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E-commerce website optimization has become one of the most important electric network marketing strategy, a poor overall optimization of e-commerce sites, supply and demand information not only can not be retrieved in search engines, even within the site classification directory, station search, navigation systems are difficult to be found by potential users, Such E-commerce platform Web site business value has been shrinking, so the site optimization is an indispensable part of e-commerce sites must pay attention to, not only the site does not have "business", then how many e-commerce sites stand out? Need to do a lot, Here wood only points out the 8 recommendations of E-commerce website SEO.


  First, mining a large quantity of keywords

E-commerce site first requires a huge amount of traffic, the greater the flow, the more the transformation, and to obtain a large number of search traffic, must first have a large number of site keywords. A large number of keywords should be said to be e-commerce sites, in particular, an advantage of large-scale e-commerce site, the ordinary Enterprise official website, only a few, more than 10 product pages, so usually dug out the key words are relatively limited, generally on so some keyword SEO optimization, so that the ranking by the former even if successful, and the corresponding Enterprise website IP is generally more than 100.

E-commerce site on the different, this kind of site on the flow of high demand, said the mass is not too much, if only and the enterprise station as a result of a few key words is obviously unable to bring enough traffic, can not drive the site sales. So E-commerce site needs to contain a large number of keywords, the site of each page, are corresponding to a keyword. To find a large number of keywords is not difficult, as long as from the industry, from the user, from the product point of view to make a good analysis, basically very easy to find a large number of keywords.

For a very simple example, your website is selling clothes of each brand:

First of all, clothes have different brands, different styles, different sizes, different kinds, colors and so on, so that these different things can be combined to form a large number of long tail keywords, such as Adi casual clothes, Andy Tights, Jack Jones black shirts and so on, you can according to different attributes to dig out a lot of keywords, In addition to the conventional method of digging words, the electronic business site can refer to some of the words Taobao.

Secondly, according to different age, gender, different levels of people can and above the same combination of a large number of long tail keywords.

Finally, since it is selling clothes, can be based on clothing, clothing, clothing and other protection to dig out a large number of knowledge-based keywords, but also can be based on activities, topics, clothing sets and other combinations of many keywords

Of course, this is just a thought, according to your situation, you can find more different points, advantage point to dig out a lot of keywords, as long as you are willing to spend time, as long as you are willing to collect, in fact, digging out a lot of keywords is not difficult, especially if you dig the word is not others, it is quite impressive, you may think that the search is too few what to use , but even if 1 words a day only 1 IP, that 10,000? What about 100,000?

 Ii. Construction of mass content information

Keyword is the need for content as a carrier, when the mining of a large number of keywords, around the keyword generation content is a key, any site is the core of its content, even if the appearance of how bright, if not enough content support, it is only an empty shell, no more keywords also have no bearing place, And when each keyword hit SEO time, is not a simple keyword, but a can be used to build content of the introduction, is a search engine bait, but also the concentration of user needs. We want to convert all the long tail keywords into pages that can create value, which should be our ultimate goal.

As to how the content should be built, there is not much to say, it is worth noting that in the process of using different keywords to build different content, you need to have a plan for the record, the corresponding content of each keyword, url should be recorded, to avoid the creation of the same content, and such records can also facilitate the internal and external chain after you, Statistics of data and so on.

  Third, maintain a simple website structure

My simple definition of the site structure is simple: users access to the site can quickly understand the general situation of the site, know what to do next, can quickly find the products they need.

When a user enters your site for a scan, you don't expect him to look carefully, also do not test his patience, so you will be very sad, in this process most users in the page quickly look for interesting and clickable content, once the target, click behavior will occur, and then goodbye, so the site structure to be simple enough, The more information that is hosted on a screen page, the heavier the burden of cognition will be.

Navigation system and layout must be flat and concise, to ensure that users of the contents of the site at a glance, the block is clear, users do not have to point to see what is known. These users are able to quickly scan their needs in a lot of information, for most e-commerce sites, recommend three levels of menu navigation: Home, catalog page, product page, some sites may be to highlight important keywords will also set up additional navigation page, this is also possible, but to keep your site simpler and better, Do not unnecessarily complicate the menu. In this process, be sure to pay attention to the Web site breadcrumbs navigation settings, e-commerce website content information more, the site function is also more complex, if there is no detailed breadcrumbs navigation, users can easily find their own location, and E-commerce site a variety of classification parameters, breadcrumbs can be clearly help users identify the breadcrumb.

In addition now the giant menu becomes a trend in E-commerce Web page design, if used properly, it can effectively help users get information quickly, large drop-down panels can be clear layout of navigation options, well-organized navigation groupings, users from the need to carry out the rolling. And all the options at a glance, more clearly organize the menu structure.


  Iv. use of canonical labels

Because E-commerce site has a large number of keywords and content pages, so in the content building and keyword mining process, it is very easy to produce duplicate pages. In addition, many e-commerce sites because of the complexity of the parameters, a product may belong to more than one category, that is, a product page may correspond to a number of different URLs, simply say that the page is repeated, this situation is very common, I believe we have seen. In a word, the probability that the electronic Commerce website appears duplicate page is very big, so must pay attention to the use of canonical label, appear duplicate page when want to select a specification, then add canonical label on other page, include some large-scale electronic commerce website, Many are using this method to enhance the friendliness of web search engines. When your site has a very high weight, there may be some duplication of content will not have any impact, but if your site is currently flat, then you must pay attention to the site duplication problem.

V. Create unique/Creative Product details

Since it is an E-commerce site, the product is indispensable, and the product page details are the highlights of the pen, a good copy of the effect is very large, millet and Durex is a good example, their product copy is very good, we have time to see, for product details here mainly say three: text, Pictures and layouts.

Many E-commerce site product profiles are set the same, to replace some of the main words on the line, I even suspect that these small is not every time do copy is directly replace the keyword, repeat read extremely high, this is one aspect. On the other hand, the text is well written, unfortunately, a large area of the text to see dazzling, there is no eye-catching place, generally speaking, for the electricity business site in the product page, can attract the attention of the picture, so you have good copy at the same time must combine efficient pictures, the power of the picture is huge, You can try to reduce the text slowly through the picture to express, not too long, there will be unexpected effects.

There is a saying well, called no content there is no marketing, but there is a word that changes in content can not keep up with the changes in creativity, for a product display page, we can not remain unchanged, to more and more meet the needs of users, while adding some creative elements. On the one hand can learn from others good display page, for example, Taobao, personally feel that many of the product details of Taobao is really very creative, and these Taobao owners are very thoughtful, often can find a lot of inspiration here, and by contrast, many E-commerce website product page Perennial, no point of view and no selling point, Or no user can see the selling point. On the other hand, the site itself needs continuous self-improvement, to observe the different forms of the display effect and transformation effect, to create the most ideal product details to show the form and continuous feedback upgrades.


 Vi. using a visual keyword URL

What is a visual keyword URL? Visualization is the use of the keyword in the page URL pinyin, the English form to make the URL, of course, if you are doing English SEO, it is not just visualization, but directly is the keyword, in short, no matter which way you use to ensure unity, do not here is Pinyin , the other place is English, before this must plan well. Dashes are also used frequently in the process of setting up a visual URL. Take a look at some examples:






In this process, we should pay attention to the user's understanding and search engine friendliness, is not for you to do visualization, only you can understand, this visual keyword URL is to users and search engines to do visualization, but many E-commerce site backend system may not allow this simplified URL, if this is the case, It is possible to choose the URL of the page with a set URL version and use it as a specification. Do not use this page with one version of the URL, and another page in another form.

 Title, description and H1 label of catalogue, category and product page

This is a modest problem, said everyone will say, and actually look at many e-commerce sites will find that many of these sites (including large E-commerce sites) The title description is very problematic, and often abuse H tag.

One of the biggest problems is that many pages are repetitive headings or descriptions, this has a very bad effect on the ranking of keywords and the user experience, followed by a very irregular title and description, and some websites are still piling up keywords or using a lot of fancy symbols or text, which will affect the ranking of the main words, On the other hand, it also distracts users ' attention from the Web site or search engine results, and has a negative impact. The last point is that the title and description is too long, Baidu search engine to show the most descriptive characters are 77 characters, and for the title, Baidu displays 30 Chinese characters, Google is 32 Chinese characters, So in order to avoid the site title is very cut off, not conducive to in-depth user view, the site title tag is best not more than 30 characters, too much will be truncated, in search of the main keyword users can not be very good through the title and description of the rapid understanding of the site, may lose users. In addition, there are not too many words, this is not conducive to highlighting the target keyword, reducing the title and the relevance of the site content.

About the H tag, especially H1 label not necessarily to use, but do not have it when you will feel in the process of optimization loss, obviously is very useful, why not? But when you abuse the H1 label, you get worse, but you don't. In the use of H1 label when not to use, once is enough, and not for the inside page, used in the content of the title on it, before the "H1 label in the end should be used?" the article on how to use it clearly illustrates the problem.

  Viii. Adding structured data

The Structured data markup architecture supported by search engines to provide users with a better network experience. Markup inside a Web page can help search engines understand the information on the page and provide richer search results. To add structured data to the site, search engines can better understand the content of your Web page, you can create a richer Web page summary of the search results, that is, for the user's specific query to provide help details, so that users directly in the search results to see the important information of your products. For example: commodity price, name, inventory status (goods are available), reviewer ratings and comments can be directly seen in the search results summary. These rich Web pages can help users understand whether the site is relevant to their search content, and to get more clicks on the page.


Baidu and Google are supporting the submission of structured data, not enough Baidu webmaster platform to support only four kinds, here said that Google's structured data added, especially for foreign trade E-commerce site is particularly important. Structured data can be written in a micro-data format, but what about Web sites without technology? It is recommended that you use the Google Webmaster Tool's data marking tool without changing the HTML of your site. Just use the mouse to highlight data entries and select their type.

Access to Google Webmaster management tools, click on the Data Marking tool, enter the product you want to mark the page URL, and choose the type of product.


After entering the callout page is simple, select the desired items and then set the corresponding properties, you can find the main product attributes are the name, pictures, pricing, comments and so on. Of course, you can also make the page set of the callout, here is not much to say, you can go to Google data tagging tool to help understand the details. After all the annotations have been set, remember to make the release, and then after the Google crawl again if the callout is no problem will be displayed.


  Written in the last

E-commerce website wants to stand out in the fierce competition, site SEO construction must be stable, the above wood SEO is only for E-commerce site SEO gave 8 suggestions, but the electric business site SEO to do is far more than so many, such as internal chain system, 404 pages, the entire visual effects, User interaction Design, recommendation system, picture optimization, etc., including the latest Baidu cloud image on E-commerce sites can also play a great effect. There's not much to say here. In short, do a good E-commerce site SEO is also a time-consuming and laborious process, need to constantly update, check, adjust, must pay attention to the normal operation of the normative, because the Web site larger changes will be more trouble, so in peacetime operation every step need serious deployment plan well, To optimize in a methodical manner.

Article Source: Wood-wood seo http://blog.sina.com.cn/mumuhouzi micro-letter: Mumuseo

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