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Oracle Faq (Configuration of Oracle TAF)

If you want to reprint Oracle, please specify the source! (Diao greedy first thanked ...) ) Oracle TAF configuration TAF is the abbreviation for transparent application failover, and the general application Taf is in Ops/rac environment. Since

Introduction to Oracle Rac:ha

The ha of RAC is one of its big selling points, and Oracle often does it to advertise, but in fact, RAC is not really ha, because it is a share-disk architecture, only instance-level ha. The technical basis of the RAC instance-level HA is failover,

Detailed explanation of connection management in Oracle RAC environment

This article introduces the connection management in Oracle RAC Environment in detail, and describes what is connect time load Balancing, Runtime Connection load Balancing, connect timer, respectively. Connection Failover and Runtime Connection

Detailed explanation of Oracle RAC failover

Oracle RAC also has ha (high availiablity) and lb (loadbalance). And its high availability is based on failover (failover). It means that the failure of any node in the cluster will not affect the user's use, the user connected to the failed node

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