Asia Beauty and cosmetics industry Conference: Focussend Drive Beauty Industry marketing innovation

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September 1, the first two-day "Asian Beauty and cosmetics industry Conference 2015" at Shanghai Marriott Hongqiao Hotel held. This conference, not only L ' Oreal, Unilever, Cooper Laya and LG healthy life and other well-known enterprises more than 60 experts to share in the field of cosmetics research ideas and experience, but also covering raw materials, marketing, packaging, testing and other four areas of the 17 technology companies on-site exhibition, together for the change period of China's cosmetics industry to find new opportunities. Focussend was invited to attend the conference as an exclusive mail service provider.

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So in the rapid development of the Internet today, the beauty of the industry how to change the way of marketing innovation? How can you better engage and convert users than you need to know about users and provide them with more quality products? Focussend through the Sephora case to tell you the beauty industry email marketing strategy.

For the beauty retail industry, the loyalty of members relative to other retail industry is higher, Focussend first will platform and Sephora CRM system docking, to customers effective value segmentation, user identification. At the same time for high-activity customers to send personalized mail, according to the activity of the member to send mail, from the point of view of the member's life cycle, strengthen the care of members, promotional e-mail transmission frequency. On the one hand can stimulate two members of the purchase, on the other hand can effectively increase loyalty and activity of members.

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In fact, for the beauty industry, loyalty is very important, in addition to the delivery of personalized mail, but also by triggering the mail-like cooperation. User's welcome letter, holiday and birthday care mail are all ways to improve the user experience and maintain loyalty of members.

The beauty industry also conducts a series of promotional activities or loyalty points redemption activities to attract member users. Sephora to implement more targeted mailings by taking different marketing emails. For example, for highly active users to send more personalized, related promotional mail, and ordinary members of the user can receive the latest offers product information of the mail, to ensure the membership activity and conversion rate.

Sephora's e-mail marketing strategy combines the characteristics of its own enterprise and has a certain unique character. Cosmetics industry companies are numerous, should be based on brand positioning and marketing strategy of different, tailored to their own mail marketing strategy.

Internet + ERA, the beauty of the industry's marketing style is continuous innovation, to meet the development trend of the Internet, the major cosmetics companies actively carry out marketing activities, to find new growth points of users. In the battle for internet marketing, e-mail marketing is still a priority for major companies. the leading mail marketing service provider Focussend has nearly 10 years of e-mail marketing experience in the autumn of October for beauty companies to tailor the EDM marketing salon, for the enterprises to provide more effective mail marketing strategy.

Asia Beauty and cosmetics industry Conference: Focussend Drive Beauty Industry marketing innovation

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