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Many people on Baidu Encyclopedia is Love and Hate, love is to be able to effectively enhance the weight of their website, but also to help the site to get more traffic, hate is the editor of the entry is again and again do not pass, and finally had to miscarry, it is very people hate, but no matter love or hate, is because the role of Baidu Encyclopedia is too big!

But if we think that Baidu Encyclopedia is just the role of the above said the big mistake and wrong, in fact, if we carefully study Baidu Encyclopedia, we will be able to draw the right SEO strategy, so that their site can be easily optimized for Baidu success, get a better ranking, Below we will analyze how through Baidu encyclopedia to get better SEO optimization strategy of thinking!

One: Look at Baidu Encyclopedia page content layout

We open the Baidu Encyclopedia page, will find the layout of the pages orderly, paragraph neat, font model size to meet the reading habits, in the user experience is very successful, so we edit the content of the site, you can refer to Baidu Encyclopedia of the Web page source code, to see the content is not more redundant code, is not the same orderly, but also in line with the user's reading habits!

Second: see Baidu Encyclopedia of the inner chain

The inner chain of the encyclopedia is often a very precise way to link to the relevant entries, you will not find that the link will point to the link that is irrelevant to the entry, so the link on the anchor text must be related to the anchor text, if the content is very different, then there are contrived optimization traces, The usual way is to anchor text is often pointed to the key words in the link, such as the inner chain to have a perfect optimization effect!

Third: see Baidu Encyclopedia of the outside chain

Baidu Encyclopedia of the outside chain is very strict audit, regardless of the export link, or the import of the link, are not weight, if Wikipedia want to find someone to do friends chain, it is a catch a lot, but they did not do so, the chain is often very little, this is of course because Baidu Encyclopedia is Baidu's products, Nature will be taken care of, although it is also able to help us to provide some help for the construction of the external chain, such as the importance of quality, attention to pluralism, and do not attach importance to the number, if the amount of garbage too much, but will be adverse to the target station, this is the optimization of the

We only need to carefully analyze Baidu encyclopedia, you will find that the whole Baidu encyclopedia to give us a reason is to provide accurate information to their users, they audit entry is also based on this as a guideline, everything else is a cloud, so do a good job of the content of the website, to provide effective help to your users is the best SEO optimization strategy, and SEO optimization is no shortcut, only seriously do the content optimization of the working methods and attitude, that is to insist on, you will find your site unknowingly crept into the Baidu's homepage! This article by the network Telephone free Dozen original A5 first, the website: http:// reprint Please specify from "Network phone call free", thank you!

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