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Most of the time, most of the players do not really understand the specific relationship between GM and customer service and game, many people think that when they encounter bugs in the game, the card machine dropped or other circumstances can find GM to solve, but in fact, their first contact is the customer service staff, Then if the work within the scope of GM capabilities, the customer service staff to the GM, if GM also can not handle, then to the relevant personnel can be processed.
As far as my work experience is, the GM tool is the real GM in most online game companies. Because GM tools have a lot more privileges than normal players, such as adjustable, props, invincible, stealth and so on, So this GM tool is not available to every customer service person. It may be attached to a dedicated account, through the login game to open these functions, but also may be a standalone GM tool. In a word, most companies, although GM also belongs to the customer service team, But not every employee in the customer service team has the ability to be a GM.
The reason for this divergence is clearly to avoid special situations. Early in the < Legends > era, the initial GM rights, GM can directly communicate with the players, so many GM in order to achieve private interests and abuse of authority. Until now, although GM tools are tightly controlled, But that's still going to happen. Therefore, in general, the company will choose to work more experienced and long-working people to take this position, to ensure the security and confidentiality of GM accounts.
I would like to stress and tell the players that you can reflect your problems to the customer service staff, but you must understand that the responsibility of the customer service staff is only to transfer your problem to the competent personnel. Don't curse the customer if you have any problems. Because they are not intended to deal with the problem. I also know that sometimes the customer service staff really make the player angry, such as business is not skilled, attitude perfunctory and so on, but this is simply unavoidable situation.
In the case of an online game company that I have worked for, the company has a large number of online games, many players, although it is free to play, but because of the cost of the items are also very profitable. And their customer service team is very amateur. They are a large number, most of the customer service staff are college or even vocational graduate recruited to come over, The proportion of girls in the room is the majority. And in these customer service personnel, even some people in the school, except in the computer class almost did not touch the computer, more talk about playing what online game? I can say with great certainty that some employees work in their own online game company six months later, May not have played their own company's online game, so you can imagine, such a customer service team is how bad.
A person who does not know what the network game is, how do you talk about letting him do his own online game business? Online games are different from other products, he gives players a virtual society, and GM in the inside play like a real society police, a police who can not understand the right and wrong, Will inevitably be rejected by the players. A lot of players provide some suggestions, customer service staff Most of the response is often "your proposal we will reflect to the relevant departments as a reference, thank you very much for your advice." In fact, this advice may answer the question of the customer service personnel have never carefully read, so basically, most of the player's advice is not to meet the top leaders, almost all "see the light die."
The reason for this is roughly two points. First, a game company that is not interested in the game of the staff, you can hardly let his initiative actively into this work, so more to the players is perfunctory; second, the upper-level leadership or related departments have no time to take into account the player's suggestions, Feel no need to see. In their grave, they do just "their own game", they think they have a strong test team, the ability is far higher than the player's Test level. In fact, most online game companies do not have a complete Test team, although the new game is now a lot of testing, There are even some ingenious "tests", but in the current situation, more and more new games open more and more tests, the final act is a kind of fraud behavior: Bug a heap, the prop mall launched early, but can not effectively protect the interests of customers.
What we're trying to say is that the current state of online games in China is that the confused game companies employ confused employees to keep their silly games. Online gaming is still a cash cow in the present form, but it does require a clear normative and protective measure to protect the rights of customers who spend money.
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