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Java Chinese sort

In the first case: Comparator cmp = collator.getinstance (Java.util.Locale.CHINA); String[] arr = {"John", "Dick", "Harry", "Liu Liu"}; Arrays.sort (arr, CMP); for (int i = 0; i System.out.println (Arr[i]); In the

Java string sort Chinese + digit

idea: In Java, the sort needs to be overwritten by the Equals method and the public int compareTo (T o) of the comparable interface; Steps: 1. Use regular expressions to judge numbers, multiple consecutive numbers as a group, 2. Once a digital

Java Programming Tips: List sorting

The list implementation defined in the Java Collection Framework has vector,arraylist and LinkedList. These collections provide index access to the group of objects. They provide support for adding and removing elements. However, they do not have

Android Concise development Tutorial Ten: Data Binding Binding

As mentioned earlier, Androidgraphics2dtutorial said it was derived from listactivity. Listview,listview and Gallery are shown in listactivity, and spinner have one thing in common: they are all subclasses of Adapterview. The Adapterview display can

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