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[Dbw]js Get current time (yesterday, today, tomorrow)

Tags: mil time () query out write Easyui development execution minutes In the development process some of the foreground page time control we need to give the default current time, jquery can easily help us implement, the code is as

JS get current time (yesterday, today, tomorrow)

Tags: time () get str mil out timing method minutes gettime1. The time control of some foreground pages in the development process we need to give the default current time, jquery can be easily implemented for us, the code is as

JS Get the current time (yesterday, today, tomorrow) _javascript tips

This example for you to share the current time JS to obtain the specific code for your reference, the specific content as follows JS get current time (Yesterday, Today, tomorrow) Time controls for some foreground pages in the development process w

PHP gets today, yesterday, tomorrow's date

Label:[PHP]View Plaincopyprint? <?php Echo "Today:". Date ("y-m-d")."       <br> "; Echo "Yesterday:".        Date ("y-m-d",strtotime ("-1 day"), "<br>";

Oschina Thursday strum-where is spring and where is spring?

Label:Thursday, unconsciously, Thursday came, Friday is not far away, after knowing, Summer came, spring disappeared ... This is a small piece of literary talent is very possible!Hum hum, after I want to tell, I am a small No. 007 number! They

PHP gets today, yesterday, tomorrow's date

directly on the code, in explanation "; echo "Yesterday:". Date ("Y-m-d", Strtotime ("-1 Day")), ""; echo "Tomorrow:". Date ("Y-m-d", Strtotime ("+1 Day")). ""; echo "One week later:". Date ("Y-m-d", Strtotime ("+1 Week")). "";

Cat Learning iOS Weibo project Combat (9) Weibo model time related important operation, judging just yesterday, this year and so on

Tags: iOS weibo operation code AppleCat Share, must boutiqueOriginal articles, welcome reprint. Reprint Please specify: Sanayu's BlogAddress: Effect--because I black Apple, the system time is not allowed to jump

Oschina Thursday strum--What if the stock market loses light?

Label:Thursday has come again, that Friday will be far? Besides Friday, what other things will make you feel that life is still good? Small make think, should be sister it.@ Clear Water: You stand there, do not speak, it is very beautiful ...If your

Enumeration of C

Label:C enumeration and struct-bodyThis article turns from CSDN's VjjjjjtaIn real-world applications, there are only a few possible variables to be evaluated. If there are only two possible values for a person's sex, there are only seven possible

Black Horse programmer--c enumeration in the language

Label:------Java Training, Android training, iOS training,. NET training, look forward to communicating with you! -------In a program, you might need to define an alias for some integers, and we can do this with the preprocessing directive # define,

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