10 essential habits shared by senior Microsoft users of the gaming system

Determine if a Windows user will "use" the computer, it is not whether he can operate the software to work or play, but should pay more attention to some of his operational details, such as whether to avoid some low-level operation errors, the

HTML5: The way of gaming

What is HTML5? In the broad sense of the HTML5, it actually refers to a set of technical combinations that include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It wants to reduce the number of browsers available for rich Internet applications that require plug-ins

Windows 7 Gaming account Security Treasure

Secure your account--online game security treasure Have you ever lost your game account? A beloved online game contains how much of our efforts-how many sleepless nights for upgrades, how many pocket money for the point card props, how many times

ASUS b150i PRO Gaming motherboard Open Box drawing

this ASUS b150i PRO Gaming/wifi/aura motherboard, its box is very compact, after all, MINI-ITX motherboard is very small, in the upper right corner of the box labeled RGB, indicating that one of the main board is also light effect.

Build your 3D gaming world with a good photo HDR feature

HDR simulates the real-world dynamic range that the human eye can see, and many photographers say that when you first use HDR, you are very unaccustomed to the effects of the resultant image, regardless of which hue map you choose, always feel a bit

Tencent gaming platform launches game failure solution

1, download official version, do not under that kind of what to advertising, green version and so on 2, start the game failed, always show "game running", How to do? First, please check that the game is already running, TGP currently does not

Acer 28-inch 4K gaming monitor experience

Tencent Digital Message (compiled: Chenzai) Acer XB280HK, the company's flagship model for gaming display, is a 28-inch display with a resolution of 4K, which supports Nvidia's G-sync technology, which is clearly tailored for players. The game

5 Trends in the gaming industry in the 2014

2014 can be said to be the rapid development of the game industry, and experience a change in the year. Not only Sony PS4, Microsoft Xbox One two new game host has been officially listed, some years ago can not achieve the technology is expected to

Vista's excellent support for gaming features at a glance

1. Drive Acceleration DirectX 10 There is no doubt that the DirectX 10 support for Vista gives Vista gaming a more than imagined Windows gaming environment, leading to more than Microsoft's own Xbox 360 gaming console and Sony's PS3 game console

Computer Online Installation TGP Tencent gaming platform failed to solve

1, into the TGP official website to see the latest version of the TGP version number; 2, directly in the browser address bar paste: Http://dldir1.qq.com/tgc/tgp/full/TGPSetup1.33.0.3756.exe Note: The number before. exe is the latest

To promote their own JAVA open source gaming service-side framework __java

Carmelo is a Java-based gaming service-side framework for both page and hand tours. Its main features are:1. Using Netty to achieve efficient NIO communication, while supporting the TCP/HTTP protocol2. Perfect three-layer architecture model, easy to

Phaser desktop and mobile gaming HTML5 framework __html

Phaser is a popular 2D open source gaming framework that can be used to develop desktop or mobile browser HTML5 games for side-view or top-viewing styles: Phaser supports both the canvas and WebGL rendering engines, preset complete sprite

About 2018 NetEase Gaming Web Front-End intern interview Experience __web

Last year, the application of NetEase front-end interview, did not expect 3 months unexpectedly received the notice of the interview, the Heart is also excited, spent a day of interviews, their own summary of the interview, the problem may not be

Remember CentOS 7.3 STEAM installation (the "STEAM" software for the U.S. valve development of the gaming platform) __centos

In order to facilitate work + learning RHCE, the normal work of their own system replaced by the CentOS ... But occasionally also steam to see, chat with friends. And steam also has a corresponding Linux game. Theoretically, I can also put my own

"Cool Play Accessory" Genius released x-g510 gaming Mouse

If you are a computer game enthusiast, you must most need is a comfortable, handy gaming mouse. But if you're left-handed, finding the right mouse is a very difficult thing to do. Because the mouse currently sold on the market is basically for right-

Customer service, GM, players, and gaming companies

Most of the time, most of the players do not really understand the specific relationship between GM and customer service and game, many people think that when they encounter bugs in the game, the card machine dropped or other circumstances can find

How do I achieve the best cross-platform gaming experience? Unity Masaaki decryption Real-time rendering technology!

July 31, the 2018 Yun Chuang Conference Game Forum was successfully held in Hangzhou International Expo Center 103B. This game forum focuses on new technologies and practices that may be driving major developments in the gaming industry, such as AR,

Unity 5 Combat uses C # and unity to develop multi-platform gaming PDFs

: Cheng Tong Network diskAbout the authorEditJoseph Hocking is a software engineer for interactive media development. He worked at Synapse Games and taught game development courses at Columbia College in Chicago.[1] 

Sony PS VR gaming experience Rollup $399 from high-end VR is it worth buying?

Sony PS VR with the mystery of the small black box is what exactly?After two years, Sony once again showed the PlayStation VR (previously called Project Morpheus) at GDC (Game Developers Conference). Sony also brought the final price of the

Camel games leverages AWS to provide a superior gaming experience in the explosive growth

About camel games Camel Games was founded in 2009 and is China's first top development company officially certified by the Google market. For a long time, camel games has always relied on its leading technical background to become a world-class

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