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Determine if a Windows user will "use" the computer, it is not whether he can operate the software to work or play, but should pay more attention to some of his operational details, such as whether to avoid some low-level operation errors, the ability to use some small system functions to improve work efficiency, if the same results can reduce the loss of the computer Whether there is a strong enough sense of safety ...  It is these "minutiae" that make our computers more than just a device.

Play system ! 10 Habits of senior Windows users so, whether you're a senior user or a newcomer to a small white user, the following 15 PCs basic use habits and techniques should be known.  Keep these habits, can make the computer smoother, more secure, learn these skills, can improve work, life efficiency, achieve a multiplier effect. Learn to restore deleted content when you delete a file from a PC or a memory card, you do not erase it on the real hard drive, but simply delete the index information from the file in your computer.  So, if you accidentally delete some files, you can choose some data recovery software like Recuva. Recuva It can directly restore files in the hard drive, flash disk, memory card (such as SD card, MMC card, etc.), as long as it is not repeatedly written to the data, regardless of format or delete can be directly restored.  It supports the Fat12,fat16,fat32,ntfs,exfat file system. So, the general format does not allow your privacy to be completely protected. Others can recover your sensitive data. (Think of the tragedy of Chen's teacher!) ) 

beware of viruses in Office documents some Office users can use the VisualBasic program built into office software to support automated macro commands. Similarly, some malicious programmers can use the same method to design viruses, which can interfere with your work.  So when you open a doc file with a macro command, Office should be in the condition of "Disable all macros and notify you."  Disable macro settings as follows: Word Options-Trust Center-Trust Center Settings-Macro settings. Learn to distinguish between "slash" and "backslash" many old users will confuse the slash with the backslash, but this is what we must understand: "/" is a slash, and "" is a backslash. The slash "/" is often used for network addresses. The backslash "" is commonly used in Windows file paths, such as "C: Program Files object.dll ."

is wary of cleaning up classes. Many cleaning applications claim to improve your computer's performance and clean up system garbage and registry, but these software often do more harm than good because we can't monitor what they do on your computer.  In fact, the easiest way to clean the system is to run the system's own Disk Cleanup (Start menu-Program-attachment-system tools). Disk Cleanup Of course, we use the online very popular "clean up the system garbage" can also be, the method is as follows:


@echo off

Echo is clearing the system garbage file, please wait ...










rd/s/q%windir%temp & MD%windir%temp



del/f/s/q "%userprofile%local settingstemporary Internet files*.*"

del/f/s/q "%userprofile%local settingstemp*.*"

del/f/s/q "%userprofile%recent*.*"

Echo Clearance System LJ Complete!

Echo. & Pause

paste the above text in Notepad, and then put ". TXT "is changed to the extension". BAT "and then double-click to run it.


do not operate under administrator privileges many PC users have been accustomed to log on to the Administrator account to run the system, especially in Windows XP users. Admittedly, this can be a convenient way to make it easier for us to install the application or make changes. But also more susceptible to viruses and malware harassment.  So try not to use the computer for long periods of time under administrator privileges. Turning off System Restore System Restore function takes a long time, it will occupy a lot of hard disk space in C disk. It is therefore necessary to manually set it to reduce the amount of hard disk usage.  Open the System Properties dialog box, select the System Restore option, and select the Turn off System Restore on all drives check box to turn off System Restore.

of course, we can also restore only the disk or partition settings on which the system resides.  Select the partition on which the system is located, click the Configure button, and in the dialog box that pops up, cancel the "Turn off System Restore on this drive" option and set the amount of disk space used for System Restore. However, it is worth mentioning that shutting down System Restore requires an operation under administrator privileges.

in time to clean up the system status bar

Many programs often "consciously" put themselves into the system status bar, and since the boot has been running, many times you do not realize them.  We should take a moment to clean up the system status bar: Open the "notification area icon" in the Control Panel and select "Always show icons and notices on all taskbar", and then turn off the programs you need. XP system's status bar manager of course, we can also stop those programs that automatically run when the boot: click on "Start"/Run/enter "Msconfig" after the return/click "Start"/check in inside to find out the option of the boot prompt, such as unable to findtbb.dll file prompt box, found after the software to remove the hook, as determined.  When you restart the computer again, a dialog box appears on the desktop, and a check box is added to the dialog to make sure. Do not ignore the prompt when a system error occurs when a computer system crashes, it always tells you the cause of the crash with a string of numbers and letters, but most people simply don't understand the meaning of these words and simply restart the machine. In fact, saving the text (or simply censoring it) and searching the search engine for relevant information will give you a better understanding of the computer's problems.  Even sending it to Weibo is better than doing nothing. If your computer has not provided an error message, go to the Action Center in the control Panel to see if it appears in "View archive information" or "Problem report." This is a good way to detect a computer.

is good at managing your power settings if the user is using a laptop, changing the battery settings in a timely manner can save a lot of energy. Open the Power Options in Control Panel: You can preset several different configurations: when the computer is powered on, does not power up but needs to run, does not power, and sleeps ...    By clicking on "Advanced Settings-Change program Settings", we can find WiFi, radio, graphics and many other elements of the power options.  Double-click is not omnipotent! Double-clicking is the most basic operation for opening a program in a Windows system. Many people are used to double-clicking whatever they do. In fact, this habit is not good, because many places do not need to double-click, such as: Excel in the operation, open the link in the Web browser, or the action in the dialog box ... If you double-click instinctively, you might accidentally commit two of times, or even close the window.

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