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Making installation packages with WiX (1)

the sequence of eventsInstallExecuteSequence> Custom Action="CustomAction1" After="InstallFiles"/> InstallExecuteSequence>The code above specifies to InstallFiles execute immediately after the method execution is complete CustomAction1 . In this way, a custom method is defined successfully and is successfully called.With custom CustomAction, we can do some custom actions. Like writing log files or whatever.Next I'll show you how to make a custom interface using

Making installation packages with WiX (3)

. Serviceprocessinstaller.account = Serviceaccount.localservice; Serviceinstaller.description ="Service used to interface with Bill validators."; Serviceinstaller.displayname ="Ditronics HI Server"; Serviceinstaller.servicename ="Ditronicshisvr"; This. Installers.addrange (NewInstaller[] { This. ServiceProcessInstaller, This. ServiceInstaller}); } }}After adding the above code, we can use WiX to install the

WiX Packaging Series (i) How to use WiX to create the installer

most basic WiX app, and if you want to build a richer installation package, you must also know how to write WiX code; The WiX source code is the standard XML markup language, and we open Samplefirst. Wxs file to see the composition of the Code: tags are basic information about the products we publish, language and codepage are the locales in which we build our

Create a. NET program release bootstrapper using WiX toolset (Installation policy Management) (i)-----first knowledge of WiX (GO)

installment. And in the installation process, every thing installed, if it is on the system above the Vista, it will pop up once need to confirm the installation and enhance the permissions of the dialog box, it is patience.And this packaging option is also very strange, if you will use the Installer publishing tool, you will remember that there will always be only in the "Web download the required dependencies" and "locally contains the required dependencies" in two selected. If I want to cust

WiX Tip: Automate publishing using MSBuild and Windows Installer XML

This article discusses: Windows Installer XML Overview Create WiX Packaging instructions Integrated WiX and MSBuild Automate build and package This article uses the following techniques: Visual Studio, Windows Installer XML (WiX), MSBuild Directory WiX Introduction Creating

Wix 3.6-powerful. Net Deployment Tool

Visual Studio 2012 removes "vs setup" and replaces it with the open-source Wix toolkit to create the installation package. Recently released wix3.6 includes Burn BootProgram/Installation chain, which means that you can not only create installation packages such as the MSI file, but also combine multiple installation packages (such as installation preparation) to

Wix Installation Deployment Tutorial (11)---Quickwix

This release is one of these two days to do a WiX tool Quickwix, mainly to solve two problem points 1. Quickly generate WiX tags for large files (files,directories,componentref); 2. Compare two engineering differences before and after comparison. Large WiX project has thousands of files, developers add DLLs, or resource files are not deterministic, and many times

Notes WiX making an MSI installation package example

WiX is a tool for making MSI installation files, and looking at a half-day document, it feels like nothing is more straightforward than an example.XML version= "1.0" encoding= "UTF-8"?>Wixxmlns= "Http://schemas.microsoft.com/wix/2006/wi"> ProductId="*"Name= "Hellomsi"Language= "1033"Version= ""manufacturer= "LEH"UpgradeCode= "1de12ee7-2e94-42ac-979f-06245a0ade31"> Packageinstallerversion= "$"Com

How to Set Directory Permissions at Install time using a MSI Created using Windows Installer XML (WIX)

time! At best, we'll give you some hints. Want to know something interesting? You ' d probably is surprised at how many people don ' t know what do I themselves, but nonetheless'll happily tell you That's it ' s what you ought to be doing.I think that's kind of rude, so I figured I ' d actually spend some time poking around so if I tell you to do it, I C Ould then answer the follow-up question of, "OK then, how?".Of course, installers could is anything, and I don ' t know all of the tools (not

Wix installation package-system required

When creating the installation package, check required software for installation, such as Visual Studio installation. net frmaework and so on. If Wix cannot do this job, how can we do it. In this case, you need to create a bootstrapper, check the necessary software packages, download the installation software package, and then install your MSI Installation File. You can refer to the following two: Http://w

Wix Installation option-register the assembly to the design-time environment of GAC and

TheProgramThe location of the set is different from the runtime location of the Assembly, especially in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) Assembly, which needs to be handled when the winodws installer is created through Wix. The position of the Assembly displayed in the Add reference window during vs design is from registry SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \. netframework \ assemblyfolders-put it under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE for all users, or put it under HKEY_CURREN

Wix installer:suppressing the License Dialog

Reference Link:http://blog.robseder.com/2014/02/20/more-on-wix-and-suppressing-the-license-dialog/Customize WiX ui:only Keep Welcome Browsing Install directory DialogAdd following code snippet somewhere between UI> PropertyId= "Wixui_installdir"Value= "Installfolder" /> UirefId= "Wixui_installdir"/> UirefId= "Wixui_errorprogresstext" /> PublishDialog= "Welcomedlg"Control= "Next"Eve

Wix installation Deployment (ii) Custom installation interface and behavior

This will be on the basis of the above to continue to explore WiX's custom interface and behavior of the function, the following are personal summary, improper welcome to correct, and June Mutual encouragement!First, the Installation WizardWiX offers five installation wizard styles, Wixui Advanced Wixui Featuretree Wixui InstallDir Wixui Minimal Wixui Mondo How to use it? It takes two steps to get started without asking why:1. You need to use the uiref element, whic

[Solve a problem every day series-0005] WiX Burn How to verify the legitimacy of the chained package

Problem Description:The project uses WiX burn packaging, which contains multiple MSI internally. Sometimes you encounter the following errorError 0x80091007:failed to verify hash of Payload:SetupProject1.msi.Problem Resolution:First of all, we need to understand the principles of WiX brun verifying its payload, there are two main cases:1) If the MSI has a digital signature, it is validated against the MSI's

WiX XSLT for adding node

Using XSLT to add new node item to WiX source code.Original WiX Code: Fragment> DirectoryrefId= "TARGETDIR"> ComponentGuid="*"Id= "Test.txt"> FileKeyPath= "Yes"Source= "$ (var.) TestFolder) \test.txt "Id= "Test.txt" /> Component> Directoryref> Fragment>Add Fragment> DirectoryrefId= "TARGETDIR"> ComponentGuid="*"Id= "Test.txt"> FileKeyPath= "Yes"Source= "$ (var.) Tes

Wix Installation Deployment Tutorial (iv) Add installation files and shortcuts

With the introduction of the previous three articles, we should also have some understanding of the XML deployment of WiX, the weather is good today, another one. The main introduction of desktop, Start menu, uninstall and other functions of how to add. Hope that the Garden friends support!First, how to add filesDemo Packager is very simple, just an EXE, but the actual process, often also refer to some DLLs, configuration files. How do we install it u

How to Use Wix to create a Chinese installation package

We can use Wix to make a very beautiful Installation File. For example, the famous sharpdevelop is the installation file used for it. It was downloaded yesterday and tried it for a while,I feel very good. I personally think it is clearer than the installation file provided by vs (maybe I won't make it myself), but the MSI files generated by sharpdevelop are all in English.If you add Chinese characters to WXS, the generated Installation File becomes ga

Wix installation and deployment tutorials get administrator privileges

When an application is running, it will inevitably read and write files and generate new data. However, files under program files cannot be changed at will. Files under win7 will be rejected if they do not have permissions. I have two methods: one is to move the data path to the program data directory, and the other is to grant permissions to the file. Programdata Of course, your application path must support this method. Get folder Read and Write Permissions This requires the application o

Wix Installation Deployment Tutorial (iii) Customizing the Installation Interface and behavior

Next to a custom installation interface, this article continues to explore, first of all, WiX defines five styles for us, each with a certain order of UI. We can change the installation order or fully customize a dialog insert. For example, the order of Wix_mondo style is as follows, but not necessarily every dialog will be displayed at the time of installation.View CodeV. Changing the installation order of the UI interfaceTo do this step, we need to

Wix Installation option-Start Menu item

Reference: How to: create a shortcut cut on the Start Menu, how to: create an uninstall shortcut cut After the installation program is created, you must generate an application menu on the Start Menu, which usually includes the quick entry for calling the application and uninstalling the application. Here is an example: In the preceding example, the content of the Start menu item is as follows: The shortcut menu includes three elements: the component element is the atomic unit of the

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