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25 beautiful WordPress magazine themes

WordPress is a free and open-source blog tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL, which runs in a Web hosting service. Every month, WordPress Themes are developed by developers, and users like to use WordPress magazine

Manage WordPress blog mobile phone software collection

The development of the Internet and the mobile phone industry has dramatically changed our lives. These two revolutionary technologies have been merged with the launch of smartphones. Smartphones are now almost everywhere, creating new opportunities

Simple and practical WordPress long article paging code

Recently, manyArticleDistribution, which is relatively long. This will lead to slow page loading, which is not conducive to the user experience. Especially for newly added WordPress theme pages, although there are not many texts, each WordPress

Eight priceless WordPress plugins

This article is another one of my translation works, mainly introduces a few excellent WordPress plug-ins. If reproduced please pay attention to retain the original and the address of the translation. Eight priceless WordPress plugins Author: Jon

2015 free 25 WordPress site templates

The number of WordPress plugins and themes continued to grow in 2015. This year, we can expect WP theme to introduce some new techniques, from backgrounds, adaptive responsive images to extracting the main color from the background image.This

This article introduces a fully functional WordPress contribution page.

WordPress plug-in network introduces a pretty WordPress contribute page. For details, see: Add a beautiful contribute page to Wordpress. The problem is that on the contribution page introduced in this article, you can only select Network images and

WordPress Display article Summary of the method

This article mainly introduces the WordPress display Article summary method, has a certain reference value, now share to everyone, the need for friends can refer to WordPress is a relatively bad place, home page, classification and other archive

Get rid of Google Fonts, WordPress speed surge, googlewordpress_PHP tutorial

Get rid of Google Fonts, WordPress is booming, and googlewordpress. The speed of WordPress is soaring. at 23:40:31 on January 1, July 7, 2014, because Google was attacked by the Wall, the Google Fonts referenced by WordPress will always be loaded

How to remove the WordPress dashboard page and built-in gadgets

Of course, these gadgets can be removed. It is unclear how much it can help with performance, but it may be helpful to some servers with poor performance. Some friends who like simplicity do not like to hide but directly remove them.The following

WordPress page location and ID classification location function

 Below are common page judgment statementsIs_home () === home pageIs_single () === article pageIs_page () === PageIs_category () === document category pageIs_tag () === Article tabIs_archive () === archive pageIs_404 () ==== page 404Is_search () ===

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