Unity 5 Combat uses C # and unity to develop multi-platform gaming PDFs

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Joseph Hocking is a software engineer for interactive media development. He worked at Synapse Games and taught game development courses at Columbia College in Chicago.[1]  "src="/cutesoft_client/cuteeditor/images/anchor.gif "> Catalog Edit" src= "/cutesoft_client/cuteeditor/images/ Anchor.gif "> section Ⅰ Start" src= "/cutesoft_client/cuteeditor/images/anchor.gif" > 1th Chapter Unity 31.1 Why Unity is so good 41.1.1 Unity's advantages 41.1.2 to be aware of the drawbacks 51.1.3 using unity to build a game case 61.2 how to use the Unity 91.2.1 scene view, Game view, and toolbars 101.2.2 using the mouse and keyboard 111.2.3 hierarchy tags and Inspector 121.2.4 Project and console label 121.3 get started with Unity programming 131.3.1 how code works in Unity: Script Component 141.3.2 using MonoDevelop, cross-platform IDE 151.3.3 Print to the console: Hello world! 161.4 Summary "src="/cutesoft_client/cuteeditor/images/anchor.gif "> 2nd build a demo that will put you in 3D space before you start 202.1.1 plan your project 202.1.2 Understanding 3D Coordinate space 212.2 starting project: Placing objects in a scene 222.2.1 the second step: the floor, the outer wall and the inner wall 222.2.2 the lights and the camera 252.2.3 the player's collider and viewport 262.3 let things move: The script that applies the transformation 272.3.1 the diagram How to implement the rotation 272.3.2 programming to write code implementation of the motion shown in the diagram 272.3.3 local and global coordinate space 292.4 is used to observe the surrounding component script: Mouselook 302.4.1 tracks the horizontal rotation of the mouse motion 31[1]

: Cheng Tong Network disk

Unity 5 Combat uses C # and unity to develop multi-platform gaming PDFs

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