An analysis of the necessary factors to be noticed in SEO optimization

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SEO industry has become one of the most popular in the Web site promotion of the technology industry, now most sites are equipped with their own specialized seoer, regardless of the optimization technology, all around the need to optimize the necessary factors to carry out.

Before the author Dan has shared, the impact of SEO optimization results of more than 200 factors, to be comprehensive is obviously not realistic. Including now a lot of Web site optimization do a very good site, who dare to say that your site optimization has been the 200 factors have been taken into account!? It's just that you have to do fine. When we try to do Web site optimization, we must understand what is to do the site SEO must do well, the following and the author Dan together to understand the necessary factors for SEO optimization.

First, the website content is the key factor of SEO optimization.

Since the search engine algorithm changes, the site content has become the focus of SEO optimization work content. For the content of the site can not be as it is, but to do exquisite, do users need the content of the site. Only such content of the site can attract users to the site, can bring the site flow and natural conversion rate. Here the author Dan also to say that the original is the most attractive search engines and readers, not only because the content of the difference is due to its scarcity and relevance. Whether you are original or false original to merge the page theme, cut can not "trickery", no correlation, no match.

  Second, the site within the chain is the SEO optimization of the necessary factors.

Site within the chain can be said to be inside the path, for search engines This is spider crawl map, for the site users This is a recommended guide to click on the link. When the effect of the chain gradually subsided, good inner chain can replace it to leave the station users. Good site links to help users find relevant content information, is the demand content after the best way to enhance the site user experience.

 Third, the website outside the chain is SEO optimization supplementary factor.

Outside the chain for the emperor can directly pointed out the chain has been in the SEO optimization of the importance, and now the green Lauren after the chain of production has been constrained, a lot of simple chain links to outside not only will not promote the site agent will also bring negative impact on the site. Of course, for now, the chain is still to be done, outside the chain is to guide users and Spider from the outside to enter the site's main way. Even if the recommended role and ability to deliver has been inferior to before, but still is the main way to increase the site's exposure rate. Talk about the chain, the author Dan also to insert a sentence, the chain is still to do, but not aimless to do, to do relevance links, whether it is the anchor text link or plain text links, should be combined with the page relevance to make.

 Four, the site page when SEO optimization basic factors.

Site page when the site's display page, you may want to say this and content is not the same? In fact, the page is not just text content, it also contains the layout of the plate, the details of the labeling of the implant. When the details of the page is not optimized, no matter how wonderful the content of the site, the chain outside the chain how good quality will reduce its effect. The Site page hosts all the factors that affect the optimization, from meta tags to picture loading to Java, video program file calls are hosted with the site page. Do a good Job Site page is to do everything to affect the basis of SEO factors, but also SEO optimization must be one of the factors.

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