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WPF, resolve the ListBox, press and hold ListBoxItem down to drag the listbox down, and the horizontal scroll bar runs to the end.

A control that resembles this style. , there is such a problem in the case of a horizontal scroll bar hiding. (The horizontal scroll bar will also be displayed, and I don't know how to solve it at the moment.) )Because this control offset is to take advantage of the width of the StackPanel in the Itemspaneltemplate template of the ListBox by setting "(Uielement.rendertransform). (translatetransform.x) "to offset to the specified position.So the horizo

WPF Bug List (ordinal) and (1)--Multiple Select single ListBox

Released from. NET 3.0, the. NET Framework has successively published. NET 3.5 and. NET3.5 SP1. Two WPF-based projects were made during this period. It is true that the current WPF bug is not very small. The development of the program has caused a lot of trouble-to avoid bugs, but have to write a lot of code. This "WPF Bug List" series will list the various issu

[WPF Bug list] (sequence) and (1) -- multiple choice ListBox

Since the release of. NET 3.0,. NET Framework has successively released. NET 3.5 and. NET3.5 SP1. Two WPF-based projects were created. It is found that the current wpf bug is not very small. It has brought a lot of troubles to program development-to avoid bugs, you have to write a lot more code. This "wpf bug list" series will list the various

Capturing ListBoxItem and gotostate applications via a WPF-bound listbox

Now the company project needs to make a fan menu, menu items are implemented with the ListBox rewrite style, the data is bound. Each item of the menu has Normal,mouseover and selected three states, these three states of course can move through the mouse and click Control, but now to change the control appearance through the code to achieve three state switch, how to deal with it? 1.WPF-bound

Resolves an issue that does not reset scrollbar when a listbox ItemsSource changes in a WPF program

Resolves an issue that does not reset scrollbar when a listbox ItemsSource changes in a WPF programWhen we change the ItemsSource of the ListBox, we find the problem: when the data source changes, the content in the control changes, but the scrollbar does not reset.As an example: Binds a listbox to 100 strings

ListBox in WPF implement method of displaying elements by block _c# tutorial

The example in this article describes the way in which the ListBox in WPF implements the element display by block. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Note: You need to set the properties of the listbox scrollviewer.horizontalscrollbarvisibility= "Disabled" Key code, WPF has built-in WrapPanel

In WPF, the binding between a ListBox and data

1: Create a new WPF project and add a ListBox control to the XAML file as follows: This completes the binding between the ListBox and the process name.

C # WPF controls the item sequence of ListBox

) ========================================== //4.Int CH = ListBox. selectedindex;5.ListBox. Items. insert (CH + 2, ListBox. items [CH]);6.ListBox. Items. removeat (CH );7.}Why is Unit 2 here? As mentioned above, insertion will move others down. If only the next one is inserted, the original one will be placed behind it

WPF: A listbox that indirectly supports virtualization

method, which determines whether a child control is visible in the parent control.For a ListBox, you need to determine whether a listboxitem is visible in the ScrollView of the listbox. Then, depending on whether the child is visible or not, the sub-items are processed for indirect virtualization.Therefore, you need to get the ScrollViewer in the template for the listb

WPF: Customize the selected style of ListBox

Update: There is an update Article. For details, refer to: WPF: Changing the colors of listboxitem and listviewitem. (: ListBox with Multiple choices) First, we will introduce a simple method: You can customize the systemcolors class parameters to customize the color of the WPF ListBox. The highlightbrushkey and hig

The WPF display file list uses a ListBox to change to the last DataGrid used by the ListView

The WPF display file list uses a ListBox to change to the last DataGrid used by the ListViewStory background:Need to retrieve files from a directory, list them, and provide options and other features.First edition requirements:List the files for selection and the code is as follows:"Multiselectfilelst"Itemssource="{Binding FileList}"grid.row="1"grid.column="1"> "Stretch"Verticalalignment="Stretch"> "5,1,5,1

WPF ItemsControl ListBox ListView Comparison

There are a variety of lists to choose from in WPF when listing information is displayed. This blog will be compared to the WPF ItemsControl, ListBox, ListView.Same point:1. These three controls are list-based controls that can be list bound (ItemsSource);2. All three controls use Itemspresenter to present the list information;Different points:Control hierarchy R

Easing effect when a ListBox scrolls in WPF

Text: Easing effect when a ListBox scrolls in WPF Problems encountered at work last week:The regular listbox is always moving and feels stiff when scrolling.So you want to achieve the same kind of slow action in Flash, so that the listbox can be smooth when scrolling.Modifying the animation in the template is a met

WPF Listbox/listview/datagrid list Scrolling and virtualization

physical unit, that is, pixel scrolling, when there is a lot of data, even if the virtualization is turned on, because the computation too much performance, the interface is as stuck.So set scrollviewer.cancontentscroll= "True"Setting up VirtualizationSet virtualizingpanel.isvirtualizing= "True" to turn on virtualizationvirtualizingpanel.scrollunit= "Pixel" pixel, virtualizingpanel.scrollunit= "Item" list itemNote that virtualization also has a physical unit and a logical unit. So after setting

Bindings for a ListBox in WPF

A list-style control in WPF derives from the ItemsControl class and inherits the ItemsSource property. The ItemsSource property can receive an instance of a IEnumerable interface derived class as its own value (all collections that can be iterated through are implemented with this interface, such as arrays, listIn the following example, a data source of type listThe interface effect is as follows:XAML File code:[HTML]View PlainCopyprint? window x:

WPF: automatically slide The ListBox/listview scroll bar along with the data through additional properties

This requirement is very simple. When new data in ListBox or listview is added, the scroll bar of ListBox/listview will automatically decline. In fact, the additional attributes can be applied to any itemscontrol, the control template of itemscontrol must have the scrollviewer control definition. (For example, this list is common in setup programs and is used to display installed files .) Manual implement

Issues in Expander and ListBox nesting in WPF (ItemsControl)

, RoutedEventArgs e) the { * intAddnumber =NewRandom (). Next (999); $ list. ADD (Addnumber.tostring ());Panax Notoginseng } - the + Private voidButton_click_remove (Objectsender, RoutedEventArgs e) A { the if(list. Count >0) +List. RemoveAt (0); - } $ } $}View CodeDiscover the code implementation is smooth, both additions and deletions can be in real-time response to the interface2. But when a expander is set up outside the

Double-click event Issues for WPF ListView and ListBox

The last two articles say that double-clicking a row does not get the current data object problem,Http://www.cnblogs.com/ligl/p/5636899.htmlHttp://www.cnblogs.com/ligl/p/5629802.htmlLater, it was found that the MouseButtonEventArgs parameter can be obtained from the"1"Itemssource="{Binding DataList}"MouseDoubleClick="Listbox_mousedoubleclick"SelectedItem="{Binding Currentselectitem}"Background="AliceBlue"> " -"Background="Darkgray"Width=" -"> "{Binding Name}"height=" -"Width=" $"Background="Dimg

How to add a sequence number to a ListBox list item before WPF

Sometimes we might want to add a sequence number before the ListBox list item, so that it looks clearer and can be used with shortcut keys and so on.Want to achieve the effect as follows:Obviously we can do this by modifying the template for the ListBox, as long as you add a number to the item, you can use MultiBinding and imultivalueconverter.ExampleFirst, we create a person class:public class person{Publi

ListBox bound to WPF obtains the listboxitem and gotostate applications

In the current company project, you need to create a sector menu. The menu items are implemented by rewriting the style using ListBox, and their data is bound. Each menu item has three states: Normal, Mouseover, and selected. Of course, you can control the three States by moving the mouse and clicking, But now you need to implement three State switches by changing the control appearance through code, what should we do? 1. Retrieve listboxitem from

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