5 Trends in the gaming industry in the 2014

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2014 can be said to be the rapid development of the game industry, and experience a change in the year. Not only Sony PS4, Microsoft Xbox One two new game host has been officially listed, some years ago can not achieve the technology is expected to develop and grow this year, such as the cloud gaming platform, augmented reality experience, and so on, below to understand.

  I. Cloud platform and streaming technology

Cloud, streaming form of the game platform, can be said to be the most eye-catching game technology, their hardware compatibility is more extensive, more customized, designed to bring users a more diverse form of the game. First, Sony's PS now cloud platform, can pass the advanced cloud technology, break through the platform limitation of the traditional game host, let PS4, PS3, PS vita even TV, tablet computer, smartphone can run smoothly PS3 game, run in the palm of "The last we" and "GTA5" and so on, is no longer a dream. From the demo, Sony Bravia TV run PS3 game effect is very good, the delay control within the acceptable range, with the stability of technology, PS now game Library is rich and compatible with the rich hardware, PS now platform is very promising. Of course, we are also looking forward to a more reasonable subscription price.

Steam home wireless streaming platform and steam game host, is also an upcoming wireless game technology. Unlike PS now, Steam uses cloud computing and local wireless streaming technology to allow a Windows game to run on Windows, Macs, or Linux computer environments, allowing PC games to run on more platforms without excessive hardware configuration.

In short, the game is moving away from the traditional single platform, local operating restrictions, in a more diversified form of development, or is very worthy of expectation.

  Two. Augmented Reality applications

At this year's CES 2014 electronic consumer Show, the latest version of Oculus Rift Crystal Cove augmented reality glasses, giving us a glimpse of new hopes for VR devices. Prior to that, augmented reality technology has been evolving, but there is no impressive actual product available; Even in earlier versions of Oculus Rift, a bad 720P LCD screen is not really fit into the game.

and Crystal Cove not only built-in improved 1080P screen, but also has the ability to track the visual positioning of the new technology, with the user's head swing, the perspective will change, bringing more immersive game effect. The development team is also constantly improving the head-wearing display universal vertigo, but even in the Crystal Cove, it is still difficult not to completely eliminate vertigo, so the mass production model still has some room for improvement. Of course, Oculus Rift is currently the most promising commercial, and achieve a good experience of augmented reality glasses, retail version of "Titan Fall" more worthy of expectation.

  Three. Independent games and digital distributions will be more popular

In the past, we need to buy CD-ROM version of the game from the physical store, which is still the mainstream of the game consumption. However, digital distribution is clearly a trend, the Sony PSN, Microsoft Xbox Live and even the steam platform gradually provide an increasingly rich version of the download game, and the CD-ROM version is no different, and DLC, music and video download services, but also to make users more dependent on the online platform.

More than that, platform vendors are increasingly focusing on independent low-cost games, starting to tap these emerging game makers to develop proprietary creative games for their platforms and sell them in online stores. With the further development of Internet bandwidth, perhaps the game of physical media will eventually be discontinued and all turn to online digital distribution.

  Four. Live and share

Not every user will understand why to live their own real-time game content online, but this new form of gaming society is still recognized by many users. On the other hand, PS4 and Xbox Live (upcoming) Gaming video upload and share services is a very effective low-cost advertising, and to YouTube and other video service providers to provide huge traffic. The number of new gaming video-sharing accounts has topped 100,000 in the months since PS4 was released.

As technology advances, the game is becoming larger and more lifelike, and for this reason, players are more eager to share their experience with others, whether it's the new play of Call of duty or the complex task of Assassin's Creed 4. Therefore, the game video live, share, or even create their own game video column, is not a good way to increase user stickiness.

 Five. Cheap gaming machines and new competitors

Ouya is a new, inexpensive game machine that runs Android with just 99 dollars (about 605 yuan) and may not be in the eyes of the core player, but the Android platform is rich in concept games, has been able to meet the needs of ordinary users and low age users.

In addition to Ouya, Game stick and other products, the mini game area or will usher in new competitors, such as Amazon. The world's biggest electric dealer website has successfully launched the Kindle reader, tablet and other products, with a wealth of resources to build their own hardware platform to sell their multimedia content, so the mini game may also be the next step in its overall strategy.


The form and experience of video games should have been rich. Not all users have to sit in front of the TV and concentrate on the game, and it is not a magnificent game to meet the needs of the players. Cloud platforms, enhanced displays, standalone games, better sharing platforms and cheap gaming consoles may all be a richer form of the entire gaming industry, and 2014 of the gaming industry is clearly worth looking forward to.

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