Cocos2d-x game development practice original video Lecture Series 1 2048 Game Development

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Cocos2d-x game development practice original video Lecture Series 1 2048 Game Development

Lecture 1 Introduction to game demos and tools... 1

2. Create a project... 2

Third lecture interface display... 3

Fourth, the generation of Number 2... 7

V. Judgment of input operations... 9

6. input operation response... 13

Lecture 7 accumulate scores and detection of game termination... 18

8. UI beautification... 22


The object is being updated ....

Video storage address: http://ipd.pps. TV /user/1058663622

Updating continuously ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.

Lecture 1 Introduction to game demos and tools

Why am I going to do this video tutorial? I know what I know. I learned unity3d. What is iQiYi PPS.

One day I saw a website called ~~ The school seems to have forgotten it.


What other birds are there. It is said that the cost of education is expensive. Can it be less expensive? Of course, I am free of charge. I didn't watch their videos. I am very poor. Starting today, let everyone know how simple this game is !!!. Don't talk nonsense.


You are familiar with the gameplay.



Cocos2D-x 3.0 + visual studio2013/2012 in cocostudio under Windows


Practice: I will not talk about the basics. I will not talk about the installation and configuration environment of the tool.


Lecture 2 Create a project Explanation of game Coding Logic


Create two projects:


1. Console Commands: there are also many methods on the Internet;

Here we are.

Enter cmd to display the current path.

Enter Cocos help!


2. I often use the following methods:

Open cocostudio and create a game project. Two are versions, one is 3.0 and the other is cocos2d-x-3.1.1. Yes.

Copy and paste the resources.



The hierarchy of each element in the game, for example:

This is the logical relationship that you need to know when writing a game: there is only one director, and there can be multiple scenes. Can there be scenario conversion.

The arrow is the relationship between the upper and lower levels. The addchild () function is embodied, or the parent-child relationship (the logical relationship between nodes in the cocostudio Scenario Editor)


The main operation of the game is to operate on arrays.

Let's talk about it today. Goodbye tomorrow !!!!!!!!



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