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Citrix xenmobile study note 7: xenmobile deployment Method

Xenmobile has three versions, which have different deployment methods. They can be deployed independently or in a hybrid manner.Deployment method 1 of xenmobile MDM: deployed in the traditional DMZ zone 650) This. width = 650; "src =" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M00/39/76/wKiom1O6O8nATtNjAAE5Vp9TSU8607.jpg "Title =" 1.png" alt = "wkiom1o6o8nattnjaae5vp9tsu8607.jpg"/>Deployment Method 2: deploy in the DMZ are

Citrix xenmobile study Note 5: xenmoble architecture component

Xenmobile enterprise includes secure mobile production applications such as email and web browsing, and ensures file sharing, synchronization, and editing security. Citrix has successfully stood out in the Enterprise Mobile office market with this unparalleled integrated mobile service. Today's work models require secure and smooth access to applications and materials from various mobile devices. Employees need to obtain mobile, windows, network, and

XenMobile cluster configuration

XenMobile Server 10, we can create multiple XenMobile servers and configure them as cluster mode. Create a high availability configuration cluster by deploying multiple servers. Ensure the high availability of the business while also ensuring the Xenmobile load connection request.When we configured the cluster, we had to meet the requirements:1, connect the same

Xenmobile Study Article Summary

http://tasnrh.blog.51cto.com/4141731/1435213 Citrix Xenmobile One of the Learning notes: Scenario Overviewhttp://tasnrh.blog.51cto.com/4141731/1435216Citrix Xenmobile Learning Note II: MDM Mobile Device Management (Mobility device Management)http://tasnrh.blog.51cto.com/4141731/1435219Citrix Xenmobile Learning Note III: MAM mobile app Management (Mobility applica

XenMobile 10 Server Certificate making

in XenMobile 10, the FQDN of the XenMobile server, the FQDN of the XenMobile server cluster, the FQDN of the MDM lb, and the FQDN of the Mam lb are the same. (Note: LB, load-balanced English word shorthand). So in the process of making a server certificate, we only need to apply for a wildcard certificate.If we use a public network certificate, then it is automat

NetScaler Gateway selection for Xenmobile deployment

When deploying Citrix Xenmobile, the Xenmobile has 3 versions to choose from, as shown in the following:650) this.width=650; "src=" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/4B/76/wKiom1QtWVqD_pHCAADzVM_TGlw156.jpg "title=" 1.jpg " alt= "Wkiom1qtwvqd_phcaadzvm_tglw156.jpg"/>Where MDM version NetScaler is an optional component, the remaining 2 versions need to be integrated with NetScaler, or NetScaler is one of the re

Citrix xenmobile 9.0 released

With the development of the mobile market, the MDM/emm market has gradually entered a stage of rapid development and maturity. Citrix xenmobile has been continuously developed and integrated, and is making continuous progress. After joint cooperation and efforts, xenmobile has gained more and more customers' understanding and recognition in the Chinese market. To meet the needs of more users and the market,

Request APNs Certificate Import into Xenmobile 10 environment

=" Wkiom1uz_iwqhydgaabmu5ie4_q266.jpg "/>Fifth step: Import into Xenmobile 10Back to Xenmobile 10 's console, click Certificates650) this.width=650; "src=" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/5C/09/wKioL1UZ_5Hj0QO4AAEQSpvZjtc292.jpg "title=" 16.png "alt=" Wkiol1uz_5hj0qo4aaeqspvzjtc292.jpg "/>Click Import650) this.width=650; "src=" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M00/5C/0E/wKiom1UZ_nqTJKDEAAHyNPtbZSc878.jpg "title="

Deploy Xenmobile and integrate with XenDesktop-Citrix Workspace Suite

devices. 650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M02/71/F5/wKioL1Xb3gvhx96NAAF5vle3Jlo204.jpg "title=" Cws.png "alt=" Wkiol1xb3gvhx96naaf5vle3jlo204.jpg "/>so at this stageCitrixthe solution can not only deliver traditionalWindowsdesktops and applications, can also manage mobile devices and unify the delivery of enterprise-developed mobile applications through additionalCitrix XenMobileMobile sandbox technology, providing high security benchmarks in enterprise mobile scenarios to

Citrix Xenmobile Learning Note III: MAM mobile app Management (Mobility application Management)

Product Introductionsi Jie(Citrix)delivers enterprise-class mobile application management in its comprehensive enterprise mobility solution(MAM)function. XenMobile MAMversion byCloudgatewaydevelopment. CloudgatewayIt was Scarlett who enteredMAMthe Springboard. All features of the product areXenMobileof theMAMversion, now calledAppversion, Citrix also has an Enterprise Edition with full functionality. XenMobilethe mobile app management component runs o

Latest HTML5 support for chrome 19: Battery status API, full screen API, vibration API, and voice API

Last week, the chromium version library was developed with a focus on many forms-related changes and battery status APIs (Note: Battery status APIs are actually part of the system information API in device APIs) and performance improvement. All unsigned and floating-point array types (Note: itAllows JavaScript to support binary data, You can refer to this Article) now the developer tool will display as a normal array. Obtaining heap snapshots is now 1

Citrix Xenmobile Learning Note IV: MIM Mobile Information Management (Mobility information Management)

Product introduction £ ºCitrix MIMMobile Information Management byCitrix ShareFilethis product to integrate. Citrix ShareFileis an enterprise "data follow(Follow-me-data)"solution to makeITdepartments can deliver reliable data sharing and

Section III: DINGO/API latest version of V2.0 Creating API endpoints (Create API Route)

For the title of this article, in fact, the literal translation is to create an API endpoint. But, it is really difficult to understand, I still write as API routing bar. Each article, the article, I will all go to carry on the practice operation, strives to write a good point tutorial.This English address-->https://github.com/dingo/api/wiki/creating-

Docker Registry API, Docker Hub API, and OAuth API

Docker provides the following four types of Api:docker Registry API Docker Hub API Docker API Docker Remote API for ease of use This article is designed to explore the Docker Registry API, the Docker Hub API, and the OAuth

The ASP. NET MVC Web API Learning Note---the first Web API program---Recently, many large platforms have exposed the Web API

1. Web API Brief DescriptionRecently, many large platforms have exposed web APIs. such as Baidu map Web API, do map related people are familiar. Exposing the service this way makes it easy to integrate functionality with a wide variety of device and client platforms, and to create a richer HTML experience by using JavaScript in the browser. So I believe that the Web API

Java API, Chinese API (download) and Common English API (online)

Java API, Chinese API (download) and Common English API (online) Java API documentation is essential when writing Java programs.Download the Chinese API from sun.com.cn.You can download it as follows:Http://gceclub.sun.com.cn/Java_Docs/html_zh_CN.zip APIs in English, includ

The ASP.net Web API has a secure ASP.net Web API for Windows Azure AD and Ms Owin components

With the growing importance of Web API roles, the need to ensure that you can confidently use the Web API in High-value scenarios that can expose sensitive data and operations is becoming more urgent. We can see clearly that the entire industry is looking for a solution to protect the REST API that relies on the OAuth 2.0 standard. In practice, however, there is

Dojo Data advanced applications--using the Write API and the notification API

Overview With the rapid development of Web2.0 and RIA, processing data at the client is becoming a trend. Using the Dojo Data,web developers can establish a unified data access model in different data formats, which makes the data read and write adopt a unified interface, which reduces the complexity of client logic and improves the maintainability and scalability of the program. In this article, we illustrate the technical application of the Read API

Introduction to API Monitor (API monitoring tool)

API Monitor is a freeware that allows you to monitor and control applications and services, making API calls. It is a powerful tool to see how applications and services work, or track your problems in your own applications.64-bit SupportAPI monitoring supports monitoring of 64-bit applications and services. The 64-bit version can only be used to monitor 64-bit applications and 32-bit versions for monitoring

CTP API Development of the second: the production of CTP Java version API

The current technical CTP system provides the version of the API version C++SWIGis a C/C++ tool that can be used to convert interfaces to other languages, which can now be supported Python,Java,R .This article introduces the use of the Swig tool to convert the CTP C + + interface API into a Java callable interface under the Windows 32/64-bit platform.1, download the latest

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