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For the development of SEO prospects, since last year, the continuous evolution of Baidu algorithm upgrade, resulting in many large and small sites are down the right even some stations directly by K, of course, for these are down the right or K site is certainly in the process of optimization to do a violation of the rules, as the saying goes good without rules radius, It is reasonable that whoever breaks the rules is punished. And for Baidu in order to maintain its own in the Chinese search industry, in order to give a pollution-free, green, environmental protection, healthy Internet environment, as a Chinese search industry boss to make an example is also reasonable. The more important point is that no matter what kind of action Baidu makes, its fundamental purpose is to safeguard its own interests. As long as you ponder it, you will understand, when the user through the Baidu search engine can not retrieve the information they need, or the retrieved information will be subject to the search has nothing to do with it, in such cases the user will say in the heart, Baidu garbage, useless, can not find the information they need, This is what we often say the user experience is very bad, this for Baidu is a heavy loss, long this will lose a lot of users, we have slowly turned to 360, Sogou search, but for the cause of the destruction of the future in Baidu will certainly not appear. So for search engines in Yanzi seo look, it is closely related to the webmaster, is mutual, webmaster for the Internet to provide users with valuable knowledge content, users through search engine retrieval access. In this view, search engine is the user and value information provider interaction Bridge, and with the development of society and Technology, in the current "big data" environment people want to faster, more efficient, more accurate to find their own information is difficult to get away from the search engine. For example: When you need to inquire about an eminent person or to a strange city to find some of the local characteristics of scenic spots and special snacks, you can only through search engine retrieval will quickly get the relevant information. And the provider of these information may be some specialized local portal webmaster, so Yanzi seo that as long as the internet exists, there will be search engine existence, there will be the existence of SEO. For a lot of stationmaster will think SEO will be at the end of time, Yanzi SEO but for the development prospect of SEO is full of optimistic attitude, below from the following two points to talk about Yanzi seo point of view.

SEO is closely related to the search engine.

The above talk so much may be some webmaster friends will ask Yanzi seo, why are you so optimistic about the development of SEO? This problem Yanzi SEO is to understand. In fact, the above mentioned also slightly related to this topic, in this Yanzi SEO to further discuss my personal point of view Bar. We all understand the need for the development of search engine technology faster, but there are still some technical barriers, such as: Search engine for the use of pictures or JavaScript made by navigation, Drop-down box menu is very difficult to identify the crawl, For some of the text on the picture and the IFRAME frame structure search engine is very difficult to identify the contents of the crawl inside, at the same time for some of the site's structural design layout is not reasonable, to be search engine quickly included crawl words is also difficult, some unreasonable design site will greatly improve the search engine crawl difficulty. And the use of SEO optimization to build a station will greatly reduce the search engine crawl value information difficulty coefficient, to this Baidu officials also issued a special "Baidu Search Engine Optimization Guide 1.0 and 2.0" to guide the rational Construction Station webmaster. At the same time, Baidu Webmaster platform Lee Team will also release some suggestions for website optimization, from Baidu These practices is in order to reduce search engine crawl difficulty coefficient, so that provide high-quality content of the site more easily, faster by the search engine crawl and index, quickly improve the site's search rankings, and can be the first time to push to give users. And SEO is not a violation of search engine algorithm in the case, reasonable to the Web site procedures, Web design, Web site content planning, Web site structure to do the best adjustment. Make the search engine easy, accurate, fast crawl and index to the value of information, this SEO and search engine relationship. In such a relationship under the Yanzi SEO want to ask you a question, SEO development will go to the end of the point? The answer is obviously not, and its development will become better.

Two. SEO is not everyone's cheating method

For the development of SEO query webmaster friends, that is because they just put SEO as a kind of cheating optimization techniques, in many webmaster in order to quickly get high traffic, so as to obtain high income, basically are unscrupulous to do optimization, completely ignoring the search engine algorithm, completely ignoring the user experience. Greatly destroyed the entire Internet environment, such as the site can not end up? Baidu like this has to crack down, this is in the maintenance of justice, since last year Baidu algorithm changes, can be said to a lot of webmaster is the most bleak year, many sites are down right, was K, At the same time also has a news portal or classified information network and other large sites also several times Baidu Webmaster platform Lee Team cited as a case for the attack of the object. When many stationmaster sees this situation to have to be frightened, the big station is dead, small station is not to mention, when Yanzi SEO in the communication with the webmaster, a lot of webmaster said: Now because of the green Luo algorithm and Green 2.0 upgrade version of the appearance, so that we can no longer like to buy and sell the link and purchase news source soft outside the chain. And for the construction of the site content due to the origin of the algorithm, and the original Spark program, also dare not like the past as casually collected, now do SEO really can't do it. Also say is not Baidu deliberately let them cornered ah, want to be so ruthless. When Yanzi SEO heard these statements, the heart secretly said you this is to deserve, everyone claims that the user experience, such as you can do a good user experience it? Since last year many webmaster to SEO development prospects hold not optimistic attitude, but there are many webmaster very optimistic about the development prospects of SEO, At the same time also wrote a lot of related articles, at that time Yanzi Seo also wrote about the "SEO industry's future development in where?" article, the article mainly to explain the development of SEO prospects are considerable. Dare to interest Webmaster friends can go to see, in this Yanzi SEO is not to share the details. For which day all complain about search engine, complain SEO webmaster friend, in Yanzi SEO seems they are not qualified SEO practitioners, always want to pass "illegal" optimization means to deceive search engines, deceive users and gain benefits, like such as can not go to extinction? But for some reasonable SEO site, not only to search engine friendly, more important is able to provide users with more valuable information content, such as the site is favored by search engines, search engine algorithm no matter how the changes are harmless.

 Three. Written in the final

To sum up: seo really desperate? The answer is no, for "dead end" These four words should be to which walk foul SEO practitioners, but for the user to provide high-quality content, do not have to hurt the search engine webmaster for its development will be more bright.

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