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The following 20 tools can be used to analyze the websites you submit in detail and make detailed analysis reports. They even prompt you how to solve some problems on the website, to achieve the optimization effect. Some tools only provide a general analysis.

1.Website Grader

Website grader is my favoriteSeoAnalysis ToolsBecause it is fully analyzed and highly available. Through the website grader, you will get a very detailed analysis report on the website you submitted. The report covers all parts of the website, such as the page structure, domain name information, and Title Summary Information (H1, h2, H3), Google index count, bot last crawling date, RSS correctness, reverse link count on Google/Yahoo/Alexa/MSN, Technorati ranking, and Del. icio. the number of US favorites, the ranking of Alexa, and the Google PageRank value. In addition, the submitted website will be graded and suggestions for modifying website problems will be made. Generally, the modification suggestions made by the website grader are very valuable, and how can we solve the critical problem in detail.

2. Trifecta

Trifecta is the 20SeoToolsIt analyzes the entire website under a webpage, a blog, or even a top-level domain name based on different standards. It will summarize the approximate scores and reports for your website. If you are not a member, you can apply for an analysis report every day.

3. Spider Simulator

This analysis tool analyzes the submitted websites in a friendly manner relative to the search engine and scores the submitted websites. The main scoring criteria include the use of meta tags, the title of a webpage, the attributes of images and ALT, the website response time, and links.

4. Web page analyzer (from websiteoptimization.com)

ThisSeoFree toolsIt will provide enough analysis information for your SEO work. It will analyze the loading time of the website, including the object (objects), object size, and so on. The most helpful part is the "analysis and recommendations" section, it will list 11 evaluations and scores for the website, with red being a warning, yellow being a reminder, and green being good.

5.SeoAnalysis Tool

SeoAnalysis ToolSeoToolsIt also provides a very detailed analysis report, which mainly analyzes meta tags, keywords, and link texts on webpages. This tool is a good resource for Seo work on websites.

6. The Escape's web page Analyzer

This tool helps you understand the structure of the submitted website title (H1 ~ H6), links, keyword usage and content issues. It does not provide detailed analysis reports for your submitted websites as other tools do. However, it provides more help and targeted information than other tools.SeoBetter analysis tools.

7. Seed keywords

Seed keywords provides a "plain EnglishSeoReview to analyze some aspects of the page and give suggestions, and provide basic instructions on why these elements affect page Seo.

8. Web page analyzer (from freewebsubmission.com)

ThisSeoToolsYou can comprehensively analyze your submitted websites and provide detailed analysis reports, just like other tools. For example, analyze the meta tag and give some guiding suggestions. During analysis, this tool also attaches great importance to the page size, reading time, keyword-related links in the page content, ALT attributes containing keywords, and keyword density.

9. Spider test (from we build pages)

The spider test analysis tool will quickly and easily show you how the submitted webpage is presented to the search engine. It will display the webpage description, keywords, webpage size, and text in the webpage, etc...

10. Web page analyzer (from webmaster Toolkit)

Web page AnalyzerSeoAnalysis ToolsYou can provide a URL and a specified phrase for the search engine, and then it will give you some suggestions on how to optimize the webpage for this phrase.

11. Link appeal (from webmaster Toolkit)

Do you want to know if a webpage (your website or other websites) has the value of being linked by other websites? Enter the URL, and then link appeal will give the submitted webpage a PageRank-like score and the related number of external links based on some judgment factors.

12. Full page test (from pingdom tools)

This is from the pingdom websiteSeoFree toolsYou can analyze many aspects of a webpage, including the reading time, object, CSS, RSS, and redirection link...


Enter a URL and a targeted keyword or search phrase, and then you will get about how to optimize the phrase to lead other competitors.

14. Web page speed test (from self SEO)

This analysis tool can compare the list of websites you submitted and submit up to 10 URLs at a time.

15. Similar Page Checker

It helps you detect the similarity between the two URLs you have entered to avoid being penalized by search engines due to repeated content. If they are very similar, you can make appropriate modifications. ReprintedArticleThis tool is more practical.


This tool crawls the entire website you submitted to find a link to the 404 error page. The detection takes a long time.

17. firebug

Firebug is a Firefox plug-in that allows you to analyze and debug HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on your web page in your browser.

18. yslow for firebug

Another Firefox plug-in can analyze and provide you with suggestions to increase the speed of webpage loading. This tool integrates the firebug tool mentioned above.

19. Google webmaster tools

This tool is so famous that I will not introduce it too much.

20. Web CEO

Web CEO is a set of excellent Seo optimization and analysis tools, divided into paid version and free version. The free version can help you optimize your website based on its suggestions, such as keyword recommendations, webpage optimization recommendations, and check website scores...

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