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Since 2010, Google announced that the speed of the Web page loading and its keyword ranking has a great impact, a lot of owners of fuel injection are guessing, Google is how to retrieve the site page load time?

1, Google search robot can retrieve the page load time ?

Many people think that Googlebot can measure page load time, when it turns out that Google bots do not have such a search function.

 2, Google does not apply for synthetic testing or end-user supervision of data collection?

I've heard of related guesses that Google uses tools such as Web page speed to score the site's performance, when the fact is not so, drum drums use real-time monitoring of end users to check the speed of the site, they are from the user's actual network rover and real-time broadband measurement, and there is no relevant measurement simulation.

 3. How to collect real world performance data?

Google crowdsources page measurement, the process is actually a playful. If you use the PageRank check "Activate Google Toolbar", then in the toolbar measure you access the load time of each page and transfer the results back to the mother ship. Then summarize the results and use the real world speed to determine each page.

 4, which browser's Google Toolbar can be used?

Toolbar features as you would expect to have sneaked into the rover, Google Toolbar can also act as an additional Internet Explorer 6 +, it used to be Firefox 2-4, but Google recently discontinued Firefox support, which has led to speculation, They have another plan to capture this data from the Firefox browser, but no other details appear.

5, Google to the tool bar use measures

Google's approach is to judge the "onload event", which can present all of the page resources (text and images) in the rover. The "onload event" Here is also the full time or load time of the file, while it is a performance ruler, a page with a load time of 10 seconds can be almost completely interactive within 3-5 seconds, since the OnLoad event can be time by third party content, as mentioned in the previous third party analysis, Users cannot even see that even if your pages feel fast to you and your users, if they take a long time to go to the onload event, then according to Google, they are slow.

6, OH which Web pages can enjoy Google measures?

Google measures the user's access to every detail page on your site.

7. Can the webmaster Mark pages that are not crawled?

Since Google Toolbar captures all user-generated data through each participating user's browser, it allows Google to measure the users of the Web page instead of what you told Google to be crawling.

 8, if my web page personality hu, have different content but have the same URL, can verify through the user?

Google Toolbar Personalized content There is no difference, if the URL does not change, all the results on average to determine the final rating points.

 9, Google and whether to use its Google Analytics test site speed function, its search algorithm load time?

Last year, Google Analytics added new features, its analysis reports help site owners know which pages are the fastest and which are the slowest, and that the time that the page loads varies depending on time, geography, and different traffic, but webmaster friends, do you really think these data are useful for search rankings? Based on their silence on this issue, do not use any data collected for this analysis at Google. In my opinion, they should be, because this will make them taste more modern browsers.

 10, the content of the pre-press on the page does it hurt my ranking?

"Preloading" is a fantastic front end, our Feo solution, used in Strangeloop optimization technology, which allows us to constantly track and analyze how visitors use the site. Then, using this information, it predicts which pages are most likely to go to the next, and then push the page resources to the visitor's browser, so they wait for visitors even before they are on standby.

Pre-pressure because it gives people close to the instant page load illusion, but site owners often ask me if it is 1 strokes, Google will refuse with the possibility of even punishing them. The short answer is no. As I have mentioned above, Google's score is based on the onload time measurement. Pre-pressure does not deceive the system, it just improves your onload time.

 11. How will the page resources be deferred to help me rank?

"Deferred" is an excellent optimization technique. It allows you to postpone non-essential page resources-such as third-party scripts-to make them load the OnLoad event after the delay is an honest technology in Google's books. Any help to improve the onload time of the page will improve the score of the page.

 12, the page urban and rural faster load can help me rank?

"Start rendering Time" is different from "onload time". As the name suggests, start rendering displays the user's browser when the content is represented. Although it can be measured, the start rendering does not indicate whether the first content that fills the browser is useful or simple for advertising and widgets.

Still, starting rendering time is a useful measure, because over time, it gives a good insight into the performance of a page. Google does not decompose its results, will not specifically focus on the onload time. In my opinion, it will be huge to increase Google's search algorithm in some way to benefit the page starting to load faster.

 13, webmaster should be concerned about the page speed is how much?

This question is really difficult to answer, the different stationmaster has own dissimilar idea, the related data research proof, may need to reach 20%-40%.

In my optimized world, if you really care about SEO, you need to care about your Web load, how fast the microblogging is the most important ranking factor, but it is a close focus, as long as the algorithm is still a mystery, you never know what type of optimization can make your site more successful, Looking at that loading speed may be a turning point.

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