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The following are my personal notes on the SEO course. I will share them with you. If you say yes, don't scold me for poor things. I am a hacker.

The principle of the prvalue algorithm is based on the following two prerequisites:

1. If a webpage is referenced multiple times, it may be very important;
Although a webpage is not referenced multiple times, it may be important to be referenced by an important webpage. The importance of a webpage is evenly transmitted to the referenced webpage. This important webpage is called an authoritative webpage.

2. Assume that the user randomly accesses a webpage in the webpage set at the beginning, and then browses the webpage following the webpage link without going back to the browser, the probability of browsing the next page is the PageRank value of the page to be browsed.

Factors Affecting the prvalue
The prvalue is represented by 11 values from 0 to 10. It is displayed in a horizontal green bar chart on the Google Toolbar. The value is white when it is 0. It targets webpages rather than websites. Therefore, the homepage and inner pages of a website often have different prvalues. Due to the expansion of the Google market, the PR value of Chinese Web pages is generally lower than that of English web pages. For Chinese websites, 3 level PR is the foundation, 4 level PR is the standard, 5 level PR is good, and 6 level 7 PR is even a very good website. Of course, because PR is most directly influenced by links, this rating does not represent the level of content. The influence of website content quality on PR is indirect and long-term. According to the algorithm principle of the prvalue, we can see that the following factors affect the prvalue of a website (homepage:

1. Website import link quality:
Based on the analysis of high-quality import links in the previous article, you need to obtain links from the following websites to obtain a high PR value:

◆ Add a search engine category directory and exchange links with websites already added to the directory
◆ Obtain links from websites with a PR value of no less than 4 and related to or complementary to your subject
◆ Your links appear on important websites with high traffic, high visibility, and frequent updates (such as news sources)
◆ Websites that exchange links with you have very few export links
◆ Link to websites with high content quality (great potential for increasing PR value)

2. Number of exported links:
According to the PR calculation principle, because "the importance of a webpage is evenly transmitted to the webpage referenced by it", in turn, too many export links on a page may lead to the loss of prvalue on the page. However, from the content perspective, the appropriate number of export links associated with the topic bring a good impression to the search engine. Therefore, the number of exported links on a page, especially the homepage, should be balanced between the PR value and the keyword content, that is, the number of exported links should be controlled to a maximum of 10.

3. Search Engines include the number of pages for a website
When discussing SEO, people pay too much attention to the ranking of core keywords and the performance of the homepage, but often ignore an extremely important problem: the number of pages indexed by the search engine to a website. The latter has an extremely important significance in SEO. A website with poor search ranking by core keywords may obtain the top three rankings when users use other keywords to query a large number of webpages. Because the keywords used for searching are scattered, this situation often brings a great deal of traffic to the website.

Because the number of pages included directly affects the access volume, the impact on the prvalue is also great. The more pages to be indexed, the higher the homepage PR. However, it should be emphasized that the quantity here refers to the ratio of the number of indexed pages to the total number of website pages, rather than the absolute number of indexed pages. For example, if a website with 50 pages is indexed with 10 pages, the website's indexing ratio is 1/5, and a website with 5000 pages is indexed with 500 pages, the ratio is 1/10, and the result is that 10 pages are more advantageous than 500 websites. However, for various search engines, the ratio is good, and there is no relevant data.

Appendix: query the number of website indexed pages: enter site: in the search engine (if you enter site:, the number of webpages for all second-level domain names under the domain name is obtained ).

Part 1: Impact of domain names and hosts on SEO
Domain names and hosts are the foundation of websites. commercial websites should pay special attention to the image and quality when selecting domain names and hosts, laying a solid foundation for network marketing. At the same time, selecting a domain name and a host is also the first step in search engine optimization.

Domain name selection and SEO
Domain Name and IP Address: each website domain name corresponds to an IP address, which is a digital identifier assigned to each computer or network device on the network. The domain name must be resolved by the Domain Name Server (DNS) and converted to a digital IP address, so that the computer can understand and recognize the domain name, such: most SME websites are stored on several virtual hosts divided by one server. Multiple websites share one server and IP address, in some WEB servers, hundreds of domain names share an IP address. This is a low cost for webmasters, but it brings the following potential risks to the search engine ranking of websites:

1. If other websites on the shared host are punished by the search engine, they will more or less affect your website. If a website under the same IP address is cheated, our search engine will punish all websites under the same IP address. Fortunately, most search engines are not so arbitrary, such as Google, and generally do not carry out such attach punishment.

2. If the search engine punishes some Spammer servers and its IP address is regarded as Spam, all the websites associated with this IP address will be implicated, drop the rankings of these websites or clear them in search engines.

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