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SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. It is described in English to use some techology to make your website in the top places in Search Engine when somebody is using Search Engine to find something, translation into Chinese is "Search Engine Optimization", which is generally referred to as search optimization. The related Search knowledge includes Search Engine Positioning and Search Engine Ranking ).
SEO's main work is to understand how various search engines capture Internet pages, how to index, and how to determine the ranking of search results for a specific keyword, to optimize the webpage, so that it can improve the search engine ranking, so as to increase the Website access traffic, and ultimately improve the sales or promotion capabilities of the website.

Searching is the most commonly used network behavior method except email. Searching for information through search engines is the primary means for Internet users to search for information and resources. Search engine marketing has become the most important part of network marketing. How to enable your website to be indexed by the main search engine and then ranked by a higher rank has become a topic for website builders.

In foreign countries, SEO was launched earlier. SEO technicians are called Search Engine Optimizers (SEOs) by Google. Because Google is currently the world's largest search engine provider, Google has become a major research object for SEOs around the world. Therefore, Google's legal website has a special page to introduce SEO, and show Google's attitude towards SEO.

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