Design of a low-cost dairy quality chain traceability platform for the internet of Things

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0 Introduction

With the rapid development of the Internet of things technology, the information of dairy quality traceability is attracting attention, and the special system of dairy product traceability used in the well-known dairy enterprises came into being, but this large-scale platform is very expensive and the design details are directly aimed at large dairy farms, which is difficult to promote to the breeding community or cooperatives. And this new intensive farming mode is still relatively backward in the information construction, its management service loopholes in the purchase of dairy cows and raw milk have seriously affected the whole traceability of dairy quality chain, and once the dairy quality problem can not be quickly located to a certain link, Therefore, the development of the small and medium-sized farm dairy quality chain traceability service platform has more universal significance.

1 Traceability platform Overall design

At present, the mobile interconnection technology has been deep into people's daily life, this paper analyzes the domestic and foreign dairy quality chain traceability system design on the basis of careful analysis of small and medium-sized farm users demand, using Android technology to complete the main functional design of mobile front end, respectively realized the cow breeding module, Raw milk Acquisition module and application software development of dairy Production module, the use of QR Code recognition technology to reduce the cost of equipment, and in a large number of data interaction, its unique RAM automatic recovery mechanism to improve operational efficiency. Using ZigBee Wireless sensor network and C++builder pc software, the temperature and humidity automatic monitoring system of supermarket dairy sales freezer is designed, and information sharing is achieved through Internet. Compared with the existing traceability platform, it fills the storage environment temperature and humidity information monitoring and tracing in the end of the dairy quality chain. Using the advanced rich client technology, EXTJS4 has designed a PC browser function interface for the consumer and Quality Supervision Department to design the dairy traceability information. Using the mature Tomcat Web server and the S2SH (Struts2+spring+hibem ate) framework as the IoT middleware, this architecture is easy to maintain and highly scalable, and is ideal for small to medium-sized projects. The overall architecture diagram is as follows:

Figure 1 Overall system diagram

This platform is a more complete construction of a dairy quality chain traceability and service of the IoT architecture, 2 shows. Figure 2 includes the perceptual layer, the network transport layer, and the application layer.

Figure 2 Platform Architecture architecture

(1) Perceptual layer. Mainly using two-dimensional code recognition technology, through the Android phone to the cow two-dimensional code ear Mark identification of the individual to introduce the entire network, which is mainly used in dairy cows fine farming and raw milk acquisition, In the Dairy Sales section for the monitoring of the dairy freezer system using shtio SMD temperature and humidity sensor and connect ZigBee Wireless module network to complete the underlying data collection.

(2) Network transport layer. This part after reference many IoT architecture model, in this topic is divided into two layers, the bottom in order to ensure the reliability and validity of data transmission, using 4G mobile communication network or WiFi LAN to the high fidelity of the transmission of information to the Internet, more on the upper layer is the key technology middleware of the IoT, This platform mainly uses the Tomcat server and the S2SH framework to complete the data validation, filtering and the management of things, etc., in order to flexibly balance the functions of each level is not so strictly differentiated. The application of struts2,hibernate and spring in this paper belongs to the core technology for the precise software framework construction. Figure 3 integrates the required Jat packages for the three large frameworks.

Figure 3 Related interfaces and auxiliary packages

In Figure 3, the action layer is a program Access portal that belongs to the front-end user request and server response, and the service layer acts as a specific business logic operation, such as classifying and combining complex data passed by the front end, and the DAO layer encapsulates the most primitive operations on the database. Connecting the underlying database increases data support for the first two tiers. In order to stabilize the system, there are related packages are manually added and then by setting the path path into the project, where the SRC directory of the configuration file is mainly for the processing of things and Struts2 files, Lib jar package is three frames all dependent. In the domain package is the concrete design of the entity class, such as farmers, cows and milk production, etc., set the delay load, ID, parameter variables, and table relationships in the configuration file after setting their corresponding property values.

(3) Application layer. The application of this layer is mainly through the Android handheld terminal and PC browser implementation, mainly including dairy quality chain and service platform of dairy cattle breeding, raw milk acquisition, raw milk transport, dairy production and sales of five links, detailed service function 4 is shown.

Figure 4 Application Layer function service diagram

2 Analysis of dairy traceability link

2. 1 breeding link of dairy cows and fresh milk purchase link

Considering the daily activity of dairy cows is large, the use of low-cost cow ear label printed two-dimensional code, ear tags using the domestic unified Code GSL specification, in the same rate of loss than electronic labels to save the cost of farmers, with the design of different functions of the Android client software to enable mobile acquisition of low-cost multi-function. The design of the farmers using the Android client software, in the patrol and feeding cows work in a timely manner cow milk production, feed formula and health status records and updates, to achieve fine farming purposes, while the farming information shared in the server to meet the need for traceability. Raw milk acquisition process using the Android client software designed in this paper, the mobile terminal to scan the two-dimensional code ear mark of any cow, identify the name of the farmers and dairy cows and dairy related information, but also for raw milk trading, Android app program cost is lower than the Poss machine special program to promote the use of. In the billing function of the introduction of SMS transceiver hardware devices, complete a transaction after the submission of the statement to the background database and trigger the corresponding action-driven Gsm-smmodem SMS transceiver device to send the transaction details in the form of text messages sent to farmers, while providing transaction information services. The process is shown in diagram 5.

Figure 5 Dairy farm and milk Station flow chart

Raw milk acquisition part uses the Huawei handset and the simulator carries on the main function test, through to the cow Ear standard QR Code identification to determine the trade farmer information, this can reduce the cost, is suitable for the small-scale milk station to use, Because in the actual research found that large milk station acquisition system mostly use poss machine identification RFID trading, such a system will obviously increase some of the milk station expenses, so small milk station can consider using the Android handheld terminal platform, By scanning the ear tag to send the cow number to the Background Database Server query table in the corresponding farmers name and other information, this is a typical many-to-one data table relationship, through the Hibernate association relationship mapping relatively simple maintenance of the two sides of the data information, and dairy farming business logic is different, The submission address of this link is checkmilker. Action, any cow number can be queried to the farmers information, through response the information of the farmers in the JSON data format returned to the handheld terminal, 6 shows.

Figure 6 Fresh Milk Acquisition function interface

Figure 6, the upper left corner shows the name of the farmers Li Shizeng, so that the other functional modules are targeted to the operation of the farmers, when the milk station staff click on Raw milk purchase function, enter the human trade order interface, which automatically displays the name of the cow farmers and mobile phone number information, Shing re-enter the total amount of fresh milk and today's price, After confirmation, submit to backstage Milkorder. Action, after S2sh finally reached the persistence layer, through a simple calculation after the drive server-side SMS sending device, the record details in the form of text messages sent to the farmer's mobile phone, while through the printer can issue paper trading credentials, so that errors easy to check. As shown in 7. And for the cow's individual information registration is the milk cow fine culture process necessary service function, using the Android handheld terminal running special program, showing the registration form needs to fill in the cow number, height and weight, and other details, while the appearance of the cow can be broadly judged its health status, milk life and other related situations.

Figure 7 raw milk acquisition and rearing form

2. 2 transportation of fresh milk and production of dairy products

Raw milk transport part and the production of dairy products, in the Milk station raw milk collection can be filled after the tank transport handlebar to the dairy processing plant, and the need to print a two-dimensional code seal sealed this tank, to prevent fresh milk on the way to suffer from foreign pollution, the QR code contains raw milk carrying capacity, shipping time, Location and car license information, to the factory staff use the Android handheld terminal to scan the background database information to receive, the same in the Dairy Production section, the use of two-dimensional code to the product packaging unique identification of the printing, easy to track the information changes therein. At present, two-dimensional code recognition function of two-dimensional code recognition function in life gradually frequent, and the identification technology is more diverse, the platform in order to speed up the construction of the use of Java-based QR code recognition technology, to obtain the ear label Cow number can be sent directly to the background verification. The identification interface uses Apache License 2. 0 Open Source zxing Project provides QR Code identification development Package, download zx-ing-2 on its website. 0. Zip after unzip, open Eclipse import source in the Android project, then right-click on the project Select "Build path"-"addexternal Archives" to the core library cores. The jar file is added to the project. By reading its demo document to understand the role of each class, captureactivity, which is the class required to start the scanner, Captureactivityhandler, which is the decoding processing class. Transport and dairy production run test result 8 shown.

Figure 8 Transport and production forms

2. 3 Dairy Sales

The main channel of dairy products sales is large supermarkets, but at present large supermarket freezer temperature collection still use manual time to view thermometers and manual records, the current proposed and adopted the dairy quality chain traceability program is missing the last step of the guarantee. In this paper, the design of ZigBee Wireless Module sensor Network Supermarket freezer temperature automatic monitoring system, the dairy quality chain to increase the last link of the retrospective and safety assurance. can achieve historical query and remote login database query, sales terminal of the Android application can also complete the product sampling, LCL information records. This part of the design of the dairy sales part of the freezer temperature monitoring system, based on SHTl0 temperature and humidity sensor and CC2530 set up ZigBee Wireless Module sensor Network to complete the ultra-city freezer temperature of ZigBee data acquisition and transmission, the system structure of 9.

Fig. 9 Structure of temperature and humidity monitoring system

Terminal temperature ZigBee Data Acquisition node SHTL0 need external power supply and direct output of digital signal, the measured temperature data to the corresponding CC2530 module, each acquisition node independent work, the ZigBee data collected by wireless transmission to the coordinator node for caching, Then through the RS232 serial line unified sent to the host computer backstage C++builder program, through the control of the ODBC storage freezer temperature and humidity information in the Oracle database, while saving ZigBee data acquisition date and time, to achieve historical data query function, convenient for later analysis and use.

In order to realize the design of temperature monitoring system for multiple freezers in supermarkets, it is necessary to design the terminal temperature ZigBee data acquisition node, and complete the collection of the temperatures of each freezer. The temperature acquisition circuit adopts the shtio monolithic digital temperature and humidity integrated chip, which is composed of a single bandgap type temperature sensor and a single capacitive polymer humidity sensor, in order to output a high-precision digital signal 14-bit A/D converter and 2-wire Digital interface is applied in this single chip. SHTl0 and CC2530 ZigBee Digital Module Connection circuit 10 is shown.

Figure SHTl0 and CC2530 connection circuit

The voltage required for the SHTl0 is 2. . 5v, after it has been power-up, waits for one ms after the "sleep Period", during which no instruction is sent, then a set of measured commands is sent out, the controller waits for the measurement to end, the sensor enters the idle state to indicate the end of the measurement, while the drop data to low level. Only after this "data is ready" signal is read out, the controller can trigger the SCK clock signal for the second time. First, the monitored data is stored in time, and then the controller can perform other functions concurrently, so as to read the data like polling effect. After all the functions are complete, the sensor enters the automatic hibernation state.

During the design process, the CC2530 digital transmission module is used to transmit the data in the temperature acquisition node circuit to the coordinator. CC2530 supports IEEE 802. 15. The 4 specification, combined with the excellent performance of the leading RF transceiver, its different operating modes make it particularly suitable for ultra-low-power systems with strong anti-jamming capability. IEEE802. 15. The 4/Purple Peaks specification contains three types of network topologies: Star, tree and mesh. According to the supermarket freezer layout selection using the appropriate network structure, in this design to select the use of Star network, each terminal temperature ZigBee data acquisition nodes are independent work. After the work is done, the wireless transmission operation is realized by software programming.

3 Conclusion

Due to the time and length, this article, although a more complete traceability of dairy quality chain, mainly to the internet of things and the concept of mobile internet penetration into the dairy quality chain traceability, not only for consumers and regulators to obtain a more comprehensive dairy traceability information to ensure quality and safety, but also for farmers, Dairy stations and dairy enterprises to provide a key part of the functional services to improve production efficiency, but did not put the details of the various parts of the complex design complete, because the actual production of functions on the network transmission speed depends on high, and the current 4G construction or pilot phase, WiFi coverage also has a great limitation, So some EXTJs4 rich client browser function just reserved the interface function, later to be perfected. The design of the freezer monitoring system uses ZigBee Wireless module to achieve the temperature of ZigBee data acquisition. Although the tuning test is relatively smooth, but the SHTl0 SMD sensor is still not the best choice, will be studied directly from the freezer internal hardware temperature control system combined with ZigBee Digital transmission module Network to obtain temperature data. Finally hope that more dairy traceability designers to make better products, so that China's dairy industry information level as soon as possible with the world.

Design of a low-cost dairy quality chain traceability platform for the internet of Things

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