating system and cannot be set on their own in many aspects. It is typical of Windows virtual memory

What is the real vps! ---VPS Insider disclosure!! _ Website Application

Personally feel the platform is less autonomous, whether it is to the customer or to the operator. For customers this platform is a virtual operating system, many aspects are not autonomous settings, typically Windows virtual memory management, very

Dahua Vps0.1-vps Introduction to Remote connection control

Opening VPS generally win series and Linux mainly, win due to a number of problems often appear and closed source and business (generally domestic piracy) there is a Trojan horse so we all use Linux and Linux perfect support PHP so Linux VPS is

Ramnode KVM VPS Install Windows system and configure IP to achieve Internet access

First, Ramnode official website The code is as follows Copy Code Official website: In this article, the old Chiang is used to the Ramnode KVM Architecture 512MB

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