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What words will you choose as keywords?

The number of keywords selected by most students is either less than the search volume, or the conversion rate is low if the search volume is large. Most people do not have such funds to attract traffic to the brand. It is very important that you are not suitable for your own products. Any website on the Internet can make a profit. It depends on which team is responsible for the profit, find out what you are suitable.

Some people say they want to make group purchases, navigation, and movie websites. Can they be used as personal movie websites? In the short term, it is not recommended for individuals to do this. Now, the network is cracking down on unauthorized movie websites, and the homogeneous content is very high. Why? A lot of people collect each other. That person can do it with a few hundred yuan without much money. So what type of station is suitable for individual users?

I. Selling websites

The search for "price of multimedia teaching equipment" finds that the search volume is small. The first consideration for the product is the market, that is, whether or not there is competition for this product. The two websites that use the home page are not highly competitive in terms of multimedia teaching equipment prices and multimedia teaching equipment wholesale. It takes 4-8 weeks for the home page to be used) you can. These three words can be made in 6 weeks and then sold by the manufacturer.

3-5 million traffic fee per day is 4-15000 RMB per month, 3-5 million traffic is generally invested for a very long time, the method is correct. Perfect World novels, 20 million traffic a day, 7 teams, it took 4 months. An investment of 200 yuan for a spatial domain name and one website every one month and a month is generally worth tens of thousands of RMB. If a trainee has 30 thousand traffic in 6 weeks and 200 traffic a day, he/she cannot view the search volume alone. He/she must have an understanding of the entire market to sell the price well. You can use templates to select words and sell tens of thousands of pieces.

II. Ticket receiving

Through Local seo, you will find that many online companies rank, and a large number of students can rank for 4-6 weeks. Shanghai seo can receive 3-4 orders from the Internet in a month, and each order is more than 3000. You need to spend 2-pieces to make a blog optimization to receive orders. Do I need to write my own articles? Some people make ghost stories-related novel sites. This ranking can also be done. If it is an article type and it is impossible to write it by yourself, do not do this.

3. Taobao customer

Many Taobao customers, Baidu, have not cracked down in most cases, and a few Taobao customers have been killed because many people do not know how to optimize their websites. You helped Taobao to sell Taobao commission to users. You can register an account with Alimama to go to Taobao alliance. Selecting a product is very important. Many people prefer to select many products. Taobao tries its best to choose one product. Pushing a product is much more advantageous than pushing more products.

Can I do it if I have a market? The Commission ratio is not everyone's most concern. In fact, this is not the first condition. You cannot simply look at the commission ratio. When selecting a product, the first condition should be the sales volume. Good. If the user sees that there are not many buyers, they may not. Sales and Commission are the main considerations. A friend worked as a treadmill and earned 6-7000 yuan a month as a part-time employee. The first consideration is sales commission, and many people prefer to choose multiple products. This is wrong.

How to promote the site, first go to Baidu word selection site, the cost is also within 200 yuan. Do not do the jump type. Many people ignore the Enterprise website of the treadmill. The Enterprise website often has a rotation chart instead of so many rounds, put only one link to the official website of Taobao for users to click. Baidu will not regard you as a Taobao customer, but as an entry point. The credibility of the official flagship store is also high. Many people put several products into the store as soon as they enter the site. It feels like a small store cannot be fully trusted. The word "official website" should not be used now. A large and comprehensive website is not easy to do. Optimization can only be done in this way.

Community-sharing mall sites are not recommended, because they cannot locate what the website theme is, there are too many products in it, suitable for promotion is not suitable for ranking. When a certain number of users have many audiences, they can use seo to assist in ranking. A high-weight website's internal pages can participate in the ranking, so that the website will have a large number of keyword rankings, and traffic will surge.

The Enterprise website content must be related to the product; otherwise, it cannot participate in the ranking. When I use Alimama to buy things in Taobao, I can return to the market. The optimization depends on the method used to do the work, whether it is done slowly or after a period of time. This means that the methods are different. Not all websites require content and articles, so what is the purpose of updating a large number of articles? In this case, the content is always updated and outgoing links, and the content has never been considered as valuable to users, talent Recruitment on websites is of little use. Companies and industry trends on some websites won't be viewed by some customers, so it's useless to get news,

Conclusion: different products and websites have different optimization methods. What do these users want to see and what is a big pot! Instead of spending a lot of time building a website that can make money for ourselves, we will fail.

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