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Install asterisk 1.8.10, add Bluetooth support, add AMR-NB audio codec


Installing FreePBX

1. FreePBX Management interface: Create SIP Account

4. FreePBX Management interface: Online upgrade, add locale support, Chinese admin interface

5. FreePBX Management interface: Online upgrade, add Fax and other support

6. Add inbound Trunk (Fox to the Netcom NGN account number, free inbound

Inbound route calls the call to SIP Account 101, tests inbound 07503095590, and calls directly to Xlite (accounts 101)


Exposing the SIP server to the public network, allowing me to access asterisk from the Internet with Xlite and call


Interoperability Testing

LAN Test: Windows XP installation xlite SIP phone test, two xlite exchange session OK

LAN Test: BlackBerry 9900/98,502, WiFi network, two BlackBerry in the same LAN (office) intercom, select AMR Code

(WiFi easy to use, CMCC network bad with prompt no local IP) LAN test: Windows XP installation xlite SIP phone test a xlite, in the office, landline call 07503095590, go to xlite, call OK

WAN test: Windows XP installation xlite SIP phone test a xlite, not in the office, landline call 07503095590, go to xlite, call OK WAN Test: A BlackBerry, not in the Office, Fixed call 07503095590, go to Xlite, but no voice, mobile phone above can not hang up the phone (zombie)

WAN test: BlackBerry 9900 +wifi Two, not in office, no setup stun server, no call

WAN test: Stun server penetration test: Public free stun server

Test found that both sides are BlackBerry sip phone time, are configured stun, can be called through, there is a voice, can call one side of the back, the other side will freeze for about 10 seconds

and free service instability-often register not, easy to cause cell phone sip phone froze ========================================================================

Installing Vtiger CRM


Click on the call, breathe in the screen

Apply for domestic ET263 China Line service (7 minutes/min, number pass, can be exhaled, cannot be called in)

Configuration asterisk landing et 263 outbound

Windows Xlite can call out/call has a voice, but BlackBerry sip can call out/call None, while Android Linphone can exhale, so it is estimated that the reason is AMR codec encoding problem.



Stun Server penetration Test: Install Stun server (3CX Phone System free Edition)
Configuring Asterisk recording

Configure asterisk Fax receive

Test Linphone for BlackBerry

Tuning asterisk-1.8.0 for mobile devices

BlackBerry 9900 + unicom 3G Network Test No, prompt no local IP

BlackBerry 9930 + Telecom 3G Network test can register/inbound/outbound calls, but no sound

LAN: BlackBerry-Android Call test

Vtigercrm Outgoing mail settings

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