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The reason for writing this blog is that little Dizzy is a little naïve to ask: can you tell me or help me to find some news about the software testing industry ah, such as new technology Ah, new ideas ah, new statistics and so on, want to know more about, although the test is generally lagging behind other technologies, but Baidu search is not very new.

Answer as a software test enthusiast.

First, a different view of the original questioner is that the so-called "software testing has no new technology and dynamics, and lags behind other technologies". This is not right, software testing as a part of the software engineering is inseparable, with the software itself, software development technology, software testing technology is also evolving. So the test technology has many new technologies and developments. Said the test technology behind other technologies, arbitrary, regardless of the test methods, tools, ideas have been accumulated for decades, and in constant evolution, testing technology competition has become a major development platform competition, new things are emerging.

As for why we do not see too much news on the internet, personal feeling testing as an engineering means exist, is a professional technology, unlike mobile phones, computer technology, such as the technical parameters of a high degree of awareness, so the spread of a small range. If Sina science and technology channel hair long article "on the hollow brick than solid brick superiority", I estimate also few people look. However, the information is flowing fast in the circle.

Latest Trends for testing:

From the test technology, "automated testing Technology" and "exploratory testing technology" is a recent enthusiastic attention of the content. The background of this discussion is: how to reduce duplication of effort by means of technology, so that valuable test resources can do more valuable things, how to play the tester's test expertise and creativity, rather than just follow the written test scripts and test cases to click the mouse.

Of course, regardless of the evolution of technology, today's mainstream testing is based on rigorous documentation, design, plan implementation, because, testing is an engineering tool.

Tests are associated with development activities, so new developments in the development model also have an impact on testing, and in recent times people have been trying to answer a question: How to test in Agile development mode. is to return the developer to do it themselves. Relies entirely on automated testing. What independent test engineers do in agile teams. What test tools are required. Do we really need to send 20 bug reminders at 2:00 to a newly asleep development engineer on a millet phone that is being recharged?

Testing activities and testing of the object-software, inseparable. Different types of software, testing methods, technology are different. So the new trends in the software industry are also having an impact on testing, as the "mobile internet", "Front-End Technology" and "cloud computing" continue to be hot, and the test faces new challenges in how to test software compatibility with the Android platform in the process of fragmentation. How to test for cloud computing applications. How to test the front end of a Web site. In addition, why Apple software is always so easy to use, testing what to do. are interesting topics, and the discussion and research on these topics are constantly producing new techniques and methods.

And, of course, there are tests that are difficult to understand from the outside, for example, security testing, large data test, large concurrency test, which are related to the application scenario of the software, do not enumerate the details, in general, these tests are designed to ensure that you can safely and comfortably brush Taobao during work.

On the test tool, one of the recent discussions is selenium, a thoughworks company launched an Open-source Web application Automation Test tool, selenium intended to be a chemical element used to treat mercury (Mercury) poisoning, And Mercury is an HP company acquired commercial test tool developers, in the testing industry, so ... You know, the second is continuous integration tools, such as Cruisecontrol,hudson,jira Bamboo (bamboo shape and continuous integration is very similar, yes.) , and some companies in their own research and development platform, such as Taobao toast. A lot of testing tools, commercial, open source, in order to prevent advertising suspicion, it is not much to mention. With regard to the use of tools, individuals have an opinion that tools are used to solve problems, tools for serving people, not slaves of tools, not tools, good test concepts, management, ability to protect software quality, not tools.

Regardless of the test of the new technology how to discuss, evolution, testing or not away from its original source: to protect the quality of software is one of the important means, regardless of doing testing, learning testing, understanding software quality is the first step. In addition, testing is always a kind of innovative, exploratory, social technical work, is a serious and rigorous engineering work, regardless of how the software products from the outside look gorgeous, behind a large number of test engineers in hard work (perhaps the more brilliant software, the more rigorous testing, such as games).

In addition, you mentioned from Baidu can not search for more technical results, I think this is not a search engine problem, but you use the problem. I think you can start by focusing on the blogs and tweets of the people in the test circles, starting with the focus on the test forums, getting to know some of the relevant terminology of the test, and then having a targeted search, there will be more to be gained.

One last word: most of the technical information, the answer to the 99% puzzle, is in the official document. If you want to learn, read the document.

Time limit, to answer here, you ask questions about statistics, really do not work in the statistical office, so there is no data. This is only my personal problem, other test enthusiasts have their answers, welcome to discuss. I hope this blog will help you.

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