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Operation and Implementation of The ListBox control

. NET Framework> test> class library> system. Windows. Forms> ListBox class attributes 1. attribute list:Select the type of items in the selectionmode component: None-do not agree with any choice at all; One-default value, only select a single

Two Methods for binding The ListBox control to a database

Implementation Method 1: bind a data source Using system. Data; Using system. Data. sqlclient; .................. // Establish a connection. The content of the connection string depends on the actual situation. Here only an example of connecting to

Winform Control Learning Notes [day 3] -- ListBox

1. Attribute event list: Select Type of entries in the SelectionMode component, that is, Multiple and Single) Total number of Rows displayed in the Rows list box Selected check whether the entry is Selected The returned type of SelectedItem is

ListBox control operations

1.Attribute list: Selectionmode Select multiple types of items in the component. (Multiple) , Single choice (Single)Rows Total number of rows displayed in the list box Selected Check whether entries are selected Selecteditem The returned

[Original] jquery ListBox plugin (ListBox plug-in)

Reprinted please indicate the author (think8848) and the source ( ). Do not modify the content of this article without the consent of the author. These two days the project will use functions similar to ListBox. I

C # ListBox usage

1. attribute list: Select Type of entries in the selectionmode component, that is, multiple and single)Total number of rows displayed in the rows list boxSelectedThe returned type of selecteditem is listitem.Total number of entries in the count list

Develop WM application series with C ++ (5)-contact ListBox controls

Develop WM application series Article indexes using C ++ Introduction: In the previous blog, we touched a little bit about screen rotation processing. In the previous blog, we touched mobile device applications of MFC.ProgramProgramming,

ListBox and ListBox

ListBox and ListBoxThe Winfrom ListBox data source binding list interface is not updated. The problem is that the bound data source cannot be CRUD.  Scenario: Obtain the selected items of a listbox and add them to another listbox solution-1: do not

Develop WM application series with C ++ (6)-Deepen ListBox controls

Develop WM application series Article indexes using C ++ Introduction: In the previous blog, we learned how to add items and clear all items in the ListBox control. Next to the tail of the previous article, we will introduce some tips on ListBox

Solve the problem of "the item set cannot be modified after datasource attribute is set" in The ListBox control in winform.

The first time I used the ListBox control to write a winform program, I encountered a disgusting problem. Because I don't want to manually bind items in ListBox to use datasource, but when I perform some add or delete operations, I reported this

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