Remember CentOS 7.3 STEAM installation (the "STEAM" software for the U.S. valve development of the gaming platform) __centos

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In order to facilitate work + learning RHCE, the normal work of their own system replaced by the CentOS ...

But occasionally also steam to see, chat with friends. And steam also has a corresponding Linux game. Theoretically, I can also put my own Earth people X511 thrown into the room in some obscure corner, and then from the office of the computer to start Steam video streaming remote Play ...

In short, the cause of the nonsense is so much. But CentOS want to use steam is not simple ...

Since the steam is only available for download on the web, it can only be used in the Debian and Ubuntu Linux systems, and the Rhel series (Red hat and its various third-party refactoring, such as CentOS) and SuSE will take a lot of extra effort ...

The first is the method, divided into two categories, that is, win version + simulation of the simulation of the environment to run the way to reconcile the Deb package and then compile the scheme.

Win version + simulation environment, in fact, is the installation of software such as crossover or wine, so that the Linux system environment can run for the development of Windows software. But inefficient operation + so configuration can not install Linux version of the game, so put up to the most is a remote control game + chat software, little meaning, and installation configuration complex, this article does not discuss this type of installation mode.

And in the solution to the Deb package installation and recompile method ... Although it is a complete version of Linux, but still feel the pain of the egg. And the operation was extremely cumbersome, and then found two ways to do this without having to turn the Deb bag yourself.

Note: Before installing, be sure to configure your graphics driver, whether in order to install the steam after the graphics performance, or to facilitate the steam installation process in the video card-driven dependency check, be sure to install your Linux graphics driver before the following steps.

Solution One: simple yum installation

Add the source containing the steam first:


And then install Steam.

#yum-y Install Steam

It is estimated that most people will encounter the error message for this dependency check.

Requires:libva-intel-driver (X86-32)

Then this package can not be directly yum installation, so feel this road impassability, give up ...

I did the same thing for the first time, so I didn't try and go on another route, so I didn't actually install it in this Yum way, but I had the same problem with the DNF installation process below. The dependency solution is now posted. If someone is still unable to install after the dependency check, please leave a message and contact me to edit the blog content in time. This method is available for, please use the website.

To install the Libva-intel-driver (x86-32) Solution:

1.Download the latest nux-dextop-release rpm from

Download the latest nux-dextop-realease rpm, the URL is below

I downloaded all the release.

2.Install nux-dextop-release RPM:

Install the Nux-dextop-release RPM package and execute the following installation statements

# RPM-UVH nux-dextop-release*rpm

and then encounter new problems, install the latest version of 5, will prompt dependency check missing epel-release, solve the
# yum-y Install Epel-release

3.Install libva-intel-driver RPM Package:
Finally you can happily install the bag with Yum.
# yum Install Libva-intel-driver

and then back to the Yum installation steam see, also encounter problems to be sure to message
#yum-y install steam

Another is the DNF installation method.
first, follow the above solution to libva-intel-dirver installation, and then start the following steps

1. Install DNF
#yum-y install DNF

2. Add source
#dnf install--nogpgcheck fedora/rpmfusion-free-release-$ (Rpm-e%fedora). noarch.rpm rpmfusion-nonfree-release-$ (Rpm-e%fedora). noarch.rpm

3. Install Steam

# DNF Install Steam

Just press Y the next way.

Enjoy the steam!! Please leave a message when you have new questions.

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