Application of ASP technology in e-commerce

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Abstract: This article describes the functions and features of ASP technology and its application in e-commerce.
Key words: ASP; e-commerce.
I. ASP technology ASP (Active Server Pages dynamic web page) is a technology launched by Microsoft to replace CGI (Common Gateway Interface. At present, many Web sites on the Internet based on Windows platforms have begun to use ASP to replace CGI.
To put it simply, ASP is a script running environment on the server. In this environment, users can create and run dynamic interactive Web server applications, such as interactive dynamic Web pages, including collecting and processing information using HTML forms, uploading and downloading, and so on. Generally, most web pages viewed by users through browsers are static. Many websites on the Internet still provide static homepage content.
The so-called "static" means that the content of the site's home page is "fixed.
When the browser requests the content of the home page from the website Server over the Internet HTTP (Hypertext Transport Protocol) Protocol, transfer the originally designed static HTML file data to the browser.
To update the content of a static website, you must manually update its HTML file data. With the development of Web applications, users want to dynamically generate homepages based on requirements, such as responding to database query requirements and generating reports. When you fill in the form input data in a browser to provide HTTP requirements, you can execute the application on the site server, not just an HTML file. The website server analyzes the input data of the form and sends the execution result to the browser in HTML format.
The traditional methods for generating dynamic home pages based on user requests include CGI and ISAPI. CGI activates a response process based on the http request of the browser. Each request corresponds to a process. When there are many requests at the same time, the program occupies system resources, resulting in low efficiency. ISAPI makes improvements to this shortcoming, using dll (dynamic link library) technology to replace the process with threads, it improves performance and speed, but Thread synchronization needs to be considered, and the development steps are cumbersome. These two technologies and the other commonly used technology for developing dynamic web pages Java still have another problem, that is, development difficulties, program Development and HTML writing are two completely different processes that require special programmer development. Simple development technologies such as JavaScript and IDC (Internet Database Connector) have limited functions and are not suitable for use.
The ActiveX technology used by ASP is based on an open design environment. Users can customize and create components by themselves, so that their dynamic web pages can be expanded almost infinitely, this is far from the traditional CGI and other programs. ASP is different from common technologies that implement dynamic homepage on the Client, such as Java applet, ActiveX Control, VBScript, and JavaScript. Commands and Script statements in ASP are interpreted and executed by the server, the execution result generates a dynamically generated Web page and sends it to the browser. The Script command of the Client technology is interpreted and executed by the browser. Because ASP is interpreted and executed on the server, developers do not have to consider whether the browser supports ASP. At the same time, because it is executed on the server, developers do not have to worry about downloading programs to steal programming logic.
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