Basic knowledge of Windows powershell

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Windows powershell 2.0 for Windows XP Service Pack 3

Note:Windows Management Framework CoreProgramThe package providesItUpdated management functions of professionals. This package includes the following components:Windows powershell 2.0AndWindows Remote Management (winrm) 2.0


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Patch:Windows XPUpdate Program(Kb968930)



From Command Prompt(Cmd.exe)Window startupWindows powershellIn the command prompt, type:



Windows powershellBasic knowledge

First, we will introduce Get-help cmdlet , Cmdlet Show related Windows powershell Medium Cmdlet And conceptual topic information. Next, we will introduce several basic Cmdlet , Describes how to use Cmdlet Parameters, and then describes how to set Cmdlet Output Format to obtain the data required for useful display. The last topic describes how to use aliases for easier use. Windows powershell , How Windows powershell Running traditional Windows Program and how to manage errors.


Get-help cmdlet Yes for understanding Windows powershell . Read Cmdlet You can start to learn how to use Windows powershell .

To display relatedWindows powershellFor information about the help system, enter:


To obtainGet-command cmdletFor detailed help, enter:

Get-help get-command-detailed

To obtain Get-command cmdletComplete help, enter:

Get-help get-command-full

To displayGet-command cmdletFor example, enter:

Get-help get-command-Examples

To viewGet-commandOfTotalcountFor parameter descriptions, enter:

Get-help get-command-parameter totalcount

To viewGet-command cmdletFor all parameters, enter:

Get-help get-command-parameter *

To view"Get"CmdletFor a list of Help topics, enter:

Get-help get -*

To obtain help about wildcards, type:

Get-help about_wildcard

To displayWindows powershellFor a list of all conceptual help topics in, enter:

Get-help about _*


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