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When it comes to bionic design, many people think of the invention of airplanes, the Dubai of sailing hotels, breaststroke, and so on. Imitate the special ability of biology, use the biological structure and function principle to design the product machine design way.

Bionics covers imitating biological form, imitating biological structure, imitating biological function, imitating biological color, imitating biological image and so on.

And the bionic design here is the interactive design of the Internet field imitating real life.

1, buffer, fatigue prevention

The above picture is pedestrian overpass, walking on such an overpass perhaps you do not feel very tired, because it set the buffer (in the red circle), it divides the long steps into a shorter two paragraphs, so that pedestrians more acceptable, but also slowed the psychological pressure and fear. Climbing stairs is also the same design, imagine if the buffer zone, from the bottom of the mountain to build a step to the top of the hill, there will be a few people to climb this mountain, pedestrians will only be deterred.

Figure 1 is the Tencent Client mini press surface, Figure 2 is to remove the left white and dotted after the interface. Reading the news in Figure 1 feels comfortable and natural, while reading the 2 news is a bit tiring, and it's hard to focus on one of the news. When users read a few messages there will be a white buffer (red area in the picture), a brief visual pause to slow down the user's visual fatigue, thereby enhancing the user experience. Perhaps as a user of you, and did not notice this detail, in fact he has many sites in the directory or List page.

2. Watch the movie Switch light

When the cinema is watching the movie, it closes all the lights and creates a fascinating atmosphere for the audience. When the film is over, the lights will open and the atmosphere becomes noisy, and some people are talking about the film.

In fact, in the Youku, Thunder Watch and other online watch video, in order to give users a better experience, they provide a "turn off the lights" function. Turn off the lights after the entire page in addition to darkened, so that users immersed in the film. However, in the end of the movie, the page does not automatically brighten (that is, turn on the lights), the user will close the page at this time and other actions. If you turn on the lights automatically at the end of the movie, it will give the user a more considerate experience. After the light is turned on, users can go to comments, see related recommendations, movies and so on.

3, online shopping

Shopping in real life, customers go to the mall to push the shopping cart, pick the goods they need, and then checkout at the cashier's counter. However, this is only a part of the user, and a group of people into the mall, only to select a product and then went to the cashier to pay, but did not use a shopping cart, such people are not a minority.

Taobao Mall, users pick the favorite products, you can buy immediately, you can put it into the shopping cart, and then pick other products. This design fully conforms to the real life of the shopping model, but also to meet the diverse needs of users. Tencent's QQ Mall is also this design; Amazon (Amazon) in addition to the provision of shopping carts, but also provides a key to shopping, so that users online to buy more convenient.

There are many actions and activities in life that have been imitated and applied to the Internet and have been successful. More attention to life, will also get more inspiration from it. (text/Simple but not shabby)

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