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WordPress 3.0 top 10 highlights CMS features further enhanced

It is estimated that WordPress 3.0 will meet you in the next two months. What new functions may be available in the new Wordpress version? Let's take a look: 1. user name and password The new version will surprise users at the beginning! At

30 WordPress video tutorials

Wordpress users are happy. There are always many people sharing various WordPress tutorials. For fear that text tutorials are not intuitive enough, some people have created some video tutorials to help some users. The following are some WordPress

How to Develop CMS

First understand CMS CMS is short for content management system, meaning "Content Management System ". CMS has many templates based excellent designs, which can speed up website development and reduce development costs. The CMS function is not

Inventory 2010 Open Source CMS system

Raise open source CMS, everyone thought of the first is the PHP CMS, because the earliest PHP open source, but also the most users and webmaster recognition, with the functions of the major CMS system and the emergence of a wide range of open source

WordPress SEO? WordPress website Ultimate Optimization Guide

Original address: http://www.eastdesign.net/wordpress-seo/ The latest news, the Oriental Design Institute WordPress SEO series of video tutorials are continuing to update the current, in order not to let the video spread too much, set

CMS platform: horizontal comparison of Drupal, EZ publish, WordPress, and CMS Made Simple

There is no best CMS in the world, and only the most suitable one. The recent drupalcamp conference was held in Helsinki, Finland, called exove.The local company provided a demonstration of the four major CMS platforms, Drupal, WordPress, EZ

30 excellent PHP open-source CMS content management systems-PHP Tutorial

30 excellent PHP open-source CMS content management system summary. 1. AdaptCMSAdaptCMSLite is an open-source CMS system. it is easy to use and can be easily connected to other systems. It provides a simple and powerful way to expand and customize

How should we choose the CMS system before building a website?

Before building a website, we should first consider what CMS website programs are used to meet our requirements. now there are many free website building programs on the Internet. Such as: The Empire CMS, dedecms, wordpress, zblog and other

30 great PHP Open source CMS Content Management System Summary _php tutorial

1. AdaptCMS AdaptCMS Lite is an open-source CMS system, characterized by ease of use and easy access to other systems, providing a simple and extensible customization path, a simple and powerful templating system, and much more useful functionality.

30 great PHP Open source CMS Content Management System Summary _php tips

1. AdaptCMS AdaptCMS Lite is an open source CMS system that is easy to use and can be easily connected to other systems, providing a simple, extensible customization path, a simple and powerful template system, and more useful features.

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